Making Squozen Cola Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

Making Squozen Cola Recipe || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends welcome to episode 2 of
our DIY Cola series in the last episode we made what is purported to be the 1886
Pemberton Coca Cola recipe written in his own hand writing in his ledger and I
got a lot of feedback online about that recipe and most of it was from people
that didn’t quite understand what was going on a lot of people sort of expect
that the cocaine that’s in coca-cola or was in coca-cola at that time was put in
by some guy you know pour in a bag of white powdery purified cocaine in which
wasn’t the case they were using an extract of the coca leaf at that point
but it wasn’t pure cocaine it was sort of a mix between the botanical bittering
compounds and the alkaloids but not pure cocaine so thank you everybody for
pointing out that I didn’t use cocaine I didn’t use cocaine because it’s not in
the recipe the second group of people were all about the Kola nut and by that
point in the recipe : nut wasn’t used in coca-cola
he just wanted straight caffeine didn’t want the flavor he only wanted to hit a
caffeine so he was only using citrate of caffeine which is pure caffeine so now
I’ve got that out of the way we’re gonna move on and we’re gonna start playing
with some of the things that we’ve found it when we made that recipe and we’re
gonna start honing it in and we’re gonna turn it into squozen Cola which was one
of the other top comments people loved the word squozen so to start off I’m
still going to use the 7 X mixture I’m not gonna make any changes to that but I
will probably use a different proportion of this in the final mix so to get
started water in the pot and you’ll notice it’s in a graduated jug just like
last time which means I measured the water another comment that came up a lot
and we’re just going to bring that up to temperature not too hot I don’t want it
to boil I just wanted to get it warm enough that we can mix in the sugar now another comment that was brought up over
and over and over again was that I should be using real cane
sugar well we live in Canada and this is real cane sugar that beet sugar that you
get in the United States doesn’t happen here dried corn sugar not a thing here
this is real cane sugar and I’ve cut the amount of sugar from the last recipe
immeasurably I’ve taken out about 3035 percent of the sugar and I think that’s
gonna be better for Julie and I what we’re looking for
so I’m just gonna stir this in and get it dissolved
wow that’s dissolving I’m going to squeeze some limes and I’m going to up
the amount of lime juice this time from last okay everything has dissolved now we
didn’t bring it up to a boil it’s just sort of barely body temperature enough
of that next in is the caramel now this is a commercial-grade industrial caramel
highly concentrated it is still just sugar
it just is in such a high concentration that it is super dark now I know people
aren’t there screaming you’re not supposed to measure over top of your
it’s okay it’s just caramel and if I get an extra milliliter in its not really
going to matter all that much really sweet really really sweet so that goes
in next in is our citric acid and I’ve upped the amount of citric acid from
last time I think it just needs a little bit of extra punch the current coca-cola
formulation uses phosphoric acid and that’s something I’ve used in the past
making beer and I look down the brewery and I don’t have any and I’m gonna try
and get some next time I go to the brew shop Julie and I brew beer so if you
want to look at our brewing channel where we brew and drink beer the link
the link mix that in now freshly squozen lime juice I’m bumping up the lime juice
from last time almost doubling it and I think that the drink can handle it so
that goes in pretty cool so far now vanilla a lot of people were surprised
that there was vanilla as a flavor in coke kind of surprised me a little bit
too but at the same time vanilla is in almost everything at this point
always has been it’s a very complex flavor and I’m gonna put more in just to
see what happens and again I know you’re not supposed to measure over top but I’m
pretty careful I mean measuring into measuring spoons
is something that I do for a living now the caffeine I’m gonna cut down the
caffeine a lot it was way over caffeinated last time so
I think I’m gonna cut it down to that much and now the bittering compound and
I think people over emphasized in the last video the importance of the
bittering compound it doesn’t really add much to the flavor but let’s give it a
shot okay so we’ll measure this out so we can
calculate how much 7x to use smells really good and I think we’ve got the
color this time so let’s see how much there is there’s gonna be a different
amount because I’ve changed up the ingredients quite a bit two and a half
liters so I’m going to use 10 mils of 7x this time which is two teaspoons for our
American cousins and I’m gonna pour this over here because I didn’t do a very
good job last time I spilled everywhere still gonna spill everywhere put that in
immediately changes the colour of the syrup so we’ll stir that in if any one I
mean that is so even watered down in in there that is a lot a lot of
concentrated flavor unbelievable how concentrated that flavor is so now we
have the syrup and I guess what I didn’t explain last time that some people were
missed on is that this is the sugar syrup you mix this syrup one part of
this syrup to five parts soda water so we’re diluting this this is a lot of
pop I think that’s pretty good so gonna put that in the fridge cool it
down and see what Julie says when she gets home okay well is in so this is the one we
made last time on the 1886 recipe and this is one that I’ve played around with
today okay scores and cola oh this is disclosing
this wasn’t going so alright let’s see this is last week’s mm-hmm yeah
interesting okay I still need to work on this I
think it’s lemony I upped the amount of of lime juice mm-hmm I don’t think I
should have now I realize that was a mistake
yeah for those of us who really like lime with Arcola yes so you’re saying
you know I’m as much as this was the 1886 recipe and I took a lot of flack
for changing out one ingredient which you know technically we’re not allowed
to have so um what are you gonna do I’m not really trying with this to recreate
coke cuz I can buy a coke yeah it’s that you really like what do I
really want in a cola and what do I want to drink in my backyard this summer see
I still find that one super sweet but then I’m not the same
I’m I find coke really sweet so I dropped the sugar in this yeah and I
think the sweetness level is now correct I think I just need to dial back the
lime juice I really like the lime but that’s just cuz I like so do you do you
like that I like the light okay I like the lime too but I think the lime is
just maybe a little bit too much for you yeah okay so that’s experiment number
two we’ll do it one more time okay and then we’ll do a full on taste test I’m
still looking for RC Cola um I don’t know where I’m gonna find it and yeah it
feels like it’s so common like it’s feels like it’s easy to find like we’ve
seen it and yeah oh yeah have to get when you go looking you never find any
provider okay thanks for stopping by we’ll see you again soon and we’re gonna
keep working on this you

