MasterChef winner Christine Ha shows how the Blind cook

MasterChef winner Christine Ha shows how the Blind cook

People ask me, “How can you cook if you’re blind?” It’s like any other challenge in life. You just face it head on and hope for the best. Sometimes you fail, but you learn from your mistakes, get back up, and try again. I memorized the layout of the kitchen. Since this is my home, I know where everything is. Most of my cooking is done with my other senses. I sometimes use adaptive tools in the kitchen, but most of it is by touch. Alexa, set timer for 5 minutes. To me, cooking is about creating something to share with others. It’s the way I connect and communicate. It’s about feeling my way through food. I’m Christine Ha, I’m blind, and this is how I cook.

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  1. How has Alexa helped with everyday activities for you, Christine?

    Watching this video gave me an idea, tag machines for braille. You know, those plastic ones with the dial people used to name their things in the past, instead, this time in braille (simplified dial combinations for the alphabet imprints). I believe those machines were made well ahead of their time, and now we've found the best use for it 🙂

  2. If I would be blind,I would miss my family's is just so hard to not see them even if you don't get along much…that's why I'm gonna seize all the days with my vision

  3. if i see videos like this, how people adapt to their given situation it makes me feel humble on the one hand, on the other hand i wonder, how i would do in that situation, how much time it takes to get used to your kitchen for example, or how frustrating it can become, if you grab the wrong bottle, and its not olive oil you're putting in that pan, but some vinegar.
    i just watched the first season of master chef, this show isn't aired in germany in any way, so i came across this show pretty late. it amazes me that she won. wow!

  4. My mom is blind and she’s been cooking for me and my sis for all our life. I’m thankful to have a mom like that.
    Thx MOM for everything.

  5. Wow you are truly inspiring. I was in an accident and it caused a Traumatic brain injury. I wanted to go to college and work in medicine but now I have trouble focusing , paying attention, reading,writing, remembering and taking in information at a slower paced. It’s made me almost give up on my goals but you’re inspiring me to believe in myself.

  6. Inspiration and inspiration and inspiration. I cannot stress enough or explain what and how much I have learnt from you; your journey in MasterChef and the life after. My best wishes and blessings with you always.

  7. Estou fazendo o meu trabalho de conclusão de curso em arquitetura, e o meu assunto é um restaurante escola para cegos. Enquanto eu estava preocupada com uma arquitetura específica para cegos, esse vídeo me fez entender que uma cozinha para cegos é igual a uma para videntes contanto que eles tenham vivência do espaço (para saber onde está exatamente cada coisa). Muito obrigada!!

  8. cho cháu hỏi là có phải cô thực sự mù hay cô vẫn nhìn được một tí nhưng hơi mờ ạ

  9. Your video is amazing and very inspirational I am half blind and I have ordered a white cane because I have getting sick of normal sighted people when I accidentally bump into them and they say are you blind I fully blind in my left eye

  10. The dislikes are probably blind people who were too inspired by christine and clicked the wrong button

  11. I’m also in culinary and what I do sometimes is while I’m cutting an onion or any vegetable I try cutting it with my eyes closed to really feel what I’m doing

  12. You're so beautiful and very gifted. I am legally blind I've learned a lot from you in terms of cooking. Thank you for posting♥

  13. Hi Christine, I am learning about deaf-blind and blind people. I am involved with the Alder Springs Deaf and Blind Community here in Morganton, NC. We are learning what the deaf-blind and blind people need to make their living at our rental apartments pleasant. We have a long way to go. I am seeking what is the best oven/stove appliances for the deaf-blind and blind residents. I am having a hard time. Question: Do you have a specially made oven for you or had ordered special oven/stove to meet your needs. I saw somewhere that has a voice to let the hearing blind know what the temperature is, etc.

  14. I bet it still feels good to win even with a disadvantage. It's great that you proved everyone out in the world that blindness doesn't have to ruin your dreams and how you feel about life. I bet it was hard to be there

  15. How do you overcome suffering (blindness in this case)? It seems from this video that you Accept and move on? Sure there is more to it..she probably has strong family/friends around her, good psychological outlook most of the time, and some "luck" too? Some blind people can be very resentful angry to have been born but then that is the ultimate question "to be or not to be, or continue to be?"

  16. The truth is she can see at least a little bit. Ray Charles was outed after he died. Apparently he could see out the sides of his eyes. One of his ex wives came out and said he paid his insiders to keep it a secret that he could see a little. If she cooked with a complete blindfold then I would believe it, especially after being bamboozled by Ray Charles for decades.

  17. Christene ,you are a wonderful human being with beautiful persona.You inspire me more every day and are a human being with a pure heart and soul , you make my day bright .Lots of love , Pradnya from India😍😍😘😘

  18. Sh'es blind but looking at her phone at the very start of the video. Wut? Unless she is parodying it I don't see it's relevance. Not trying to be a dick, I'm legit confused.

  19. I realize this is a older video but could you recommend a good knife for the at home blind cook always worry about cutting myself

  20. Well needed, it is well orchestrated, this is what I plan to feature on my show, if you do not mind, can you please check out my channel, or can we go sub for sub, thank you

  21. Do onions still burn your eyes if you are cutting them because I know with seeing people they make your eyes water and they sting but what about blind people?

  22. I will like to see a walkthrough video like this but it is blurred to simulate blindness and you narrating your thoughts as you cook; smth like "I am gonna need a … knife to cut … and I know my knife is somewhere there so I reach out that way until I feel the knife."

  23. Hey Christine. I’m a teacher in the uk. This video is such an amazing insight to how you work I’m going to use it in my assembly. Thank you and congratulations on everything you’ve achieved

  24. How do a blind person cook?

    Well, a blind person, devote his/her life enhancing the ability of the four remaining sense (smell, taste, touch, hearing). Unlike normal human being, they are impaired in visual but highly advanced in four other senses, so enhanced in fact that it passes beyond the limitation of a trained individual.

    By combining the four enhanced senses, she create a visual in her mind, and put the visual out on to the table.

    There you go.

  25. I really appreciate the work you do as a chef. I am a chef as well and recently contracted a viral conjunctivitis. My vision has been horrible for about 2 weeks and started getting worse to a point I can’t drive. I know it’ll get better but the frustration and fear are only too real. I admire you so much with the vision loss you’ve experienced and your ability to continue in your culinary experience. Thank you for paving the way!

  26. Like Gordon said, you should see how amazingly you cook and how beautiful your dishes are Christine. Always love you 🙂

  27. Cô hà ơi !!
    Cháu rất hâm mộ cô và xem những chương trình có cô , thực sự cô có nỗ lực và cố gắng trong nghề bếp
    Cháu tên là Sơn , 13 tuổi 🥰🥰

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