MAD COOK Slick Slime Sam Makes Pizza

MAD COOK Slick Slime Sam Makes Pizza

[Sam]: This is my kind of job! [Sue]: Sam, what are you doing here? [Sam]: (singing) I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky… Yum! Now it’s time to eat! [Sue]: Hi, kids! Today I’ve decided to make a delicious pizza. [Sam]: Gimme a candy. [Sue]: No. [Sam]: Oh… [Sue]: I have two pizza bases. But I need only one pizza. Hm. What will I do with the other one? [Sam]: Well, give it to me. I’ll put it to good use… [Sue]: Fine, take it. [Sue]: So, here’s our base. And we’ll also need some ketchup… [Sam]: Jam! Mine! Ewww… no jam, just some tomatoes… Maybe you’ve got a candy? [Sue]: No. [Sam]: Aaah… [Sue]: Right, let’s squeeze our ketchup out on the pizza base like this. [Sam]: Yeah, right, a pizza without candy is nothing but a zero… hmph! [Sue]: You just don’t know anything about pizzas… I’ll spread ketchup all over the base… Here. Like this. [Sam]: There’s not enough tomato jam! [Sue]: Hmm… I don’t really know… [Sam]: Let me help! Wait… just a sec… hmm… [Sue]: Sam! Sam! Stop! Enough. [Sam]: Oh, yeah! More jam, more! Come on, baby, come on! [Sue]: Sam, stop, stop it, enough, calm down! [Sam]: Gimme the spoon! Ha! [Sue]: But, Sam… [Sam]: Now this is my kind of job, don’t really like them smell, but give it some nice pounding. Bam! Bam! [Sue]: Whoa, Sam, you call that help? [Sam]: Yep. Candy? [Sue]: Go now, shooo… Made a mess and demands candy. Oh, now I’ll have to clean it all up… [Sue]: Right, now it’s clean again and I can continue… ready. Now, our pizza also needs some… [Sam]: Candy? [Sue]: No! Give it a break already… [Sam]: Aww… [Sue]: To make a delicious pizza we’ll need some salami. Let’s place it on our pizza neatly… Like this… In a circle. [Sam]: umph… hrr…. Hmmm… I need… need to grab a piece… they say it’s something delicious… grab and pull… come on… [Sue]: Hey… There was more here… [Sam]: Ewww… eat it yourself! [Sue]: Come on, Sam! Quit it! [Sue]: We will also need some nice cherry tomatoes. Let’s cut these little guys for our pizza! [Sam]: They look like candy. [Sue]: No, Sammy. These aren’t candy. These are tomatoes. [Sam]: Hmph! What’s the fun in that… Don’t cut your fingers off! You’ll have hard time making pizza then! [Sue]: I’ll try. [Sam]: Have I told you about my adventures in the Tibidabo mountains? [Sue]: Sam, get lost! Right, let’s lay out our tomatoes… like this… it comes out really nice… [Sam]: Listen, if they look like candy, maybe we’ll just replace them with real candy? [Sue]: No candies in pizza. Sam, go away. Stop bothering me. [Sam]: Hmph… [Sam]: What’s this? [Sue]: These are mushrooms, Sam! [Sam]: Mush-rooms? [Sue]: Mushrooms! [Sam]: Can’t we do without them? [Sue]: We can! But not today! I’ll just add them to the pizza. There! [Sue]: It’s coming out nicely so far, but something is missing… Right, we’ll need some cheese. [Sue]: So… where’s the grater? Hmmm… where have I seen it? Here, I think! Sam? What are you doing here? [Sam]: Well… er… hm… I… I wanted to… to help you… you… you need this grater, right? [Sue]: I do need the grater. But I’m pretty sure you were looking for candy again, right? Oh well, come with me. [Sue]: Right, I’ve got the grater back and now I can grate some cheese. [Sam]: Umph… pfff… hmmm… here! [Sue]: What’s this, Sam? [Sam]: Well, it’s for your candyless pizza. You do need to sprinkle it with something. [Sue]: Well, thank you very much, Sammy. But I’m going to sprinkle it with cheese. [Sam]: Cheese? This cheese? Is it the thing that stinks? Ewww… [Sue]: What’s the matter with him? Oh, well. Our pizza is ready and it’s time to bake it. [Sue]: Right, let’s put it on the baking tray and place it in the oven for 10 minutes. Oh… I just love watching the cheese melt… Look, now it’s all bubbly and it’s time to get it out! [Sue]: Okay, Sammy. Our pizza is ready and it’s time to give it a try. [Sam]: I’m not sure… it’s candyless and all that… [Sue]: I’ll use this cool pizza cutter to cut it into slices. [Sam]: Doesn’t make it any better. [Sue]: Well, smell it at least. [Sam]: Eww, it stinks! Nope, not gonna eat it, eat it yourself. [Sue]: It looks delicious. Maybe we should make a Sam pizza. [Sam]: I’m down! [Sue]: Of course you are! [Sam]: Right… right… umph… so heavy… right, here’s the jam… A-and… skittles… and gummies… Come on, bring it here! [Sue]: Here’s the pizza base. [Sam]: Right… hmm… well… al-alright. It’s round like a candy, so fine. Now take the jam… [Sue]: Yumm… it smells delicious… I must give it a try… [Sam]: Heeey! Put it back! It’s for the pizza! [Sue]: Greedy, aren’t we? [Sam]: Spread it already! [Sue]: I’m spreading, I’m spreading… [Sam]: Well, since it’s my pizza, I want to make the second half with chocolate. [Sue]: Aren’t you afraid your teeth will fall out from all the sugar? [Sam]: Nope! And let me do the spreading! Spread it good! Oh yeah! [Sue]: Sam… easy… easy! Just look at yourself! [Sam]: What?! You can’t create a masterpiece without getting a little messy… [Sue]: Come on, let’s clean you up. [Sam]: I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. I think about it every night and day. Spread my wings and fly away. Yes, that’s right, and don’t forget the sponge! Oh yess! I love bathing! [Sue]: I have to finish everything for that little scamp. [Sam]: Look who’s talking! [Sue]: Let’s open the gummies. Come on, out you go, Right. I’ll place the gummies on the pizza… [Sam]: Ooh… I need to grab one… [Sue]: Alright, alright. There’s enough both for you and the pizza… Here we go. [Sam]: Don’t forget these! [Sue]: I won’t! Right. They’ll go nice with jam… Sprinkle them over… Hm… need to fix that. [Sam]: Oh! Kids, you haven’t forgotten to subscribe, have you? And hit the bell button? Many thanks from Sammy! [Sue]: Sam, the pizza’s almost ready. [Sam]: Hmm… something’s missing… [Sue]: We need to sprinkle it with something. Cheese, for example. [Sam]: Right, maybe you’ll sprinkle it with sausage, too? No, you can’t sprinkle such pizza with anything… A sec! mm.. hmm… h-here! Go on, sprinkle it! [Sue]: I’m sprinkling. [Sam]: Awesome sauce! Let’s take a photo! [Sue]: Sure thing! Just a moment. Hold still. [Sam]: Whoa, what’s this? [Sue]: It’s a Polaroid. You say cheese… sorry, candy… and a photo comes out! [Sam]: Cool… [Sue]: Here, see for yourself. [Sam]: Handsome, right? Well, pizza’s good, too. [Sue]: As if there were any doubts… [Sam]: Kids, do you like my pizza? Give a thumbs up if you do. And let’s get this video to twenty thousand thumbs up, mm? Yummm Now it’s time to eat… [Sue]: Can I try it, too? Just one slice? [Sam]: Well, here… There’s barely enough for me.

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