Lotus Root Soup with Peanuts | Ling Ngau Tong | 莲藕汤 [Nyonya Cooking]

Lotus Root Soup with Peanuts | Ling Ngau Tong | 莲藕汤 [Nyonya Cooking]

Hi guys, welcome once again to Nyonya Cooking! Chinese New Year is approaching For Chinese families, it is very important to have a bowl of soup to complete the dinner Today, I’m going to show you how to prepare ‘Lotus root soup with peanuts’ This soup is delicious It’s healthy and simple to prepare as well It’s significant for the Chinese New Year Now, let me show you the ingredients I’m going to explain to you why this soup is significant for the Chinese New Year For this recipe, I’m using one litre of water For the soup base, I have some pork ribs If you do not take pork or prefers different type of meat like chicken or my favourite, anchovies just use it It’s fine Normally, for this soup, we usually use pork Just to add some flavours to the soup base, I’m also using 2 pieces of dried squids To add some sweetness, we have some red dates here Remember to remove the seeds Now, we move on to the star ingredients of the soup That is the peanuts which represents wealth and lotus roots which represents abundance That is why this soup is always very popular during Chinese New Year Now, let’s begin cooking We’ll start by boiling this pot of water I have the pork ribs here Using just a bit of hot water, I’m going to rinse these pork ribs After a few seconds, we’re going to pour the water away As for the lotus roots, this is what I am going to do I’m just going to cut them into slices I will usually cut the skin away because there is still some dirt I find it easier to cut the skin away when they are in small slices like this as the lotus roots have weird and awkward shapes, It’s usually very difficult to cut the skin away I usually cut them into little slices first and then work on them Just soak them in a bowl of water and give them a quick rinse Finally, the water is starting to boil Using chopsticks, I’m going to put the pork in followed by the dried squids along with the red dates to add some sweetness and peanuts for wealth, lots of wealth and of course, abundance by adding the lotus roots There you go After this, there is really nothing much to do We’re going to let this boil Once it starts boiling, we’re going to lower the heat and let it simmer for at least one and a half to three hours It’s really up to you I like to boil my soup for at least about two and a half hours because by then, the soup will be really infused with the sweetness of the pork ribs and the saltiness of the dried squids Hmmm… so nice Especially when the weather is so cold right now in Germany, this bowl of soup is really delicious It’s marvelous I’m going to let it simmer for two hours, at least Then, I’ll come back and show you how it is like later It’s already two and a half hours and the soup is ready While boiling the soup, you may taste it from time to time If you find that it’s not salty enough for your liking, feel free to add some salt However, try to cut down on the salt because the dried squids already have some saltiness in them So, let’s look at the soup now I have a very delicious bowl of lotus root and peanuts soup I can’t wait to dig in It’s really cold at the moment here in Germany So, let’s try Let’s take a sniff first I can smell the peanuts in the soup Quite strong Hmmm….. It’s so comforting to have a nice bowl of soup especially when it has so many different kinds of ingredients like peanuts, pork together with these red dates which carry some sweetness It’s just so soothing, reminds me of home I’m going to finish my bowl of soup here Meanwhile, do not forget to subscribe to Nyonya Cooking and then, of course you can communicate with me through twitter, facebook or even in the comment section below I’d love to hear from you Send me pictures of recipes that you had tried Till the next video, I wish you a very happy Chinese New Year and happy cooking!

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  1. You're very good im a malaysian and work as a head chef,in a baba nyonya restaurant.very similar to my recipe's well done

  2. I made this today, and because I started cooking after work, I only boiled it for 1 hour, and the pork I bought wasn't very fresh. So disappointing, but I will try it again.

  3. First cook was ABC soup,
    Now try this lotus root soup,
    But this time I add more than 1 litre of water.
    Looking forward for my dinner soup. Yeah. Lol.

  4. Hey girl, thanks for the vid. Just thinking is it necessary to add the dried squid into d soup? Will it affect the flavours

  5. I realy realy want your recipies, because i learn on how to cook chinese soup, thank tou so much, give some more recipies,,,

  6. I have recently come to love soups especially chines soups and your channel really helps. Thank you and please keep sharing.

  7. hi there beautiful i loved all of your videos and cant wait to cook for my husband, and thank you for sharing your videos ,very useful and simple to do,wish you all the best, have a wonderful day ,god bless you ☺

  8. Hi, could I please suggest adding dried oyster/mussel and "fat choi" hairy fungus. my aunt used to make this soup and its taste amazing. i bet yours is good too

  9. is it possible to replace pork and squid with something non animal product? can you suggest any ingredients for it or any advise ? Thank you ><

  10. It would be easy to peel off the skin from the lotus root using a peeler BEFORE slicing them.
    I normally slice the lotus roots no more than 2mm thick. Cook faster this way. Also easier to chew them, especially for older folks.

  11. Hello ma'am.good morning!Thank you for sharing your soup recipe.I am Filipino and working here in HK and may employer are chinese and your recipes are help me a lot because my employers loves soup so Thank you so much and i am looking forward for more recipe from you.

  12. at last i made it..i can cook this soup..last year try to cook for my baby but not realy nice until i watch ur video..tq

  13. ilotus root should be added to cold water to boil in order not to have a very dar coloured soup. and peanuts had to be soak too before putting in the soup. if can, try to remove some of the peanutskin too before adding to the pot. this will enhance the appearance of soup and more clear soup for those who do not like very concentrated soup.

  14. looks nice. so the purpose of the boiling water is to remove the fat from the pork ribs, right? If I use chicken, is it also possible to soak the chicken in boiling water? I also find using a vegetable peeler to peel the lotus root including its black skin on the peeled lotus root then cutting it into slices easily. can my tips also work for this recipe?

  15. I peel lotus root skin first and cut into pieces later, I think it's much easier to cut into pieces first and try to cut off skin later

  16. Wow, blanching the ribs at start removed all the scum? I'm continually skimming the stuff off, Imma give this method a go

  17. Soak the peanuts overnight and remove the skin. The soup will be clearer. If you add 1 piece of Honey Dates – it will taste even better. Use a Potato peeler to remove the skin of the Lotus Root before you cut them. My favourite soup which I cook 2 times a month.

  18. Nice soup. I thought you live in Singapore or Malaysia. Surprisingly, you're from Germany. I wonder where you buy all those Asian ingredients

  19. already tried this minus dried squid. didnt have time to look for dried squid since i couldnt wait to try this recipe. Thanks.

  20. Hello hello!!! I went to the asian market to get all the ingredients. I even asked a nice worker about soaking the peanuts for soup. He told me that i should remove skin of the peanuts before cooking them otherwise peanut skin will peel off and mess up the soup. However, I didn't see you doing it. Should i remove skin or just add peanuts with skin? Also, the pack of dried squid i got came with about 8 squids. Should i freeze them or how do i store them?

  21. Oh…one last comment and ill shut up. Why is your soup kind of creamy? It had this beautiful rich brown creamy color. Is it because of the peanuts?

  22. Thank you for sharing the peanut and lotus root soup.
    I tried it and it turned out very well I must say.

    I would like to ask you if you have the recipe for 'Hong bak' (Nyonya style).

  23. Just wondering, you really did not use any garlic ? Cos when i make this, i always use lotsa garlic… 😁

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