Lobel’s WranglerTM BBQ-Braised Pot Roast

Lobel’s WranglerTM BBQ-Braised Pot Roast

hey folks I’m making something really
exciting today I can’t wait to try this Lobel’s of New York got in touch with me
and they have a brand new cut of pot roast the Dave actually trademarked
they’re butchers have been working on different cuts and they came up with
this one and it’s actually called the Lobel’s Wrangler USDA prime pot roast
so this is the star of the show this is a four pound pot roast USDA prime it’s
called the Wrangler its trademark viola wills and they actually sent me a recipe
that they want me to try and they sent me a lot of the ingredients to go along
with this that they want me to use in this recipe so they sent these miss
Maldon sea salt in these this malden brand peppercorns this sea salt is amazing
it’s it’s it’s a smoked sea salt and it’s a flaky sea salt so I’m really
interested to try these both these two that have horns and the sea salt and
they sent me this Zoe extra virgin olive oil from Spain and Lobel’s barbecue
sauce mobiles dry rub and I’m really excited about this this is a demi glass
and Democrat says highly concentrated beef broth this is frozen and it is
plain said is highly concentrated and you use it like 125 ratio so it’s like
one cup of this and then five cups of water and you get like the incredible
beef broth and all natural ingredients and everything so I’m going to get
everything portioned out I’ve got vegetables that I’m going to be using
I’ve got celery bell peppers onions garlic so I’m gonna get every
in prep ready to go and then let’s get this started and I can’t wait to try
this out so please stay tuned you will be amazed ok now let’s prep this crime
USDA prime wrangler pot roast so I’m just going to hit with a little bit of
this Zoe’s Zoe olive oil you
both sides this is a gorgeous piece of meat and then some this Lobel’s dry rub
and this stuff smells amazing it actually has coffee quite a lot of
places you can see there’s a lot of red pepper flakes we’re just going to coat
this not heavily just just you know give it a good coating not like you’re going
to put this on the smoker or anything you just want to give it its that flavor
oh man really smelling coffee it so awesome talking beef go together so well
puffy makes a really great row okay I’m going to let that sit there for about an
hour while I prepare the rest get the veggies chopped get everything going got
the demi-glace already ready to go so stay tuned and we’ll see how this turns
out pop is heated up and it’s going to add a couple of tablespoons of this
working olive oil and then add the puffed rice swim browse
this near this on all sides fitch thing is big that’s four pounds smells amazing okay I’ll bring you back
when I’m done searing this and we’ll get on with the air max so they can two to
three minutes per side here we’ll go ahead and turn this off and then remove
this go flatter and it feels amazing at the big roast ok still got some oil in
there that’s great that’s why I’m looking forward to a 1 i’m just going to
go ahead and do the veggies I’ve got two sliced onions to diced bell peppers and three ribs of celery I’m gonna wait to add the garlic let’s
put these veggies down and I’ll bring you back when these are ready and then
we’ll finish putting this together still got a few steps to go so this is this
next step so stay there veggies are sweated down I’m not added the garlic now I’m just going to add in this Maldon
sea salt I’m going to crush this between your fingers because it’s its flanking should be enough for now I can add more
later add about 2 2 teaspoons of that mold in black pepper give that a stir I love that smell now it’s going to
return it pot roast to apart right on top the veggies juice okay now I’ve got a cup of the
little bells barbecue sauce and I’ve got four cups of that deming lies that I
made it to broth I’ve got some extra over here if I need it so I’m just going
to pour this barbecue sauce right into the beef broth give that a stir and then
add this right to the pot with everything else doctor
okay my keeper paper telling you back pocket okay so
I’m going to reduce this down to a simmer and this is going to go for two
and a half hours so stay tuned and we still got some more to do
pot roast has been in for two hours and I check the internal temperature it’s
190 and that is perfect 18 185 190 is exactly what I was looking for now I’m
going to take oh my goodness it smells amazing now I’m just going to remove pot
roast to a cutting board let this rest for about 20 minutes then I’m going to slice it right now I’m
going to get the brawl ready by making making gravy take a cup
the braising liquid and then to this i’m going to add a cup
or two tablespoons of flour with this really good going to only add about half of this
through right now store that in this braising liquid and bring that back
up you know what there’s a lot of liquid in
here I know I’m going to need all this so i’m gonna i’m going to put all this
ruin i I’ve done these types of things make items and I know what I’m doing so
I’m just going to let this simmer let this thicken and then I’m going to cut
that pot roast it up tinted over there with aluminum foil and put it back in pop just let it simmer for about another
20 bit so you definitely want to stay tuned for this folks okay ah proces
rested the ice creamy here just where I want I just want to taste it so that want to add a little bit more
this maldon salt it’s no it’s really cool I’ve never
actually worked the flakes like this before the kick to it probably from that that
rough that I did notice the run crushed red peppers in there okay good okay on to the pot roast let’s
take this spy stuff rip this this gray lever clicks sleepy sleep taste good you it’s like butter ok
terminus we return this pot roast back into the
braising liquid the gray well hub of me as a lot of pot road yes yeah just the right amount of wrong
thing the right amount of that may be tasting liquid goodness I’m just gonna
let that go for 20 minutes top off we’re do send down to a low slumber most
simmer for 20 minutes and then I’ll bring you back and let’s see how they
change 20 minutes simmering now it’s time to eat let me turn this off mmm
smells amazing it’s just some pot roast here it’s going to get one piece juice just in case Garcia stays really didn’t need the nice that’s really good pot roast I really
like that recipe because some great flavors going on there definitely tender
very tasty very deep yeah definitely list this Lobel’s wrangler USDA prime
pot roast is very good so there you have it folks go try some corn will hook for
one to try it out and see what you think thanks for watching

