Matthias “Roasting A Small Youtuber” OFFICIAL RESPONSE

Matthias “Roasting A Small Youtuber” OFFICIAL RESPONSE

This is the Matthias way of playing guitar. (Horrible guitar playing by Robert) How’s it goin friends it’s RobertIDK here (weird face swirl thing he does) And you know what? You know what? Usually, our videos on this channel are very happy… We are all about positivity on the RobertIDK channel. But every now and then, something happens that just… PISSES ME OFF! So the other day, I’m going through YouTube and to my
shock one of my favorite youtubers by the name of Matthias uh… well I’m like I see this video, “Roasting a Small YouTuber” + Diss track and there’s me! I know that’s
me – What the sh*t! – so obviously I’m like What is this, I got to go check this out,
so I checked out the video. I was absolutely offended and I was shocked.
You know what I think we should just watch through the video and you guys can
see for yourself some of the slanderous things, that are said about me, about my
family, about my religion! So so, we opened the video up here roasting a small
YouTuber, there’s almost 200,000 views on this sh*t. Um… and you’re gonna see just
how ridiculous that is in just a moment. (Matthias) Hello and welcome back to another roast
of the helpless, today I’m joined here with Brian and we are going… (RobertIDK) where’s
Brian, I don’t see him, I don’t see Brian. (Matthias) Once again pick on the very small
youtubers because it’s super edgy and (RobertIDK) Small youtuber?! R.I.P, now you’re picking on my size. Really? I’m not big enough for you? I need to go start bench-pressing more, I know I’ve lost a little bit of weight
recently but you didn’t have to – right off the bat, right off the bat he goes
and calls me small! [Playing Intro Music] “The Who”. And now he’s talking about “The Who” all of the sudden. I thought this was about a YouTuber. Not “The Who.” Don’t get me wrong, great band. They’ve had some great songs, but, I thought we were
talking about YouTuber’s here. [Plays Music] (Matt) So today, the person that we’re roasting is called Robert IDK. I’m a little confused I-I Robert idk I don’t know, I don’t know
what that stands for what does idk stand for? What is idk mean? Um… I don’t know… I don’t know I- NO ONE KNOWS!! What the heck dude? (Robert) Now, I think we’re all watching this part and sort of cringing to ourselves because we realized Matthias, he’s clearly a little slow here. I. D. K. You’re telling me, You don’t know what idk stands for in my name? So basically Matthias is playing dumb here. I know I shouldn’t even need to say this. But all of my viewers know that idk
stands for irrefutable, dystopian kinesiology. (DUH!) I don’t think I really need to say this but apparently Matthias likes to uh… not really… see what’s, staring, right in front of him. (Matthias) So, Robert, let’s see what you’re about. Let’s read you’re a little about description, okay? “I’m a YouTuber that loves other YouTuber’s.” So what does that mean? You love yourself? What do you like never leave the bathroom or something? Okay and now Mathias is roasting me about my bowel issues. That’s too far dude, how is that relevant? Come on dude. Maybe I do spend a lot of time in the
bathroom. I wish I didn’t have to but that’s just the way that my body is so
thanks, thanks for for for for for. For giving me crap for it. No pun intended (Chucke) (Matthias)Yes! I said it! Notice anything fishy about Robert. (Robert) He’s sexy (Matt) He’s white, check. Beard. A lightly shaved beard. Yes! Brown hair. Check dude! (Slaps face) And his nose! I’m sorry dude but that nose that’s my nose! You can’t just jack my nose (Robert’s nose it better

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  1. Okay Robertidk I like Matthias channels so I don't like your channels as much and well I think I like his channel better than you so yeah ……. watch his channels called team egde and funner then your ….. Like if you agree any watch his channels!👿👿😡😡🙅🙅😾😾

  2. Bro Matthias is the best ever you suck at YouTube Matt and did u ever ask him to use his vids cause u used his property as I wish he did call u fat pease of sh**

  3. Omg matthias is big jurk that singing suck camera sucks and if you are reading this you are the badiest youtuber

  4. It bothers me when people say that one YouTuber is worse than the other, especially when people say “Matthias is better than Robert” but does it matter? No one asked for their opinion

  5. 1:28 No, Robert, you aren't big enough… 😏😏😏😏😏😏 (not that I would im just a young American)

  6. I need to tell you something Robert dont let your fav youtuber know that you a youtuber or they will roast you and think its ok then you make him feel bad and it goes on and on

  7. lmao wHo'S wAtChiNg In 2018?????? kidding but seriously i'm going back and watching some of the first of robert's videos and w O W glow up and a half, i must say

  8. Thank you so much for your quick reply and I will come up with for a bit but then I like to be a story on this one but I don't know how much for just me

  9. Matthias doesn't have a footstool. Dent have his guitar at a 45 degree angle. And he obviously didn't play a chord right. That's not just disrespecting Robert but actual other guitarists.

  10. How old did this youtubers have to be to not know what idk means robert is a cool youtuber why would people do this

  11. I actually prefer watching Robertidk because I used to subscribe to Matthias now I unsubscribe from him because he roasted my favorite YouTuber which is you

  12. I love you Robert than that bicth who tells bicth things about your family and you I hate that bicth your really REALLY funny feel really sad

  13. Hey Robertidk I wrote a comment on a different video on Matthias channel I saidI still don't like you because you roasted Robert idk and it is mean can I say give me a shout out and also I said more than this

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