Live PD: Bake and Shake (Season 2) | A&E

DAN ABRAMS: Let’s Deputy Lawless there has pulled
over a vehicle for speeding. What’s going on, buddy? [car radio playing loudly] Huh? You OK? Pull him out. Lawless, pull him out.
– What? He’s got– he’s got–
it looks like he’s got marijuana on his shirt there. You trying to eat it, brother?
OK. Just step out for me, all right? Don’t– don’t– don’t eat it.
Don’t eat it. Just step out.
Step out. How much did you eat? – Just [inaudible].
– Huh? He’s got it all
over his shirt. Here.
Just step out, brother. Step out.
Step out. No, no.
Don’t do that. Don’t do that.
Just take your seat belt off. I have to take a sip. Unlock your doors. Step out, buddy. Take your seat belt off.
– I’m sorry, man. – It’s all good though.
– Take your seat belt off, man. – It was just a little milk.
– I know. It’s just marijuana.
OK. I said– no, don’t grab. Don’t grab anything. Just step out. Step out. Step out. – Hey, don’t grab anything.
– All right. Would you listen to what
we’re telling you to do? Put your hands behind your back. [radio chatter] [inaudible] Yeah. [radio chatter] [inaudible] I’ve got something
stuck in my throat. I don’t know what it was. – Marijuana.
– Yeah. It could have been
the marijuana, buddy. [radio chatter] Step in front of my car. [radio chatter] [inaudible] to the right. – Hey, do you have a test kit?
– Yeah. Could you grab me a test kit? Stop. What’s your problem? Spread your feet apart. Sorry, man. What’s your problem? My– I have sand
all over my shirt. We’ll grab a test kit so
we can get some of that off. Is that your car? No. Who’s car is it? How much marijuana did you eat? – I didn’t eat any marijuana.
– Oh, you didn’t? It was just all over your shirt? Spread your feet apart.
– Sorry. – Stop moving, please.
– Thank you. Do you have any
weapons on you? DAN ABRAMS: Guess this might
be a possible bake and shake. Where? You got a test kit? You want to take that
little bit right there? Should have some other
stuff on this shirt. Yeah.
This is paraphernalia. OK. [inaudible] It’s marijuana. – Is it just marijuana, man?
– Yeah. Tell us the truth. Because I don’t want
you dying on us. Oh, god.
No. That’s it. I mean, your breath
even smells like it. Spread your feet. How much did you
really swallow? Spread your feet apart. I want to give you a quick
update out of Pasco County. Remember the guy
who was suspected of eating the marijuana,
sitting in the car? Well, he’s been charged with
possession of marijuana, felony tampering of evidence,
as well as a paraphernalia charge there.

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