Maa Ki Baat | Mohanthal | मोहनथाल | Episode 10 | Chef Ranveer

Maa Ki Baat | Mohanthal | मोहनथाल | Episode 10 | Chef Ranveer

Ranveer: How many have made “Mohanthal”? Auntie: So many time!
Ranveer: 500? 1000?
Auntie: No! No! Not that much! I make it whenever I feel like. We make it during Diwali. We call it Satam Antham. Ranveer: “Ashtami”
Auntie: Ashtami! That’s when we make it. Usually we make it during festivals, otherwise whenever I wish to.
Ranveer: Yes! Whenever you feel like. Auntie: Yes!
Ranveer: Make it whenever you wish to. Auntie: My name is Manjula. Manjula Vala. Vithalbhai Vala. I have been cooking since I was 10 years old. I have been cooking since I was in school. Later I got married at the age of 17. After that I have been cooking everyday. Ranveer: What do we have to do? Should I add gram flour?
Auntie: Yes! Ranveer: What should I do now? Auntie: Add 2 spoons of milk.
Ranveer: Milk? Auntie: Yes! 2 spoons! Ranveer: This is the trick.. right? It won’t collect together if you don’t add milk? Auntie: No! No! Just 2 spoons. Not more.
Ranveer: 2 spoons! Auntie: Now add ghee! 2 spoons.
Ranveer: 2 spoon! Should I mix it now?
Auntie: Yes! Ranveer: What do you call this mixing in Gujarati? AUntie: We call it “Moan” (mixing of ghee or oil in the flour)
Ranveer: In Punjabi, we call it “Moin” “Moin”
Auntie: We call it “Moan” Ghee & Oil’s moan, like that. It’s done mixing! Ranveer: It is a coarsely grounded gram flour. (ladu besan) Auntie: Yes! Ladu besan! We add that, else it will be running consistency like Halwa. Unlike Sheera!
Ranveer: Yes! Sheera! Auntie: We have to sieve it now. Ranveer: Okay! I’ll get the siever. It’s not easy.. right? Mohanthal looks easy while eating. How many kids do you have? Auntie: 6 Ranveer: Okay! Who is more fond of eating? Param’s grandfather. My husband. Ranveer: That means your husband is your 7th kid. So now you and Param’s grandfather are at home. So, what do you cook for the two of you? Auntie: We..? Either I make Upma or Bhakri (gujarati bread) We both like eating that. Milk & Bhakri! Just with milk. Ranveer: That’s it? Sugar and milk? Auntie: Yes! No vegetable! Ranveer: Really?
AUntie: Yes! Ranveer: So you take warm milk and dip in the Bhakri? Auntie: No! Chilled milk!
Ranveer: Okay! Auntie: Like how we eat Thepla (gujarati bread) with tea?
Just like that! Have a bite of the Bhakri and then take a sip of the milk. Else I make Upma. Param’s grandfather loves Upma. Whenever they go out. Ranveer: It’s a bit thick.
Auntie: Yes!
Ranveer: So should we keep it aside? Auntie: No! No! We’ll just grind it and add it together.
Ranveer: Okay! So we don’t have to waste anything. Where are from in Gujarat? Auntie: Amreli!
Ranveer: Where is Amreli? Auntie: Kathiyawadi!
Ranveer: Oh! Kathiyawadi.. Then you’re just making Mohanthal! Kathiyawadi Cuisine is so vast. Auntie: I make everything. Ranveer: Wow! First class spicy food.. Auntie: Kathiyawadi! Ranveer: Done! Auntie: Yes! That’s it!
Ranveer: Okay! Nothing’s wasted! Now she’s happy that we didn’t waste anything. So this is 250 gm gram flour and 150 gm ghee..! And sugar?
Auntie: Sugar 180 gm. Ranveer: Okay! Who thought you cooking? Your mother or mother-in-law? Auntie: I didn’t had mother-in-law. Ranveer: Okay! Auntie: I didn’t had mother-in-law when I came here, just had a sister-in-law. Ranveer: So you learned cooking from your sister-in-law? Auntie: Yes! Before my marriage, everybody came here from the village. So, while I stayed with her, I learned cooking. Ranveer: Should I lower the flame or is this alright? Auntie: It will be better if you lower the flame. Ranveer: I’ll lower the flame then. It’s confusing because you cannot see fire in it. Auntie: Yes! so it is not understandable. Ranveer: I myself am bothered from it. Auntie: Hmm… We cook it on the low flame at the gas stove. Ranveer: Yes! You understand the flame on that. I myself am bothered on this. It’s just my wife has got it so I’m using it. Can I ask something? It’s a confusing question. You have to choose one. You can’t say both. Okay? Should I ask then?
