Before the video starts me and Lauren are actually friendly I was literally live broadcasting and we just got done talking [I] watch all your videos I just [I] already said I said [at] the end of my broadcast. No you did it. Yes, I did mom Did I not say that at the end of the damn broadcast [but] I filmed this video like three days ago? And I didn’t want to waste a perfectly funny video, so I’m gonna upload it, but me and lauren are cool now I hope you guys enjoy hey guys. It’s me again, and I’m not doing too good [so] the other day I got roasted and Flamed again, but this time it was by a girl she’s 13 and her name is Loren Gray and she was Broadcasting on [You-now] the other day and she said some mean stuff about me I made a video called these kids must be stopped that [I] put her in it because she [said] let it [clown] nigga try to Play you If he played you then rule number two fuck his best friends and make them [yes-men] and get a dick pic and then you press But yeah, here are her reactions and basically what she said about me Alright pause pause wait until you guys hear his stupid comment. Did she just say that she’s about to play with her pussy no, bitch I didn’t I covered my mouth. What’s up? No, I didn’t say it so your comment is irrelevant because I covered my mouth LOL That’s the only part that the other one was pretty bad was pretty bad and was before I got popular musically I was just doing all my friends were doing this little comments irrelevant and all this guy does. [here’s] what pisses me off All this guy does is he watches what we do and he literally? He says what we just did like he’ll be like did she just say okay. Yeah, bitch. I did. What’s the issue with whoa? Did she just say yes, bitch I did? Did she just say that [all] I said was what they said? But like I said I did say what’s wrong with that like get out of my face You [got] to repeat everything. I say he’s like, whoa. Did she just yes, bitch. I did. I did just yeah, I Once again, there’s a [reason] she’s as she just turned 13 okay, so I see he’s been on famous birthdays I also went on his team’s birthdays, and I saw that um let’s actually look at his famous birthdays [oh], [it] didn’t come up So I guess we had to like search him because appearently he’s irrelevant so YouTube and Major-League gamer otherwise known as rice gum he’s gained more than hundred seventy thousand subscribers on YouTube (coughing) (throwing shade) after he uploaded a video of me and my friends Is she sick or something? What’s wrong with her seven? 6270 second most Popular person [wow] That’s sad so at first. I was confused, but basically she was on this website called famous birthday, right? And it’s it’s like a Wikipedia for like everyone I guess but if you type in like random people’s name it would pop up with their birthday and like their b- You know just some information about them and Basically I was so right here. It says Mm. Most popular person right so it’s pretty bad rating uh because I mean I don’t even know what website This is and if you were to type into her name Lauren Gray and she is the you know one hun- Top one hundred in Popularity [yeah], so then I click on the most popular rankings right so Justin Bieber’s in first place, you know whatever whatever whatever And I scroll down and Maddie b is 16th most popular in the world over Obama and there’s Jacob Sartorius that is more popular jacob so [tars] is more popular According to this website than Michael Jackson, right? He’s more popular than these [one] [direction] guys drizzy drake John Cena, man. You’re telling me LeBron James Who made this website this shit is not accurate at all? It’s funny how she brought this up because I’m pretty sure that she made this website Because like there’s no way in hell that Maddie B Is more famous than drake or before we go any further tell me why she’s in a trash bag Why she just casually sitting in a trash bag? okay, hold on hold on hold on uh Let’s let’s react to this in a trash bag actually uh here we go Does her mother know that she just said this? Uh no ACTUALLY what hello What wait? Why do her mom say what like the first word she says like ring ring ring ring? what like is that normal my mom has never done that [no] question Hey, mom. Do you remember that one video? I made the rice gum reacted to where it said playing with my [um] yeah? And I cover my mouth Yeah, did you [see] [that] video did you know about that video? Yeah, okay. Just wondering cuz he seems to think that you don’t know [about] it so. Thank you for proving my point. See you later Yeah, the only thing I got out of [that] whole phone call was her mom picked up the phone saying what I yeah This is pissing me off man Okay, let’s continue. So when I was 13 When you were 13 you probably had about two friends And you probably got yo he was probably that kid that was like He come up to a school be like want to treat Pokemon cards, and we’re like bitch. I don’t own pokemon cards wait Hey, I’m a spider-man. [do] you want to be friends new uh Ninja Turtles Peppa? Yeah, and then they’re given them in [Their] [oh] Guys you guys want to trade Pokemon cards. I have this new Charizard. It’s I have this new Charizard its Holographic I got this it’s our own Pokemon cards. Oh Okay, oh, hey. Do you want to trade Pokemon cards? No? [I] don’t you’re weird get on my face How does she know [my] past? [did] she go to my school or something no 13 year old plays with Pokemon cards and if you play with Gi Joe Pokemon cards? In your 13 you got a problem. [I’m] sorry, but why come on now? He was that one. He was that one weird little like he was that one weird Kid that was like wanna trade pokemon careds. [I] just [got] this new Gi Joe wheres watch want to try it out No, I don’t you’re weird get on my face. I’m gonna be of course actually I’m 13 and more popular than you but Let’s just keep watching since when was popularity of contest Still to this day. I can’t believe she’s 13 years old, [but] yeah guys around this time you know I would probably drop my famous slide show uh But you know I noticed that she’s only 13. She’s like a little girl you know little innocent girl that said some mean stuff about me and Imma let this one slide [alright]. She dodged the bully no, I mean I mean, she’s a [little] right so um no slideshow, but if you guys enjoy the video then- SIKE No one disrespects Pokemon like that I was up all night trying to like all eight gym badges So I can face off with uh before I would bring my gameboy to school so I can finally catch new – so I can Complete my pokedex now. I’m mad no one ever disrespects Pokemon oh my goodness (Hysterical Obnoxious laughing) Ah darling But yeah guys if you made it to the end Thank you so much for watching if you haven’t already thought the video last couple of days. I’ve been getting 20,000 likes That’s so insane so show some love if you haven’t already, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to watch my other videos if you haven’t already drop a comment. I read every comment I don’t know how I do it if you are a loren [grey] fan because she had a lot of fans I respect her now. You know she’s out here young getting this money and She just said some stuff and no one disrespects, Pikachu so I did it for you know the Pokemon kingdom And you know for myself [too], and [it] was a fucking video So if you guys did enjoy though, you know come back for more I do have Twitter Instagram Snapchat all that do all that bro I will follow you back, but thank you so much for watching it. I will see you guys next time [boom] booty ho boy was talking crap [about] her. I was like some boy Talk about [burn] it one time. I will find your house, and I will kill you Huh? She will find my house and and kill me

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