Malaysian Roasts A Singaporean – Nigel Ng – Standup Comedy

Malaysian Roasts A Singaporean – Nigel Ng – Standup Comedy

– Hey, I’m from Malaysia. (audience oohs) Isaac Yeah, we don’t like each other. (audience laughing) They’re just a more
successful version of us, ya know? Right next door. But your country’s a dictatorship anyway, so who gives a fuck, huh? (audience laughing) Yeah, fucking North Korea with money, that’s what Singapore is. (audience laughing and clapping) Ah man. (audience laughing) Any Asians in tonight by the way? Give a cheer. (silence) (audience laughing)
Wow! Not even you Isaac, huh? (audience laughing) Is Singapore too good for Asia now? (audience laughing and clapping) Yeah, Singapore’s in Europe man. I don’t (audience laughing
drowns out comedian) We’re our own continent okay? (audience laughing) We love our rice back there too man, in Asia. Like five kilos is the smallest sack of rice you can get in a shop in Asia. Right? Right Isaac? (audience laughing) Or in Singapore, do you not eat rice anymore, huh? (audience laughing and clapping) You what? – [Isaac] We moved on to better things. – You moved on to better things! (audience oohs) (audience laughing) What, Quinoa? (audience laughing and clapping) Ah man.

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  1. I love your jokes about Singaporean. One thing you said is true. Singapore is like north Korea with money. I can see the people of singapore has the money and the Malaysians sold Singaporean a plate of white rice for the price of a seafood fried rice in Malaysia. It is okay. Singaporeans are idiots. Singaporeans just bought Malaysian women to marry them. Of course the beautiful Malaysian women are priceless. They are free.

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