26 thoughts on “Lobel’s WranglerTM BBQ-Braised Pot Roast”

  1. Good looking pot roast Tom. You could see the results of that seasoning with the coffee on the outside of it.

  2. Lobel's RULES!!!!!!!! I have had there Cowboy Steak and Wagyu Tri-Tip via a YouTube Friend 🙂 Quality at it's BEST!!!!!!!! An Extra "BIG" thumbs up Tom 🙂 ROCK ON!!!!!!!!

  3. That was a fine looking cut of meat Tom! I thought I could see rib indentions as perhaps maybe it's cut from the ribeye or loin area, either way it looks top notch. That gravy looked very rich and delectable! Great job on the roast!

  4. Nice… Wait, it's beyond nice. It's incredible, Tom! If ever there were a time for smell-o-vision, this is it.

  5. Excellent looking recipe Tom. That roast looked amazing and I bet it was packed with flavor if it came from the rib section. I'll have to order one of those to try out with some Chili. Gotta love Lobel's meats!!!! Tasting is believing!!!

  6. Great looking roast. I'll have to use USDA Choice for budget reasons, but this definitely gives me some ideas for pot roasts. Like the BBQ/demiglaze combination for braising liquid. That looked awesome, Tom!

  7. Oh my goodness. To make the roast just like you made it using the same ingredients from Libels it will cost you $159.73. I don't know of anyone that could afford to or would pay that much for just the meat.

  8. First time seeing a video by Tom's Test Kitchen. No disrespect, but wow, the most boring 15 minutes of video I think I've ever seen. Further, while I'm a Lobel's fan and customer, that roast looked drier than the Gobi Desert. I am on board with what Darlene Bailey said below, and even though my search had the meat costing $136.78, including shipping, that's staggering for a pot roast. I pay the long dollar for lots of great meat, but a pot roast at $140 is something I just won't spend the long dollar on. Especially when the video shows it to have turned out with little to no marbling, and very dry. This video should have been less than 7 minutes long, not over 15 minutes long. Sorry, Tom, but as an audience member, I am trying to be constructive.

  9. Lobel's says that cut is exclusive process patented. I say B.S.. They can TM what they call it but they can't stop people cutting a beef anyway you want it cut up.

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