hey guys good morning today I am going
to be powering down this morning and getting a whole bunch of cleaning done
most you guys know my situation we are in a renovation zone so this video is
like a disaster zone cleaning me if you guys don’t already know me my name is
Amanda and this is my channel Amanda’s daily dish I’m so happy to have
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right to it because I have up until what time I think about 12:30 before we gotta
hit the road and get the boys into town we do homeschool so you guys might see
my boys doing their schoolwork because I got them started this morning they’re
doing their work and I’m gonna go start in the kitchen because that’s where the
mess that I want cleaned up is thank you so I’m gonna get started in there first
and then I don’t know where I’m gonna go next but I’m gonna see where that takes
me so I’m gonna head down there right now didn’t clean up last night kind of
on purpose because I knew I wanted to do a cleaning video this morning don’t mind
that cabinet over there when we pulled it like I don’t know what happened this
screw came loose so we just gotta fix that but anyways I kind of left it so
that I could do this cleaning video the boys are busy over there doing this
forward also the living room don’t mind that disaster because there’s
bins there that aren’t unpacked yet and stuff and we still have to paint there
and do the trim and stuff like that so the kitchen is coming along we got the
flooring done in here and we still have to do the kick plates so you guys will
notice there’s no kick plates in the bottom of the cabinets I still have to
wash them of the cabinets some of them are quite yucky and dirty from spillages
and stuff these countertops are going to be replaced so these are in for now but
we will be putting new ones in we’re just waiting for the quote to come in
also we ended up putting up this lighting the other day I find that the
light is kind of bright so I think we’re going to switch it because this is a
pack that I bought great more mess to clean anyways this is
a pack that I bought it’s the daylight LED I find that it’s a
little bit too bright so I’m gonna get the regular lights I think there’s still
LED but they’re the warmer warmer white so I’m going to see if that looks any
better let’s see what else doing when I tell you guys about oh yes we’re gonna
also be putting in a new kitchen sink and a tap but anyhow I’m gonna get
started with this mess cuz we gotta get going
alright first things first I’m going to switch out the garbage can because we
have a full trash bag there and I’m just putting a new one in here I’m also going
to make sure I have a full cup of tea I just love this mug I got it from
Disneyland a few years ago it is just so cute and it has so many Disney
characters on it alright I’m gonna start working away on
the dishes here you guys will notice this sink has to I guess you’d call it
basins in it I really don’t like that I really prefer the one big basin like I
had in my other kitchen so we’re gonna switch out this sink for a sink with
just one big basin because that is just much better I find anyways so I’m
noticing that these dishes are actually dirty I thought they were clean so I was
going to unload and load the dishwasher but it looks like I’m just gonna have to
load up a few more dishes and get that dishwasher started and then I’m also
going to wash the rest of these dishes by hand because I just want to get
started with my day without any dishes in the sink so I’m just going to get
that all done and put away if you guys are new to my channel or you
haven’t subscribed yet please make sure you go ahead and subscribe down below I
would really really appreciate it you guys might one of my life goals is to
reach that hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube I don’t know if I’ll ever
make it there but I sure I’m going to try you guys might notice the dish soap that
I’m using is in that clear glass pump now that dish soap is from The Grove
collaborative and it is the lavender and thyme scented dish soap this is my
favorite dish soap of all time it smells so so nice it’s just one of my favorites
and I do have a link down below in my description box where you can head to
the Grove collaborative and you can redeem your free gift with a $20
purchase so this area over here is going to be my
hot drink station I have all my mugs and travel mugs in the Shelf here and now
I’m just going to be organizing all of my drink supplies and stuff I got in the
next couple of days here’s a little tidbit of non like non important
information you guys see the house that is outside the kitchen window here that
house has the most amazing and landscaping on there lakefront actually
not just the lakefront like the whole yard I wish I could show you guys but I
really don’t want to go around filming these nice people’s yards so maybe one
day if I have a chance I’ll get like a little sneak peek of it for you guys but
wow they really really did a good job on their on their property so just a little
bit more on the renovations that we are doing to this place we do plan on
changing out the countertops the kitchen sink and the kitchen faucet we are going
to be changing the lighting down in the eating area
you guys can’t really see it too much in this video but it’s like just beyond the
screen where you can’t see right now and then further down there there’s the
fireplace and the family room area this is all going to be painted right now
