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Microwave Mug Breakfasts Back to School Hi Bold Bakers! So Summer is almost over,
and whether you are heading back to school, college or work, you will go hungry in the
morning no more because I have five sweet and savory breakfasts in a mug for you. So
let’s get microwaving! The beauty of these recipes is that they can
all be made up the night before and kept in the fridge. And not only can they be cooked
in the microwave, they can also be cooked in a toaster oven as well. For our first recipe, there is no griddle
needed: It’s a pancake in a mug. In a microwavable mug, we’re going to add
in our flour and our baking soda and mix them together. To this we’re going to add in our
egg, milk, flavorless oil, and maple syrup or honey and then whisk until smooth. Blueberry pancakes are my favorite, so I’m
going to add in some frozen blueberries to my batter but you can add in any flavor or
fruit that you like. Before you know it, you’re going to have a lovely warm breakfast. The timing that I give for cooking is based
on my microwave which is 1200 watts so depending upon the wattage of your microwave, your timing
may vary. And as always, all of my recipes and instructions can be found on www.BiggerBolderBaking.com. Our pancake in a mug took no time at all and
we didn’t even need a griddle. It smells lovely, it looks fantastic. The blueberries have all
burst and they’re a lovely color. Just before I try it, I’m going to garnish the top. I like to add even more blueberries on top.
And it is a must to pour over maple syrup. This looks lovely and it took no time at all. This is only our first mug breakfast, so let’s
move on to the next one. My next breakfast in a mug is my very first
mug recipe and that’s Sweet Potato Hash. Peel your sweet potato and cut it into small
cubes. You want small cubes because they cook much faster in the microwave. I’m using a sweet potato because they’re really
good for you but you can also use a regular potato. Next add your sweet potato to your microwaveable
mug and then cover them with cold water. Now I’m going to put these sweet potatoes
in the microwave and cook them. It works really well and fast. You just have to cook them
for a few minutes. After a few minutes, you’ll know your sweet
potatoes are cooked because they go a bright orange color and they’re tender in the middle. Now we’re going to strain the water off our
potatoes and add in the rest of the ingredients for our hash. So this is not a complicated
recipe. Just go to your fridge, see what little bits you have in there and add it to your
sweet potatoes. I had peppers, a little bit of red onion,
some rosemary, grated cheese, and butter. Now mix all these lovely flavors together.
So this is what mum would call a mix and gather um, which pretty much means whatever you have
in your fridge. You can nearly always make a meal. Not only does the potato hash look gorgeous
but it smells fantastic too. All we want to do is pop this into the microwave and heat
up all of these ingredients together and get them nice and warm. Get the cheese to melt.
It’s going to be delicious. Can you believe that we made this hash in
the microwave? It looks beautiful, it smells great, but just before I try it I’m going
to add a little bit of extra stuff on top. I like to top off my potato hash with some
more chopped rosemary and a fresh sprig on top. It just goes to show you that by being
creative with a few ingredients, you can make a wonderful meal. If you like these recipes, then don’t forget
to subscribe to my channel. And if you followed me on Periscope, you would have gotten a sneak
peek at the making of this very video so don’t forget to follow me there. This next recipe is truly a complete breakfast.
It is high in protein, it has slow energy releasing carbs and has a little bit of sweetness.
It is Peanut Butter and Jelly Oatmeal in a Mug. In a microwavable mug, we’re going to add
in some rolled outs, water, some nut milk or regular milk, and peanut butter. And that’s all you need. This is such a great
recipe for back to school. And in the winter time, oats are like central heating for kids.
Oats are nature’s fast food so you no longer need to buy those little packets that say
quick cooking oats because these are the guys you want to use. When you cook your own recipes, you know exactly
what’s in there and you can make it just as fast. When you see your oats start to heat up, stop
the microwave and give them a little stir. Because if you don’t they have a tendency
to get too hot and overflow. Our oats are done. I can smell the lovely
warm peanut butter. But this breakfast is not complete until we add on our jelly. To serve my oatmeal, I like to add extra chopped
peanuts on top which give really good texture. And of course this dish would not be complete
without some jelly. This sweet and almost salty combination works
really well. If you’re thinking to yourself that you’re
not the biggest peanut butter and jelly fan then I challenge you try this because it’s
more like a decadent dessert than it is an oaty breakfast. Our next breakfast in a mug is a lovely whole
wheat, egg-free Banana & Raisin Muffin. In a microwavable mug, add in your banana
and mash it up really fine. I like to use banana as a substitute for egg and you can
also use apple sauce. To the mashed banana, I’m going to add in
the rest of the muffin ingredients: whole wheat flour, cinnamon, baking powder, salt,
milk, and maple syrup. You can also use honey or agave. Then mix all of these ingredients
well together. Now just add your raisins and gently fold
them in. I like to add a few extra on top for color. This little healthy breakfast muffin cooks
just like my other mug cakes. Be careful not to overcook him because it will get rubbery
so keep a little close eye on it. Our lovely breakfast muffin is done and it
smells fantastic with all that lovely warm cinnamon. This is a really great breakfast
because it’s made with whole wheat and all natural sugars. To decorate our muffin, I like to add some
sliced banana on top and dust it with some cinnamon for extra flavor. This muffin is a perfect little sweet treat
for breakfast, but before I fill up on this I want to show you one more savory breakfast
in a mug. Our next breakfast in a mug is something my
mum showed me how to make when I was a very young girl and I’ve been making it for all
these years. It’s an omelette in a mug. In a large microwaveable mug, add in your
eggs, salt, pepper, chopped scallions, some chopped parsley, and a little bit of milk.
If you don’t want to use milk, you can always use water to keep it dairy free. If you have eggs in your fridge, you have
breakfast, lunch and dinner and you should have no reason to go hungry. Our easy omelette is ready. Now eggs cook
so fast in the microwave. All you have to do is give them a little bit of a stir while
they’re cooking. You can see how far they’ve gone and you can cook them to perfection.
If you like them nice and soft then that’s the way you can have them. Our omelette is done and it looks great. Now
you know how to make fast, hot eggs for yourself every morning. This delicious omelette does not need a lot
so I’m going to add a little extra scallions on top and some freshly chopped parsley. This omelette, scrambled eggs, even poached
eggs, you can make them all in a microwave so I really urge you to try this out. No matter what your appetite or flavor. Sweet
or savory. These breakfasts in a mug are guaranteed to hold you over until lunch and save you
loads of time. If you liked this video and know someone heading
back to school or college, then please share this with them. Thank you so much for watching
and subscribing to my channel. And I’ll see you back here every Thursday for more Bigger
Bolder Baking.

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