Luang Prabang Cooking Class: Delicious Lao Cuisine

Luang Prabang Cooking Class: Delicious Lao Cuisine

pounding the eggplant the round eggplant they’ve been cooked for a few minutes now hi hi authentic foodies we are today in Lao and
specifically in Luang Prabang and we are at the moment at the heuan chan historic
home and we’re here for a cooking class before we start the class we’re gonna
take a tour of the Heritage House which we’re standing right in front of we will
also have a welcome drink what we know at this point is we’ll be making four
dishes one dessert and we can’t wait to show you and experience Lao cuisine let’s walk in first thing we are making the Jaew
tomato jaewl is the dipping sauce and sticky rice so that’s the
vegetable of the Lao meal and then we do khao chii khao means sticky rice chii means grilled so that’s grilled sticky rice cake
we also make Au means stuffed but today in the kitchen we have cabbage and we make Tom Jaew Hed, with
eggplant, tomato and the mushroom it’s a kind of soup but with less water than a soup and we do the Grated coconut we do by hand and we also squeeze coconut by hand you learn how to squeeze coconut by hand but not the process of grating it because it will take you 3 hours to do it It’s sweet right? Sugar is important We didn’t produce sugar, we import the sugar so if the meal is like quite sweet that means like you have money! but it’s different from today, sweet isn’t healthy that’s the small story about why people love sweets We’re are making little patties of sticky rice, I’m trying to make it sticky not easy right That’s too big, ok I have to redo it… Better so we’re making the coconut [cream] for the sticky rice in here are two cups of coconut [cream] cream actually two cups of coconut cream they have been colored with butterfly pea [flower] which gives it a blue color and then their pandan leaves for flavor
and then for the sugar there is palm sugar and coconut palm sugar as well hmm
so I’m stirring it on low heat making sure that it doesn’t over boil that it doesn’t get sticky either what are you making? I’m making the dipping sauce I’m actually not sure how to pronounce it “Gao” “Jaow”? ” Jaew! Jaew In here is garlic and shallots, pounding them together And there will be more ingredients to come Very flavorful, I love the lemongrass Tom Jaew Hep, thank you and we’re in
between courses and, we’re trying the soup, yes while it’s still hot vegetarian based lots of vegetables
mushroom lemongrass eggplants cilantro absolutely delicious what’s the name of this what we’re making? we call it Au Ka Lumpii Au it means stuffed the pork stuffed in cabbage Best part of the cooking class, that’s when we get to eat what we’ve made and we are sitting here at the table with a
spread right in front of us where we’ve been making and eating a lot of
delicious Lao dishes we are just enjoying the flavors sitting back and
enjoying all the hard work the fruits of our labor And a wonderful experience here learning cooking And experiencing the whole thing And now we are having our belly
full and enjoying our last dishes here Wonderful cooking class! [Lao cuisine] is fresh, simple and healthy

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  1. The food does look good although – 'Too Big' listen to your teacher. I don't know if you've seen the film Bridget Jones Diary but the blue coconut milk does remind me of the blue soup she accidentally made. Keep up the videos I may be inspired to cook instead of just eat.

  2. Wow – so many delicious dishes to taste! The one with the cabbage leaves looks particularly interesting. I'd love to try something like this 🙂

  3. The asian food are so nice. Food plays a big part of the culture and this is just another way to learn about the culture

  4. Oh, this is absolutely one of the best ways to learn about a culture. Delicious. You guys look like you took your job very seriously haha!

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