it’s like a really light green but we’re going to be painting there so it’s not
going to stay this color so one of the kitchen cabinets the screw
came loose from the face of it so I’m gonna go ahead and try to fix that okay
so that wasn’t so bad I got that all fixed
so the cabinet doesn’t look like it is falling apart alright so here I’m just
putting away the dishes that I had drawing on my drawing mat now this
drawing that I picked up from Hobby Lobby and it was thanks to you guys
because many of you guys kept saying why don’t you just get a drawing mat because
I would just lay down a towel or a really big dish cloth but that was kind
of getting to be a pain because it just didn’t really work as well now the
drawing that works fantastic so thank you guys for that tip I feel like these dishes are
never-ending this morning but I’m going to keep going because I don’t want any
dishes left when I’m done with this kitchen here I’m just gonna put away the
leftover bacon I can use this bacon and chop it up and put it like in Caesar
salad or in some other recipes or something like that so I’m just gonna
put that in a little baggie and keep it in the fridge the boys have been hard at work
finishing their school work and they’re working up an appetite so I’m just going
to cut up some fruit here and set it out for them the stovetop really needs to be cleaned
so I’m just going to remove the grills here and I’m spraying down the
backsplash and I’m just going to wipe that down because I can see some grease
splatter down there and then I’m just going to clean all around in the I guess
you’d call it the glass area I’m not quite sure it’s like that ceramic stuff
so I’m just going to get that all cleaned up I’m using just a little razor
blade to scrape off any food residue and then and so can I pick up that cleaner
that really shines this stuff up but for now I’m just going to use this cleaner
it works just fine I am down to the last few pots and pans
thank God I feel like this has been never-ending for the dishes but there’s
only a few left so I’m going to make sure I get those done this is my favorite part of cleaning the
kitchen I’m just going to clear off the countertops and then I’m gonna spray
them down with my cleaner and wipe them down make them all clean so that there’s
no crumbs or sticky stuff all over the countertops so the cleaner I am using in
the kitchen today is my favs cleaner by Young Living I do like to use this
cleaner because it is all-natural but you guys know I do like to switch up my
cleaners sometimes when I get sick of one I like to start using another one so
this is one of my favorites I do get it from young living and I do have a link
down below in my description box where you can head to their website and check
out their starter kit and many of their other products so I’m just gonna take a
little bit of a break from cleaning the kitchen because Chandan it needs some
help with his hockey stick he is learning to tape it and he’s putting
some grip tape on it and I got a little bit tangled there so I’m just gonna give
them a quick little hand here okay so I’m gonna get started with
vacuuming the kitchen floors as you guys know we did get the vinyl plank flooring
so far so good it is really durable and I like it it
doesn’t scratch very easily we also have to put in the baseboards in the kitchen
but we are waiting to put those in until the kitchen walls and the family room
walls are painted so that is something we have to do next and then the other
thing that I want to get done ASAP is put in the kick plates under the kitchen
cabinets they didn’t have any of the clips in stock at Home Depot the ones
that we need to help install those kick blades so I guess we have to figure
something else out or wait until those kick wait um clip clips are in stock so
that is up next for the kitchen if you guys watched my previous video you will
know that I discussed what our plan is over the next couple of years so we did
sell our previous house when we moved into this house our plan is to renovate
this house and hopefully have it done by April and then once April hits we are
hoping to put this one up for sale and then once this one is sold we have our
eye on a property and we do want to build a new house again on that property
so we have a lot going on but again we do need a lot of things to fall into
place in order to get these things done so we don’t know it may be a little bit
longer than we anticipated it could be shorter than we thought we’re just going
to go with the flow but for now we are just going to make sure that this place
gets renovated and ready for sale as soon as possible
I feel like we are living in a real life episode of fixer-upper except we
actually are the homeowners that live in the house so it has been really chaotic
lately a lot going on but the end result over the next couple of years
should be exactly where we want to be all right so the kitchen floor is here I
am using some hot water and my kelp drea all-purpose cleaner I just put in a
little splash of that into this bucket of hot water again I got that stuff from
The Grove collaborative the link is down below in the description box if you are
interested in that stuff as well okay guys so it is now approaching
lunchtime the kitchen is clean so I can go on with the rest of my day and
knowing that I’m coming home to a clean kitchen thank goodness because I hate
having to come back and have more stuff to deal with but I’m gonna head to
hockey practice now so this is multitasking at its finest
I’ve got Emmitt on the ice here practicing and while he is doing that I