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  2. Close to cane sugar is brown sugar as it not as sweet as white sugar and when you try fresh squeezed or crushed sugar cane it not as sweet as white sugar or brown . Freshly crushed sugar cane is not that sweet at all

  3. If you pay shipping, I'll gladly send you all the RC cola you want. It's everywhere in Indiana. I'm not trying to make money. Just a drunk server that randomly stumbled onto your videos.

  4. Is that some weird tempus of "squeeze"? ("Overcaffeinated"? No such thing! Then again, I'm from the country that consumes the most coffee per capita.)

  5. This is great – I really like the way you've gone as close as is REASONABLE to the source, and then experimented back to your own taste.
    Love the name, sounds very Canadian to my British ears (reminds me of Saskatchewan). Looking forward to your next effort.
    Suggested pairing: home-made Kentucky Fried Chicken (or whatever:

  6. you can make the limes less bitter buy adding a pinch of salt to the syrup,it makes the sour of the lime sweeter

  7. Didn’t know there was lime in cola!! My grampa would always add dome to his and ive been doint it for a while too lol everyone thinks im wierd!

  8. He said I didn't use cocaine beige or wasn't in the recipe sooooo you would have if it was in the recipe 😂

  9. You mentioned you located in Quebec, correct? I've heard people mention Ontario before, and if that's the case, going over the border into the US and buying RC Cola shouldn't be hard. Michigan will be your best bet as they have all the products associated with RC Cola (see Dr Pepper Snapple Group). Here where I live in Illinois, it's common, and it's available also in a few other midwest states, most southern states, and i believe parts of the Northeast as well. I used to be an employee of the company so I can recall where Dr Pepper is sold under it's own brand instead of being sold under the PepsiCo brand.

