54 thoughts on “Martha Stewart roasts … like you’ve never seen before”

  1. How disgusting Martha has become now.  What on earth has happened to her in her golden years?  No longer a respected lady, in my books.

  2. I Love the presenter of this show. Love Martha. She just reminded us all that life is short . Enjoy it when you can.

  3. Celebs and rich people don't go to jail. They go to a place like a 1star apartment, with bad walls and beds, and worst of all no room service.

  4. Martha certainly crushed it big time here…. that old lady got jokes – hardcore jokes !!! – LOL

    but my main take away from this roast…. DAMN… that Natasha Leggero is flat out gorgeous. hotter than fire.  🙂

  5. The reporter is taking this way too seriously, it was obvious to me that Martha was playing a character opposite of who she really is in order to be funnier. And honestly she pulled it off. Wayne Brady did something similar on Dave Chapelle's show.

    What I see too much of; is people hating the actors and actresses who portray the villains in the movie; as if that's who they are in person. To me, that only means the actor is pretty damn good at acting; otherwise it comes off as phony and we see a nice guy trying to portray a bad guy. — It's sad I even have to explain this, "the stage" whether it be theatre, stand up comedy, of motion picture, aren't to be confused with real life.

  6. Martha 💘 u girl 🍖🍗🍥🍣🍣🍳🍞🍰🎂🍎🍓🍌🍊🍒🍋🍇🍉🍭🍦🍬🍯🍧🍱🍤🍛🍝🍹🍷🍡🍡🍢🍲🍜🍻🏠🚓🚔🚨💰 Everydang lol

  7. ew fuck this CNN news reporters voice sounds like a water hag gargling seamen and looks like she lives with shrek at his swamp haha joking that would be mean to say

  8. https://www.facebook.com/OneNationUnderGodUSofA/photos/a.142050605875251.38079.142026122544366/1827629657317329/?type=3

  9. "she was the baddest bitch of all" anyone can only hope that headline was written about them, especially in their 70s

  10. I never thought Martha could be that funny. She did a good job. Tell the CNN lady to get a life. Downing this woman because of her mouth. Why want people let people be their selves? She is just being her. She always been classy, I know people never seen that side of Martha. That's because people want allow you to be yourself. She also did a good job at Bruce Willis roast, I never thought that she was that talented, she can do comedy show on the side. I think people will enjoy that. Laughter is good for the soul! 😊

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