Auntie: Hmm.. Ranveer: You love cooking for you husband or Param? Grandchild or husband? Auntie: Both… Ranveer: You can’t say both.
Auntie: I can’t say both..? Auntie: Now see.. I have to cook for him, I have come to this house for him. I will have to cook for husband. Ranveer: So it’s done, husband over grandchild. Auntie: Then later grandchild.
Ranveer: First husband. Auntie: Yes! Ranveer: Amazing! It has started leaving it’s aroma.
Auntie: Yes! Now add little milk.
Ranveer: Okay! Auntie: Half cup! Ranveer: That’s it or more? Auntie: That’s it. We’ll add more milk again once it loosens up. Ranveer: Yes! It’s showing the softness.
Auntie: Yes! It’s getting soft. Ranveer: Okay! Are you happy?
Did I pass? Auntie: Pass!
You are anyways pass. Ranveer: So, is this trick that we don’t have to leave it after adding the milk, rather stir it continuously Auntie: Yes! Ranveer: We have to cook it like mawa. Auntie: Then only it soft, else it will become sticky. If we add sugar without stirring it,
Ranveer: Yes! so it will become sticky and not soft. Ranveer: Should I add more milk? Auntie: Yes! It has started leaving ghee. Ranveer: Yes! Ranveer: For the sugar syrup.. Water?
Auntie: First add sugar. Ranveer: Do you like singing? Auntie: No! Ranveer: Whenever.. I won’t make you sing. Everybody just gets scared that Ranveer will make them sing. I’m not asking for that but do you sing while cooking? Auntie: Yes! If I have a song in my mind. Any of god’s songs, any bhajan’s.(god’s songs) So I have them in my heart. Ranveer: No don’t worry, I won’t make you sing. Everybody knows that Ranveer will make them sing. So they deny it beforehand only. Auntie: No! I cannot sing. Ranveer: No! I am not making you sing. Right now which song do you have in your mind? Auntie: Right now I don’t remember anything. Ranveer: Can I make the sugar syrup in a small pot?
Auntie: Yes! That’s okay! Ranveer: Okay! Auntie: Saffron milk..
Ranveer: Saffron milk? Should I add this in the sugar syrup?
Ranveer: Yes! Should I add it?
Auntie: Yes! Switch off the flame. Ranveer: Done! Nice! What an aroma, saffron’s aroma is also coming.
Auntie: Yes! Colour is also coming. Ranveer: Colour is amazing! Auntie: It has become like a butter. Ranveer: Should I transfer it?
Auntie: Yes! Ranveer: Now I’ll put it in the refrigerator..
Auntie: No! Let it be here. Ranveer: It will set here in 10 minutes?
Auntie: Yes! Ranveer: What did Param tell you last night? Where do you have to go? Auntie: In the studio. Ranveer: So what then Param forced you to apply make up?
Auntie: Param told me to colour my hair. That everyone used to tell me.. apply nail paint, lipstick. I told them I’ve never done it. I’m not going to do it. I said no! Ranveer: It’s ready?
Auntie: Yes! Ranveer: I know you have all you eyes on him. Let’s call Param. Auntie: Where’s he? He’s sitting here. Ranveer: Come! Auntie: He also loves Mohanthal. Ranveer: Your grandmother has told us everything. You made her colour her hair and apply make up. But all the best! Do well! Ranveer: You’re happy?
Auntie: Yes! It’s perfect! Ranveer: Thank You! Auntie: Thank You! Okay!

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