Maya Shows Off a NEW Kindi Kids Toy!

(playful music tones) – [Announcer] Tic-Tac-Toy! – [Miss Razzles] This video
is sponsored by Moose. Okay students our day here
at Rainbow Kindergarten is about to come to a close. – Oh no! – But, not before show and tell time. – Yay! – And Maya today it’s your turn. – I know I’ve been waiting all day to show you what I brought. – Well it’s all yours Maya. – Thank you Miss Razzles. We all know how much
we love our Kindi Kids. Marsha Mello and Donatina
go everywhere with me. – And Peppa-Mint and Jessicake
go everywhere with me. – That’s true Maya and Stephanie. They’ve definitely brightened
our kindergarten class. – Well it’s time to welcome the newest Kindi Kid to our class. – No way! – Yes way. Meet Rainbow Kate. – I’m in love already. Tell me more about her. – Well she’s so excited
to start kindergarten with her best Kindi Kid friends. She’s a little bit nervous, but we’ll all make her feel welcome. – Oh she is just the cutest
new addition to our class. – That’s for sure. Her rainbow hair’s tied up
in the cutest high pony. And she has this adorable scrunchie. Plus she has the prettiest,
purple-glitter eyes I’ve ever seen. – And do they make that outfit in my size? – I wish. Plus, like all of our other
Kindi Kids, her head bobbles. – So darling! – Our Kindi Kids come with
the cutest little snacks. What snacks does Rainbow Kate come with? I’m so glad you asked
cause they’re so super fun. Wait a minute, where is it? Is it at my desk? – Did you lose them? – I don’t know. Where did they go? – I’m not sure. – This is just so terrible. – Okay no need to panic Maya. I’m sure they’re here somewhere. – But where? I don’t know where else to look. And Rainbow Kate needs her snacks. – Well let’s calm down, we’ll
figure this out together. I want you to think back to this morning. Did you have her snacks
when you left for school? – Okay let me think. Lunch box in the backpack you go. Water bottle on the backpack you go. Looks like I’m all packed. Oh, we can’t forget to pack
your candy fun backpack. Marsha Mello and Donatina
you’ll need your supplies too. You’ll definitely want some crayons. I’ll put it right into the backpack. Here we go. And you’ll want some juice
just in case you get thirsty. Okay I’ll give you one more sip Donatina. Mmm mmm. Wow you’re a thirsty girl. I’ll put this in your backpack. And I better attach your clip-on name tag. That way your backpack
doesn’t get lost in the cubby. Now I’ll help you get it on
and we should be all set. Here we go. There you go. Off to school we go! Oh, I almost forgot my show and tell item. I need Rainbow Kate. And I can’t forget her snack items. The class is gonna go crazy
when they see what I have. (upbeat music) Yes, I definitely left the house with Rainbow Kate and her snack items. I had them in my cupcake purse! – Okay great. Now the next question is, did you have them when you arrived here in our Rainbow Kindergarten class? Or could you have lost them
somewhere on the way to school? – Oh let me think. I watched Maya come to the door and I helped her put
her things in the cubby. Woo! What do you think of your
new wheels Jessicake? Wee! I think you should deliver
some fresh fruit to Peppa-Mint. How about this delicious,
juicy strawberry? Just put it in the back of my scooter. Sure thing Jessicake. Off to your good friend Peppa-Mint. Vroom Vroom. Special delivery, special delivery. Ooh did you bring my fresh strawberries? Sure did, help yourself. Don’t mind if I do. Mmmm, nothing like fresh strawberries. Oh, I have something
for you too Jessicake. It’s a scrumptious strawberry smoothie. Mmmm, thank you. I’ll put it in my scooter. Now I can sip my smoothie
while I make deliveries. Weee! Oh Maya’s here! – Oh good morning Stephanie. – Hey Maya you have to
come check out the new Kindi Fun Delivery
Scooter in our classroom. – Okay wait, can you help me
put away all my stuff first? – No problem. All right let’s go. Hmm, she definitely had the cupcake purse when she arrived at school. I put it right on the shelf in her cubby. – You’re right I remember that too. But it’s not here now. – No need to fret Maya. We at least know it made it here to school which is important. Let’s think about what
we did next at school. – Well after we played with the scooter we had our morning snack. – Oh yeah! And maybe you
got it after snack time? That would make sense. – Hmmm, let me think. (bouncy upbeat music) Okay it’s snack time girls. – Yay! – We have blueberries, raspberries,
grapes and blackberries. – Oh those look delicious. – And Maya why don’t
you head to the cubbies and get the snacks for
our Kindi Kids friends. – Sure thing. Donatina has been starving. – And Peppa-Mint can’t wait
to dig into her ice cream. – Here are the Kindi Kids snacks. I wonder if I should bring Rainbow Kate’s snacks over to share too. Might as well. Here they are. – Okay Peppa-Mint, I’ll feed you first. Let’s see what flavor you get first. Ooh, it’s strawberry. It’s your favorite Peppa-Mint. Mmm hmm. – Time for your favorite cereal Donatina. Open wide! You were hungry, I’ll get you some more. Okay Jessicake, I’m
gonna make your cupcake just the way you like it,
with lots of sprinkles. That’s good, I’ll take the