  10. I dont know how I found this channel, but I like it. I don't follow any other cooking channels. Subbed!

  11. Amazing work! Good for you! Iterate! Reiterate! I'll keep my eyes out for the R.C. cola recipe, if you haven't found it already…

  12. You could also do the 3 attempts in one video, with quicker cuts of you measuring all the ingredients.

  13. I wanted to check Neroli Oil prices online, but the price range is confusing. On some hometown sites prices range at about 5 bucks for 5 ml, but on Amazon the price goes up to 100 dollars, like wtf. Not sure which one of them are trying to scam me 😀

  14. Holy shit I never knew store-bought sugar in America wasn’t cane sugar. They really buy sugar from beets and corn? Lol wtf.

  15. You can't find RC cola? Weird, my local supermarket has always carried it. Maybe it's because I'm in the US. RC makes Diet Rite cola, so if you can find Diet Rite you should be able to find RC. Maybe that will help in your hunt.

  16. Everyone joking about the cocaine dealer, but in all seriousness, who is your lime dealer?!?! You are in Canada, I can't find limes that good looking in Ohio!

  17. Another secret to coke that no one has noticed is the cocacola ages for a month before consumed.

  18. Coke, to me, has a bit of orange and something like cinnamon. Sometimes wondered if there's food grade Benzoin in it.

  19. You could taste the lime first off ad she implied there was too much, so you are adding more? Less. Coke does not taste of lime.

  20. Pretty sure it was the Cola video that first popped up in my feed. Then I binge watched from there! Great content, keep it up and congratulations!!

  21. A note regarding cane vs beet sugar in Canada. The Rogers plants produces both. Montreal and Vancouver produce cane sugar, and Taber, Alberta produces beet sugar. You can tell which you have by reading the numbers printed on the bag. If it start with 22, then it's from the Taber plant and made from beet. If it starts with a 10, it's from Vancouver and made from cane. However, the Vancouver plant uses bone char in the refining process, so not vegan friendly. I was on the hunt for beet sugar a while back for Belgian beer that I brew.

  22. Glen, does your soda water go through a cold plate? It looks like the soda is quickly losing carbonation.

  23. Say hi too my little cousin sister who also lives in canada
    Her name is aleena ,
    And yeah nice vid sir squozen cola looks kinda better than the previous one 😀😀😀😀

  24. One thing I had heard many years ago was that Coca-Cola recommends serving Coke at 42F degrees (plus or minus a couple degrees) for optimum flavor. You didn’t mention the temperature of your sampling’s. It might have affected the taste.

  25. you're the SECOND person to say "squoze" or "squozen". because i first heard KARL PILKINGTON say it like that. and RICKY GERVAIS kept teasing him for saying it like that. 😂

  26. i was wondering which state they were from, since they sounded so familiar to my Canadian ear….it all makes sense now.

  27. I know that AB grows lots of sugar beets, so in western Canada it may not be cane sugar. Thanks for another great episode!

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  29. Is this guys wife drunk… like I know you both brew beers but me thinks there's one too many samplings going on there my dude 😂.

  30. The prairies have a mix of beet and cane sugar products in Canada and you can tell which by checking the Redpath website. (Some vegans favour cane for the lack of bone char, so they published the codes for each).

  31. Should have waited on adding the caramel color (until last), to see if it was green like the original Coke color.

  32. Great that you are still testing and improving a cola! I like a decent dark rum and cola over ice in the summer: extra lime flavor would work well. Part of my peeve with Coke these days is the reduced level of citrus oil punch and aroma.

  33. "So do you like that?"
    "I like the lime."
    It's like two very different, very Canadian conversations going on.

  34. There is no difference between pure white cane sugar and pure white beet sugar. It's near 100% pure crystallised sucrose, so I don't know what people are on about to be honest 😛 Sure you might have some flavour difference if you went for a brown or "raw" sugar, but I doubt it, because I'd bet that if such a product is available made from beets it's going to be made precisely the same way, by mixing purified white sugar with a little bit of molasses from cane 😛

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