am just doing some menu planning and making a grocery list thank you thank
you – you’re some older Hey
okay so we’ve done how many hockey practices three hockey practices now and
we are just about to head to the fourth one but we got some
pumpkin spice lattes first so we are just heading to the rink right now it’s
been a long day I still don’t know what we’re gonna do for dinner
super prepared today they did a grocery list and a menu plan for the week so I
think I’ll finish that up when I get home but it is no 8 o’clock so I
probably won’t get home for a bit yeah so we’re just gonna head to the rink and
I’ll check in with you guys in a little bit okay so practice is over and I made
a quick stop to the grocery store to pick up the items that I need to make
what’s on my menu plan over the next couple of days I’m home from practice
now and I’m going to be getting this chili into a crock-pot before I head to
bed tomorrow’s a really busy day for us so I thought this would be a good idea
to do tonight so first things first I’m going to dice up my green pepper and my
onion I’m going to leave my onion chunks really big because the kids like to be
able to pick them out because they really don’t like onions but I do so I’m
just gonna leave them like I said big so that they can pick those out I just
wanted to point out my shirt to you guys it says they yes to new adventures which
is what I feel like we’ve been doing a lot lately we’ve got a lot of new
adventures going on in our lives I got this shirt from thread tank I got this
one and a couple of other really cute shirts so if you guys are wanting to
check out their shirts which I recommend you do because they’re really cute and
comfortable go ahead down below in my description box and you guys will see
the link to a head two thread tank here I’m just going to get started with
sauteing my ground beef I guess I don’t even know if you’d call it sauteing
maybe it’s just called cooking your ground beef but anyways I’m going to
cook this ground beef until it is all brown and then once it’s brown I’ll show
you guys what I like to do with it so here I’m just going to drain out the
excess fat nobody wants that excess fat garbage going into your arteries so I
like to make sure I take out all the excess fat that I possibly can all right
so here is where I will show you guys my little trick I put all the ground beef
into the pot here and then I use my pastry masher and then I go in and I
mash it up I really like to have it fine I don’t really like the ground beef
chunky so that’s my little tip if you like it chunky obviously you’re not
going to do this ok so now in that same pan I’m just going to go ahead and add
my vegetables I put in the green pepper and the onion and then I will put in my
garlic last because I don’t want the little pieces of garlic to burn so here is where I’m going to add all of
my cans I’m just opening up a can of crushed Tomatoes so I’m going to go
ahead and add that in here now I’m putting in a can of diced
tomatoes now both of those cans were the large size cans not the small size cans
I guess it just depends how tomato we you want your chili
now I’m also putting in two smaller size cans of the kidney beans the dark red
kidney beans I’m just going to drain out the excess fluid and then dump that into
the pot as well now this is my little secret I like to use brown sugar beans
I’m sure other people use it so maybe it’s not really a secret but it just
gives it that little hint of like sweet smokiness and I’m also going to add a
can of tomato paste here now I’m going to add my sauteed
vegetables and get that all into the pot and mix it up now I’m going to go ahead
and add a can of Campbell’s tomato soup if you guys are the same as me you don’t
really use a recipe and you just kind of go go with the flow so that’s what I’m
doing today I just added 2 cups of water as well into there so I’m just gonna cover this up right
now I haven’t added my spices yet because I have to dig out my chili I
don’t know where in the world I put it I’m also just going to be rinsing out
the cans here and getting them ready for recycling now I’m just going to be putting away
the dirty dishes because I want to make sure everything is put away before we
head to bed I’m also just going to wipe down the
area where I was cooking here I’m also going to be cleaning the stovetop
because I just cleaned that earlier today and I am kind of annoyed that I
made a mess again but that’s okay I’m just going to give it a quick wipe to
make sure it is nice and tidy pay no attention to the time on the clock it’s
definitely not 3:13 a.m. but I am going to head to bed now because I have a busy
day tomorrow and I will be adding my spices in the morning okay guys so it is now the morning the
chili has been cooking all night I’m going to add the chili spices now and I
don’t usually do this but I’m going to add the chili spice packets so I added
this but just so you guys know obviously I’m doing this voiceover after I mean
recorder the video so I have already tasted the chili it did end up being
just a hint too spicy so if you have kids who don’t like spice in their food
you might want to just add your own spices so you can control the amount of
heat that you add to your chili alright guys so that brings us to the end of my
video I hope you guys found a ton of motivation for your days in this video
please don’t forget to subscribe down below and I’ll see you guys in the next
video bye


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