cupcake out of the wrapper, now eat away. You always eat the cherry
first don’t you Jessicake? – She does, doesn’t she? Okay Marsha Mello, I
bet you’re hungry too. – Marsha Mello always loves her cake pops. – She sure does, let’s
take the wrapper off first. Now open up Marsha Mello. Wow that was a big bite. Why don’t we wash it down
with a babycino, here you go. There’s lots of marshmallows
just how you like it. – Hey what’s in that cupcake purse Maya? Did you bring some other snacks? – Okay kids, it’s time to clean up. Stephanie why don’t you
pick up the Kindi Kid snacks and Maya you can get the fruit tray. – Sure thing Miss Razzles. – Oh I forgot my purse. – Let’s just wipe down the tables now and snack time is over. – I remember I brought the
cupcake purse to my desk when it’s snack time. But then I put it under my desk, instead of under the cubbies. – Okay well it doesn’t look
like it’s under the desk now so what did you do after snack time? – I remember we had centers time. We played at the Kindi
Kids center of course. – Yeah you’re right Stephanie. – So think, did you do
anything with the cupcake purse during the centers time? – Hmmm. I’m ready to do some grocery shopping. Jessicake are there any specials at the colorful Kitty Supermarket? – Oh of course there are. I have specials on all the produce. – Perfect, I’ll take
an apple and a banana. – How about some apple juice? That’s on sale too. – Great idea. – Can I ring you up now? – Absolutely. – Let me just scan your items. Beep, beep, beep. That’ll be five dollars. – Here you go. – Now I’ll help you bag your groceries up. – Thanks for all of your help Jessicake. – Maya let’s have them add their groceries to the Berry Chill Fridge now. – Great idea. – There’s lots of room inside. – Perfect. – I’ll replace the eggs. – I’ll put in the bananas. Here goes the apple. – Hey Maya do you have
any other food items you can add to the fridge? I want it to be stocked. – Hmm I just might have
something I could share. Hmm, maybe now’s the
time to bring these out. – Students, I just got off the phone with Lulu from the Toy Cafe and she says she has a
special surprise for us. – Really what is it? – Well clean up quickly and we’ll head over there to find out. – A field trip, so fun! – Hmm I remember I went
to go get my cupcake purse during centers time. I put it on my shoulder just as Ms. Razzles said
“it’s time to clean up”. – Your right. You were wearing it when
you helped me clean up the Kindi Kids center. – And I’m pretty sure you had
it on when I dropped you off at the Toy Cafe to see Lulu’s surprise. – Yeah I think you’re right. – I’m so glad you two were
able to come by the Toy Cafe for a super surprise field trip. – Me too. What do you have to show us? – Well I know how important
your Kindi Kids are to your Rainbow Kindergarten class. – Kindergarten wouldn’t
be the same without them. – Oh I know. And we’ve been working on a
special Kindi Kids menu item for the Toy Cafe. – Really? – Really. We just finished it
today and I wanted you girls to be the first to test it out. – I can’t wait to see it. – Well, presenting, the
Kindi Kids lunch box. – It’s super cute and colorful. – And just the right size. – Now open it up to see what’s inside. – Wow! – [Lulu] There’s a stackable
sandwich, a fruit cup, and a magic spoon. – Our Kindi Kids would love these. Can they sample some? – Why of course. – I’ll feed Jessicake the sandwich. Wow it stacks on top of each other. – I bet Jessicake will love that. – Me too. Yum, yum, yum. – Oh I think she likes it. – Loves it. Hey Maya why don’t you find out if Marsha Mello likes the fruit cup treat. – Okay. Fruit cup treat and magic spoon. – Oh I hope she likes it. – That looks yummy. – Let’s see what she thinks. She said it’s delicious. I remember now. I left it on the floor of the Toy Cafe. – Oh no! – Well I’m afraid you
won’t have time to go back this afternoon to get it Maya, school’s almost out for the day. – Oh no, poor Rainbow Kate. – Yoo hoo, I hope I’m not
interrupting anything. – Lulu of course not, you’re always welcome in our
Rainbow Kindergarten classroom. – Well perfect because
after you girls left I was inspired to whip
up these rainbow slushies and rainbow cupcakes. – They look delicious! – Well good because I
brought one for each of you. – Did you say rainbow
slushies and rainbow cupcakes? – Sure did. They turned out beautifully didn’t they. – Hey Lulu what inspired
you to make these? – Well funny thing. I found this cupcake
purse in the Toy Cafe. – You found it! – Ah, you’re the owner? Well here you go then. – I can’t believe it. – Are those her snacks? – Yeah, it’s a rainbow cupcake. Isn’t it adorable? – So cute. – And a rainbow slushie. – Those are so cute. – Well I can’t think of a
better way to end our day than with rainbow cupcakes and slushies. – Absolutely, slushies for everyone! – One for you, Maya. – Yummy! – And for you Miss Razzles. – Mmm, delicious! – And Rainbow Kate loves
her rainbow slushie. – Maya I think you earned an A plus plus for your show and tell today. – Well thanks to Rainbow Kate
our newest Kindi Kid friend. – [Miss Razzles] Parents
watch for Rainbow Kate to hit the stores in January. This video was sponsored by Moose. (upbeat music)

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