Meat-Filled Hand Pies – The Cooking Show

Meat-Filled Hand Pies – The Cooking Show

-This is going off in my pocket.
I don’t need that. I swapped my phone for my wine. ♪♪ Welcome back to
“The Cooking Show.” We’re making
meat and cheese pies. I lived in New Zealand. I say this, I feel like,
all the time. I’m like, “I lived in
New Zealand for 7 years.” People are like, “Great. You
lived in New Zealand. Cool.” Meat pies are really big
in Australia and New Zealand. What we need to start with, on this recipe,
is making the dough first, so we’re gonna make
a short-crust pastry. I have frozen my butter. That makes it easier to grate. And you want your butter
really fucking cold when you’re making
this kind of pastry, so that’s fine,
but it’s gonna be hard work. Oh, no.
Look at that. Grates so easily. I lived in New Zealand
for 7 years, and I hadn’t been back
in almost just as long, and I went back
this past February and fell in love all over
again with the old meat pies. It sounds weird when you
say it like that. [ Laughs ] But I did,
and my friend Sara… Shout-out, Sara, with no H. She was just like,
“You have to make a pie — a meat pie recipe,” and I was just like,
“You’re right. I do.” So I knew I would do this. She gave me her recipe,
and I took it, and I adapted it a little bit. So this recipe
is from an actual Kiwi. I just kind of changed it
a little bit. Reason why we like
cold frozen butter for this short pastry,
“a,” it’s easier to grate. We grate it because then
you have nice little flecks
of butter right in there. You want it to be cold because
the coldness of the butter is better
when you make your dough. I forget the reasoning why. Just go with it, people.
What do I look like — Google? You’re on your computer
at home watching YouTube. Pull up your cellphone,
and, like, Google these questions you have
while you watch simultaneously. We have our salt. About a tablespoon worth
of salt on here, right on into the flour. About 4 cups of flour. Right into our food processor.
Ooh. I did this on parchment paper
because it’s less cleanup, and I can go like this
and put it right in there. Look at that. Okay, we’re gonna put this on. We don’t want to overprocess it.
Watch this. I’m gonna run it
just for a minute… get the butter mixed in. I’m gonna crack in two eggs and add in some ice water. You need about 1/3 cup. Whoooooa! Okay, and, actually, because
I don’t want to get my whole cutting board dirty,
just gonna go like this. Right back on
the old sheet tray. And then we’re just gonna
knead the rest by hand. This is, like,
such an easy dough. You saw how easy
that came together. If you want to do this by hand,
by all means. Like I said, I mean, I’m
basically doing it by hand now. I just did, like,
some of the legwork in there. So, these are gonna get
wrapped into…discs. Plastic wrap. Aah!
I cut my finger. Why is it all happening
right now? It’s not bleeding at least. All right.
There we go. Now I can’t bend that finger,
but it’s fine, ’cause at least
I won’t get blood in the food. This is gonna go back
into the fridge. Want that butter to harden up. Meanwhile, I’m gonna make
the filling. The worst cut I ever had was when I was working
in New Zealand. We were, like,
really fucking slammed. So, I was on pizza station, and I know exactly
the timing of, like, how long it takes
to put a bread in there. Every time I threw a bread in, I would go in the back
to make the dessert and come back,
and my bread was burnt, and I was like, “Why does
my bread keep burning?” And I was like,
“This is fucked.” Finally, I look,
and I’m just like… And my owner jacked up the whole
temperature of the oven to, like, maximum, and I was like,
“No wonder,” and I was so mad, and I was like, “Uhh!”
and I took a plate, and I was like,
“Oh, God dang it,” and I put the plate down
really hard, and it just smashed,
the ceramic plate, all over and cut
my finger open right there. So it was, like,
busted open essentially. One of my favorite pies
in all the land is from the gas station. They have this Wild Bean Cafe. It’s so good, the pies in there. The pies in New Zealand,
it’s, like, what I ate when I was two things —
really hungover or when we were going —
going on a road trip. So, it’s just a good little
handheld snack that you take on the road
with you, and they’re just good. Okay, so, a little bit of oil
in the old pan. We’re gonna add our onion
and just kind of sauté that. We’re gonna cook this
until it’s soft. I also have here some cheese I’m gonna add in,
but I’m not a fool. I knew I would eat the cheese, so I got my snacking cheese,
okay? These are getting nice and soft. Gonna add in my garlic. Just one clove
right down in there. Add in our beef. So, I’m doing a combination
of pork and beef. Adding in a little bit
of this ground pork just kind of adds that nice fat
to it, adds just more flavor. The meats are browned. I’m gonna add in a couple of
tablespoons of tomato paste. And then
