100 thoughts on “Lobster & Late-Night Snacks: Chef’s Night Out with Simone Tondo of Le Roseval”

  1. portions are so tiny! I really can't understand the logic. You'd imagine that for that much money, you should at least be satiated after…

  2. He has a really thick accent its like he tries to speak italian before french you can tell its a second language, but he speaks well. Continuer a vous faire!

  3. When the episode first started I was like, "Dang, another one of a person from France". But after watching it, I actually enjoyed it. #mulligan  

  4. i failed in life, im 23, know too much made my life hell, suffering from deppression and anxuiety, used to take paxel and citalopram so yeah im perfect for vice, but fuk life, fuk my life 

  5. 5:47 – 6:00 Χαίρομαι που υπάρχει προτίμηση στα καλά Ελληνικά προιόντα …

  6. Those small portions really bother me. I know its meant to emphasise the taste/presentation rather than 'fill you up' but in the end food is food. I think it's borderline pretentious tbh. 

  7. Paris is a beautiful and complicated city. I was actually pretty disappointed by the food, but I realized later, it's because you have to know where to look. You'd think you'd be able to pop into anywhere and find great stuff, but (in my opinion), it's not the case.

  8. 1 scallop with a bit of sauce and some berries on it is a starter? I bet it costed like 5-10 dollars too. Trying to starve people out there.

  9. straight up! these mofos party way better than any american episode on muncies< except maybe than the Battersby episode. straight from the gut!

  10. Don't be such a savage…place the live lobster in the freezer for a few minutes first before hacking it to death. Sheesh!!

  11. y sont y pas mignons nos p'tits parisiens ?! tout y est :de la barbe mitée ,à l'attachée de presse qui se pâme devant trois nouilles bio et deux graines de chia ,des guignols qui font semblant d'être murgés, au casse couilles de service qui chantonne en espagnol en gratouillant sa guitare …j'ai envie de mettre des coup de pelle

  12. Watching this makes me so happy! A great group of people eating delicious food while experiencing what I could only dream of. Yum!!

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