Making Coffee With an Egg / Munakohv – Easy Outdoors Cooking

Making Coffee With an Egg / Munakohv – Easy Outdoors Cooking

Hello fellow of outdoorsies, today we have special recipe for your pleasure. Egg coffee Yeah, you heard it correctly, egg coffee Täna teeme munakohvi. We admit it’s kinda nasty by look but very nutritious and believe it or not tasty, so let’s do it First crack an egg, reserve shell and place yolk and white in a bowl. Beat them up! Esmalt sega toores muna korralikult läbi. Crush the egg shell into small pieces, Seejärel purusta munakoored pisikesteks tükkideks. Add the crushed shell quarter cup of water and 3/4 cup of grind coffee to the beaten egg and stir them together. Lisa vahustatud munale koored, vesi ja kohvipuru ning sega see ühtlaseks massiks. Pour the slurry into boiling water and let it boil it for three minutes. It will create a mass floating on top of the pot. Kalla see möga keevasse vette ning lase umbes kolm minutit keeda. Remove pot from the heat and gently pour in a cup of cold water. Võta kohvi tulelt ning kalla sinna tass külma vett. Let it sit for 10 minutes then pour in to cups and enjoy your egg coffee. Lase keedisel minutit kümme tõmmata. Ja siis ongi munakohvi valmis. You

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  1. Love it – it used to be a classic over here, but people kind of forgot about that. Great to see others also doing it 🙂

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