Mediterranean Roast Chicken Pasta | Jamie Oliver

Mediterranean Roast Chicken Pasta | Jamie Oliver

Okay we’re going to do some beautiful cooking, we’re going to do a roast chicken It’s going to be flavourful, delicious, crispy skinned with some lovely Mediterranean flavours and then what we gonna do is we’re going to make pasta, out of all the juices that come out of it, it’s going to blow you away So first of all we’re going to make the marinade, which is going to turn into the sauce okay so we got some thyme here, we’ve got some basil as well so let’s just pull the thyme off of the stork, same with the basil but you can kind of just tear off a little bit like that, a good a pinch of salt and
pepper but also that’s a little bit abrasive so we
can use the pestle and mortar now to really bash it up, get all of those natural oils out of the herbs, that tiny little bit of kind of pulp is going to transform the dish, we’re going to have some olive oil going in a couple of tablespoons, we’ll swill that around. So let’s put our chicken into our roasting tray. Let’s put that beautiful marinade straight over there, if you want proper
flavour that blows people away then you’ve got to get your hands in there and have a little massage up before I wash my hands I got tomatoes on the vine going in beautiful a whole bulb of garlic is gonna go in and before you start saying oh it’s going to make me breath smell No it won’t it’s going to roast, it’s going to sweeten,
it’s gonna caramelize, it’s gonna give you flavour. Get a little lemon, give it a little poke, like this with a knife, this is like a little bomb that’s gonna go off so we’re gonna stick this up the chicken’s jacksey, right, it does a beautiful job it steams, it fragrances, it keeps the
chicken breast moist it sort of injects that lovely citrus
flavor all over the place, give it a good old shake right and then what we gonna do is take our
rack and sit that on top, just put a little splash of water in a there, the heat can get right around it it can roast it from every corner, we’re gonna cook that for about an hour and 20 minutes at about 190 – 200 degree Celsius, 400 degrees Fahrenheit okie dokie So we’ve got a lovely chicken here, you want an internal temperature of about 75-80 degrees. We’ve got a thermometer, take it to the thickest part of the chicken push it through if you
wanna get the outside crust of the chicken incredible just angle your
tray right so all the juices come down to the bottom and then we got this baster here put the juice back on it, this is gonna
make it moist it’s going to give you the most outrageous, tasty skin ever, ever, ever, ever right we’re gonna pop that back in the oven, just for two minutes okay I’m gonna pull all the little tomatoes off the stalk, the
nice thing about roasting the tomatoes and the chicken together is the tomatoes get so juicy and that on your pasta is a good thing. Chop all of these tomatoes up like that put this back onto the hob. And I’m gonna load them up with just a little bit of balsamic vinegar about 4-5 tablespoons into there. I’m gonna season the water
that I’m cooking the pasta in, I’ve got some taglierini I’m just gonna bang this in, it only
takes a couple of minutes to cook give that a nice stir. The pasta is cooked drain it and I’m gonna catch some of that water underneath okay really important. And you can see that sauce coming together to be really rich and dark, you can sort of run this around the bottom so all the sticky bits of chicken juices kind of gets picked up, there we go. Let’s get this pasta in here ASAP now I
wanna feed it with some of that water see how starchy it looks Move it around, I love that sound that’s the sound of a good pasta just a little bit of Parmesan, little bit
of basil, that is beautiful that really is A mighty winter pasta sauce, I always put a few extra leaves of basil just on top, just to tell the
story, and one last stroke of parmesan, gorgeous and then the chicken. You’re gonna get the most amazing chicken, pour the juice just over the top like that really beautiful roast chicken tagliatelle with amazing sauce,
gorgeous. If you like this recipe give us a thumbs-up
please comment on the box below and check out some of the other chefs on
food tube, take care guys Bye.

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  1. My grandma used to make a recipe similar to this. Another thing she would do was boil the chicken for about 10-20 mins in water before she put it in the oven. She would then boil the pasta in the chicken stock and it would be all salty and delicious from the stock. Meanwhile the chicken would bake and get a lovely crisp skin. I make it a lot now and would recommend it to anyone.

  2. If I'm cooking with 200 grams of chicken (bone in), how long do I roast it for? I'll adjust the recipe obv. but not sure about the cooking time.
    novice cook here, thanks for your help.

  3. This looks incredible, the only thing I don't like is there is a lot of tomato skins that come off those little tomatoes which is annoying to chew and gets stuck in your teeth.

  4. I have made this dish for a couple of times now and it's just getting better and better. Amazing meal to cook for someone you like 🙂

  5. Best chef ever. I got all of my cooking techniques from your shows , this pasta is absolutely going to be the Sunday lunch !

  6. I've never seen entire slices of roast chicken with pasta before. Surely you would slice that into chunks if you actually made this…

  7. Why am I watching this 3:30 in the morning ?? I can’t even afford to eat ramen noodle rn and it’s sad

  8. Warum kocht er immer so schlampig? Er schält nicht einmal die Tomaten (das ist unangenehm, wenn man in Pasta Tomatenschalen hat). Er ist sogar zu faul sie von den grünen Stängeln wegzumachen. Das Grüne an den Tomaten ist giftig und ich würde das nicht mitkochen, da hätte ich Angst, dass das ganze Essen nur noch nach Tomatenstängeln schmeckt und man sich den Magen verdirbt. Die Basilikumblättchen hat er auch in total unterschiedlich große Stücke gerissen, wahrscheinlich aus Faulheit. Er wäscht die Hände zwischendurch zu selten – Aus Faulheit. Und in anderen Videos schält er voll oft die Kartoffeln nicht. Leute die Kartoffeln nicht schälen sind einfach nur faul. Bei einem Koch würde ich erwarten, dass er Kartoffeln für Pellkartoffeln, Salzkartoffeln, Bratkartoffeln, Kartoffelpffer, etc. schält, sonst kann ich auch daheim selber kochen und muss nicht ins Restaurant gehen.

  9. Unless you put more water in than Jamie is shown doing here, and keep checking to see if it hasn't all evaporated, the tomatoes and chicken juices will burn.

  10. Superb recipe. It was delicious and so suitable for my whole family. My hubby who has GERD enjoyed it too and no issues with his tummy. God bless you Jamie!

  11. it was absolutely great, Its the best pasta I ever made or tasted. I only wrapped the chicken loosely with parchment paper, kept access to the drippings, uncovered it last 30 min. I thought the chicken might get dry. Thank you Jamie

  12. Pasta with chicken?….🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
    I could have accepted potato gnocchi with it!but pasta no way.
    In Italy this is a sacrilege!!,but I know you’re not in Italy so….

  13. So that little bird ended up spending around 90 minutes in a 200 degree oven… way to much – it's gonna be dry and tough.

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