Lock Tales – Upper Brewers – Rideau Canal

Lock Tales – Upper Brewers – Rideau Canal

Hello my name is Aden Wiltsie and I’m the acting lock master at the Brewers Complex, stationed at Upper Brewers lock station. This is my 12th season working on the Rideau Canal. I started on the waterway in 2007 as a summer student, but I’ve lived and boated on the Rideau Canal my entire life. Also generations of my family including my cousins, uncles, and my great grandfather worked on the Rideau Canal. The locks started being built in 1826 and completed in 1832. It was a military solution for avoiding the St. Lawrence Seaway and being able to move troops and supplies to Kingston safely. The lift of the 2 locks at Upper Brewers are 19.4 feet. It takes about 30 minutes to bring boats up depending on the amount in there, and 25 minutes to bring boats down. The more boats we have in the lock, they take a little bit longer. This lock is a manually operated lock like many along the Rideau Canal. We operate it by cranking open and close sluices which raises and lowers the water levels in the chambers. As well as cranking to open and close the gates, which allows boats to enter and exit. There are several things that make Upper Brewers special. One such thing is the oTENTiks, they’re a spot that can be rented both by land based and boater based visitors. We are a very popular mooring area as well because we have both power and showers at this station. So boaters love to come spend the night and relax. A third thing that makes Upper Brewers very special is the staff here. We’re a tight knit family that work well together and boaters keep returning because of the level of service we give them. There are a lot of things I love about the Rideau Canal. One such being the boaters, how they come from all across Canada and around the globe. I’m able to contribute to their experience on the Rideau Canal. I also love being out in nature, and seeing it on a daily basis. We even have a lock mascot named Gerald. He’s a blue heron that comes and fishes every night, and boaters love to see him, take pictures and just watch him fish. On behalf of the staff at the Brewers Complex we would like to thank you for taking the time to watch this video. If you find yourselves in the area please come and check us out and meet all the members of the Brew Crew and experience everything we have to offer!

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  1. Wow really beautiful canal….we have lots of beautiful canal in London but doesn’t have any service..new friend stay connected 👍🤝🙂👌🛎

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