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In this video, we’re going to attempt a new recipe That is, how to prepare ‘peanut sauce’ In the Malay language, we call it ‘kuah kacang’ whereby the word ‘kuah’ refers to sauce or gravy and ‘kacang’ is of course, peanuts This is a kind of sauce that goes really well with meat…with rice…even noodles It’s really hearty, it’s delicious So, let’s check out the ingredients The recipe of peanut sauce calls for a whole bowl of groundnuts Here I have them, dried I got them at the Asian grocer They still have the skin on I’ll tell you why later on Anyway, let’s go on to the next ingredient I have some lemongrass, just the bottom part of it because that’s the most fragrant part Then, few cloves of garlic, shallots and of course here, ‘galangal’ ‘Galangal’ is a little bit like ginger If you don’t have it, you have to skip it or replace it with ginger but the taste is slightly different Nevertheless, here we also need some dried chilies Dried chilies are really good because you need them to add some fragrance and some colour to the sauce Besides that, it is a slightly spicy sauce, anyway Then, we’ll need some water Just to balance up the taste, we need some salt and also ‘gula melaka’ which is palm sugar If you don’t have it, you may just substitute it with white sugar Besides that, we’re going to add a teeny weeny bit of sourness and here I have some tamarind paste Now that you’d seen all the ingredients, it’s time to cook So, with the peanuts, we are just going to toast them to add a bit more flavour to the nuts itself So, in goes the peanuts into a pan here that does not has any oil It’s just dry and we’re just going to add a bit of heat and toast the peanuts as we go on until they’re slightly more fragrant Then, we’ll pick them up You’ll noticed that the whole kitchen will smell of these peanuts Then, it will be slightly burnt on the outside…oops…like this This is when we need to take them out Put them into a bowl and then soak them in a bowl of water Lightly rub the skin and we’ll remove the skin from the peanuts Now, this whole skin removing process would take a bit of time If you’re lazy and say, ‘Grace, can I skip this step and just move on to cooking?’ Yes, you may but if you’d eaten peanut sauce, you would know that sometimes, you might bite into a bit of skin…peanut skin It gives this very disturbing taste that I really dislike So, that’s why I always remove it Do not be too particular…just remove as much as possible Then, we’re just good to go Here I have the lemongrass I’m just going to cut them into smaller pieces So, once these are all cut into smaller pieces, we’re just going to put them into the blender I’m going to add the ‘galangal’ as well Then… the garlics Lastly, the dried chilies Except for the shallots here, I’m just going to cut them into slices We’ll move on to the ingredients to be blended here So, everything is in here In goes the hand blender After blending the chili paste, we’ll move on to the peanuts They need to be blended as well Now that we’d soaked these peanuts into a bowl of water, that would actually softened the peanuts and will ease the process during blending The thing about these peanuts is you do not need to blend them or put into a food processor for too long because we just want a bit of crunch and texture to it So, don’t blend them into a paste In this pan here, I have a bit of oil, as you can see I’m waiting for the pan to heat up and the oil as well Once you just hover your hand over the pan and feel the heat, that’s when we are going to add the shallots that we’d sliced earlier on It will only take a few seconds, close to 1 minute that you see the colour starts to change Then, we will add this chili paste into the oil So, keep cooking and stirring until you see the ‘magical’ part of it whereby the oil will come out (separates) of the chili paste That is when it’s ready to add the other ingredients So, mix well Increase the heat just to let it boil Then, we’re going to add a pinch of salt just for taste In my opinion, a good peanut sauce has to be slightly sweet as well That’s when we’re going to add the ‘gula melaka’ So, I’m just going to add half of the ‘gula melaka’ Then, as I go on, I will increase the sweetness if I like it We are now just going to stir it So, this sauce had been cooking for about 20 minutes now As you can see, it’s nice and thick As it goes on, the sauce will get thicker Before that, we of course, have to taste a bit of the sauce Hmmm…get the crunch It’s delicious Just a teeny weeny bit more of sugar this time Now, I’d added ‘gula melaka’ earlier Now, I’m just using white sugar Do not forget the tamarind because remember, we need some sourness in the peanut sauce Ensure that the sauce is evenly stirred Now that the taste is good…everything is good…you get the right thickness It’s of course, the time to just scoop it out and enjoy the peanut sauce The glorious peanut sauce is now ready Smells so good in my kitchen If you place it there for quite some time, you’ll noticed that there’ll be a light layer of oil because it separates from the sauce itself Therefore, the oil will be a protective layer to the sauce You may keep it in the refrigerator This will last for about 1 week but if you keep it in the freezer, of course it will last for months even So, when you need it, just thaw it, cook the sauce again and then you’re good to go It goes really well with meat, rice and noodles, of course Now is the test of the taste So, let’s just have a bit Hmm…heavenly It’s sweet but not too sweet…just lightly sweetened, the way I like it As you have it in your mouth, you realized that the sauce just flows down your throat What is left behind is just few little crunches of peanuts Then, just bite onto it It’s really beautiful I still have a bit in my mouth This sauce goes really well with a very famous dish in Malaysia, if you know what I’m talking about That is the next recipe or the next video that I’m going to show So, you want to just take a guess Write to me in the comment section below Tell me what you think the next recipe would be You might be lucky that I may show a recipe of it Till then, I hope that you enjoyed this video Remember to subscribe if you have not subscribe Give me a thumbs up while you are there Share this video with your friends and family Till then, I wish you, happy cooking!

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