the secret ingredient — We’re gonna add Marmite, okay? Now, those of you at home
who know what Marmite is, you’re just, like,
“Gross! Marmite?” But I’m like, “Ooh, Marmite.” You guys might know Vegemite. Marmite, the English version,
comes in, like, a little, like, honey jar,
and it’s, like, super-viscous. So, Marmite is a yeast extract. It’s actually a by-product
of beer. People, like — Australians and
New Zealanders always are like, “No, Marmite sucks.
Vegemite sucks.” Whatever. I love both
Marmite and Vegemite. I think they’re delicious. Marmite is a little bit
sweeter to me, the flavor of it, but it also is,
like, quite salty. Have you ever tried this?
You want to just try it? Try a little.
Like, stick your finger in it. A little dab will do you. Mmm. I love it so much. So, I’m gonna add some
red wine into this guy. Let that simmer down.
That’s good to go. I’m gonna add 1 cup
of beef stock into here. Bring it to a simmer
and let it reduce down. I’m gonna add in… This is about a tablespoon
of cornstarch. Cornstarch is, like, literally
one of the worst ingredients, but also the best. So, I got a little bit
extra beef stock here. I’m gonna mix it with
my cornstarch, make a slurry, and it’s gonna thicken
right up into a nice little gravy for us. Look at that.
Right away, nice and thick. Okay, this is done. Fuck, that’s delicious. Anyways, I put this aside.
Let that cool. We’re gonna drink some wine,
eat some more snacking cheese. And we’ll come back,
and we’ll roll out the stuff. Okay? Okay. Now, we’re gonna add in
our cheese. We do it in cubes because
I tried it grated in there, but, like, the grated cheese
actually came out really oily and greasy,
but, like, the chunks, you can get, like, a cheese
pull kind of a thing. Our meat mixture has cooled. I put it in this other bowl, and I’m gonna add
the cheese right into it. Look at that.
Mix it up. So, we’ve got our dough. I’ve taken this out just to,
like, soften slightly so it’s not
a complete nightmare to roll. Gonna do a little bit
of flour down. This is how you get out
all your aggression. [ Laughs ] We’re gonna roll this out
into about a 14-inch circle. I’m gonna cut out 10 circles
on this one, probably. I’m trying to get 12,
but you have to kind of mix and match a little bit. 9, 10.
Just like I said. We’re gonna roll out
the second guy. So, I think the thing I love
most about New Zealand is all that Kiwi slang. Ga-rage — garage. Boot — trunk. Togs — bathing suit. Jandals — flip-flops. You know
why they call them jandals? The Japanese brought them
to New Zealand, and they called them
Japanese sandals, and they shortened it
to “jandals.” 10, 11, 12. One more of those bad boys.
One more of those. We’re gonna spray this guy. So, you take the bigger circle, and you’re just gonna, like,
gently kind of push it in there. All those little, like —
You can just smush those flat, the little creases and folds. Push it on in. Make sure you get out
the air bubbles. Then you’re gonna just
fill her on up, and then you’re gonna
take your egg wash. I brushed the inside of that, and then I’m also
gonna brush this. So it’s gonna all help seal it. I don’t even know
if that’s necessary. We’re gonna place
that right on there, and then we’re gonna take
these overhanging sides — And this does not have
to be perfect. It’s all kind of egged up there. Fold it in on top of that piece,
just like this. It looks ugly. When it bakes, it comes out
looking fucking good. So, I’m gonna keep on
doing the rest of these. Probably do, like, time-lapse
or whatever. There you go. Whoever’s editing this,
just gave you a tip — Time-lapse it. ♪♪ I should’ve made these yesterday
and, like, had a swap. Why I didn’t think about that? I’m gonna poke
some holes in it. Into the oven they go. 375 degrees,
about 15 to 20 minutes, until they’re nice and golden. Timer is gonna be set.
Let’s do it. [ Gasps ]
Look how beautiful these are! Look. Comes right out. Ooh, hot!
It’s really hot right now. We should let this cool for,
like, a minute, or else I’m gonna burn the fuck
out of my mouth, okay? Remember all those little
creases and folds and stuff? You can’t even see
any of that on here. God, it’s so warm right now. ♪♪ They don’t make them this hot
in New Zealand at the BP. That’s for sure. Never burnt my mouth like this. It literally tastes like —
It’s, like, nice. The crust is so, like,
crumbly and buttery. The beef flavor and, like,
the cheese is just, like, married so well together. And you can taste —
You can taste — If you know Marmite,
you can taste it. If you don’t know Marmite,
it doesn’t — It’s not, like, an overpowering
taste of Marmite, but it just — It just tastes beefier
than normal, you know? See myself now cruising
through New Zealand in my car, eating this, drinking a coffee. Takes me back right here. Click the link
in the description below for this recipe and more. ♪♪ ♪♪

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