Mark Zuckerberg Stumbles Through Grilling by AOC | DESUS & MERO | SHOWTIME

humanoid for life form. Yes. (ROBOTIC) Mark Zuckerberg went
in front of Congress yesterday. (ROBOTIC) Yes, and
a friend of the show cooked him over Facebook’s
fact-checking policies. You announced recently that
the official policy of Facebook now allows politicians to– Yo, when she throw
the glasses on– Yeah. –and she’s covered
with the attitude– That’s when you
know you in trouble. –you in trouble, boy. Also, I would
just like to say you don’t really want a Puerto
Rican from the Bronx asking you questions. She’s, no. It’s like, that’s a
lot of pressure there. You’re like, ah. Hey. Facebook now allows
politicians to pay to spread disinformation. Could I– False. –run ads
targeting Republicans in primaries saying that they
voted for the Green New Deal? Look at him right there,
he’s like, buffering. He’s like, ah. [LAUGHTER] He’s got the fucking,
the MacBook pinwheel, like. He’s like, (ROBOTIC)
uh, rerouting– rerouting answer. I mean, if you’re not
fact-checking political advertisements, I’m just trying
to understand the balance here, what’s fair game.
– Whoo. She hit him– Yeah, she hit him with
the Puerto Rican show. You’re like, yo, so– so if you don’t like her and
you’re not fucking around, why would you like her photos? [LAUGHTER] I just– I just
want to understand where your head is at. Stupid! (LAUGHS) I want her
to start clapping. Like, “yo, like, yo, I asked you
the same question four times.” I, uh– I don’t
know the answer to that off the top my head. I think probably. So you don’t know if
I’ll be able to do that? Ooh, you see her neck moving? You see the neck moving? – Yeah, she’s like–
– Yeah. –so you don’t know. So we gonna do this
right here on the 2 train. Hm. Do you see a
potential problem here with a complete lack
of fact-checking on political advertisements? Well, Congresswoman,
I think lying is bad. Yes. (ROBOTIC) Lying is bad. I cannot get wet. I may malfunction. So you won’t take down lies
or you will take down lies? I think this is just a
pretty simple yes or no. Congresswoman, in– – I’m not talking about spin.
– –or are– So you won’t take them down? –saying that they can judge
their character for themselves. So you won’t take– you
may flag that it’s wrong. But you won’t take it down. This is the couple
next to you at BBQs, you like, oh these
niggas fighting. Oh. [LAUGHTER] Ssh. Ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh. I’m on her side. Yeah. Yo, stop looking. Stop looking. They– they– they– [LAUGHTER] Like, oh, oh. I think they breaking up. Nah, nah, nah, nah. We don’t want the bill yet. We don’t want the bill yet. Bring more honey wings. They come over, like,
“Happy, happy birthday, happy.” I’m like, ssh. No, ssh, get the
fuck outta here. Get the fuck out.
Come on. – Fuck outta here.
– Right? – Ssh.
– Respect them. – Yo.
– Y’all can continue fighting. You know, I’m sorry about that.
– Yo, I’m sorry. He in the wrong, by the way. Yo, this is the season finale. And it wasn’t just AOC. Other congresswomen went
in on Zuckerberg too. Va, va, va. Mr. Zuckerberg, I– as you know, Facebook can
be sometimes an unkind place both toward my personal
appearance and today, apparently, toward your haircut. Ooh. – Ooh, wow.
– Ooh– Wow. Wow. Wow. Damn! Y’all, if he didn’t
try to fight her, he’s definitely a robot. Yo! Fuck that. She’s like, yo, your
shape up is fucked up, my g. Nope. Hell, no. But it doesn’t
matter because even if you left Facebook, if
you’re still on Instagram, you’re still on. If you’re still on Facebook,
the world [INAUDIBLE].. Cause I was like,
yo, I respect privacy. I respect– I want
my personal freedom. You know, I want that. But I still want
to look at yeeks. So I, you know, it’s just– what do you do? What do you do? Yeah, yeah. What do you do? Saying. Democracy. Titties. Ah. Ah. You know. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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