Miso Braised Beef – Food Wishes

Miso Braised Beef – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with miso braised beef that’s right when the weather turns cold and the days
grow shorter the one thing i crave besides warmer weather and longer days
is some good old-fashioned warming from the inside out comfort food
and while these recipes tend to be classics that we make the same way every
time there’s no reason we can’t tweak a few of the ingredients to maybe make
something a little more interesting and unusual and that is exactly what I
attempted to do here and I think very successfully so with that let’s go ahead
and get started by seasoning some beef and what you’re seeing here is a few
pounds of beef chuck which is a wonderful cut to braise and I’m gonna go
ahead and season it very generously with kosher salt freshly ground black pepper
and cayenne and you can if you want just use chunks of beef as long as they’re
about the same thickness and the only reason I’m using strips is because the
butcher was selling these is boneless beef country ribs which I’m pretty sure
is not actually a thing but anyway long story short this was actually a dollar
cheaper pound than the regular chuck so that’s where I’m going with but any
breathable beef will work but anyway what we’ll do once that seasoned is go
ahead and sear this over high heat and some fresh peanut oil and if you’re
wondering what that is it’s literally the oil that you get at the top of a jar
of peanut butter okay when you open a fresh jar the real stuff you should have
about two or three tablespoons of this stuff at the top and this clear peanut
oil is amazing to fryin so I went ahead and added a couple tablespoons into this
pan set over high heat in which we will Brown our beef and by the way if you
haven’t recently purchased a big jar of peanut butter you can just use regular
vegetable oil or olive oil for this but no matter what you use we’re gonna want
to Brown this very well on high heat ideally on all four sides which is gonna
take you a few minutes and of course while you’re waiting for that to happen
you can always prep your other ingredients and one of those items I
want to highlight here are these gorgeous large king trumpet mushrooms
which are pretty much 100% edible and for this recipe to prep these all we’re
gonna do is cut them in half and yes any fresh mushroom will work for this so if
you can’t find these no worries but if you can try to use them they’re really
good and look super cool so we can go ahead
and prep those among other things while our meats browning and then once we do
have our meat Brown to our liking we’ll go ahead and remove that from the pan
and we will actually turn off the heat for a minute and let the pan cool down a
little bit and also add a nice big chunk of butter and as soon as that butter
melts we’ll turn the heat back on to medium and then place our mushrooms in
cut side down oh and if you want to burn yourself just throw them in like this
with your hands so the butter splashes up or if you don’t want to burn yourself
use some tongs but anyway we’ll toss those mushrooms in and cook them over
medium heat for about three or four minutes until they start to lightly
Brown at which point we’ll flip them over and give the other side a couple
minutes at which point those can be removed to the same plate as our meat
and by the way if you’re getting concerned about how dark the pans
getting don’t be that is as intentional as it is necessary and fair warning it’s
going to get worse because what we’ll do at this point is tossed in a diced onion
along with a big pinch of salt and we’ll cook those for three or four minutes
until they start to take on some color as well
and I know it’s hard to believe especially if you don’t cook a lot but
all that charred goodness at the bottom which our French friends call a fond is
not only gonna give our braise a beautiful deep brown color but it’s also
gonna add a tremendous amount of flavor and no it does not taste burnt as you
will find out when you make this but anyway after we’ve sauteed our onions
for a few minutes we will go ahead and stir in a little bit of wine and I’m
using sake here but just a plain old white wine will work and what’s gonna
happen is we stir that around there’s all that incredible goodness from the
bottom is gonna be released from the pan and basically form the foundation of our
sauce so we will go ahead and stir that in and it’s gonna evaporate fairly
quickly but before it does we want to add the rest of our ingredients which
will include about three tablespoons of yellow miso or as I would have called a
golden miso but nobody asked me and then we’ll also want to do a couple
tablespoons of maple syrup and no you may not substitute pancake syrup for
this all right please throw that stuff away and get some maple syrup and then
after that we will also do a little bit of ketchup as well as a nice big splash
of chicken stock or broth or if times are tough some water would
work and that’s it we’ll go ahead and stir that all together and then as soon
as that comes back to a simmer we can go ahead and add our brown pieces of beef
back in along with of course our King trumpet mushrooms and as always any and
all accumulated juices alright those must be have to be added back in alright
you don’t put those back in we cannot be friends and that’s it once everything’s
back in all we’re gonna do is cover this and let it cook on low to medium low
heat for about two to three hours or until our meat is tender and while we
don’t want a rolling boil we do want a bit of a simmer so adjust your heat if
necessary so it’s sort of bubbling like this and about halfway through after
about maybe an hour or so I generally like to give the meat a flip just to
sort of see how things are going and if it looks like things are drying out I
will add another splash of broth but this was looking just about perfect so I
went ahead and covered it back up and continue cooking down low to medium low
for about another hour and a half or until our meat is fork tender and how we
will test this to make sure it’s fork-tender is with a no not spoon fork
and a spoon and we really do want that fork to slide in pretty easily okay we
don’t want this falling apart but we do want a very tender and if your meat is
fork tender like mine was we will move into final production which means
drizzling in about a tablespoon of the vinegar of your choice for a little bit
of sharpness to balance our Ridge savory and little bit sweet flavors and then
speaking of sharpness we will also toss in a little bit of sliced green onion
and thinly slice Hot Chili Peppers or sweet if you want that’s up to you
I mean you are after all the Uncle Buck of your miso braised chuck so use what
you like and that’s it what we’ll do once all that’s been stirred in is cover
this back up and cook it for just five more minutes at which point
theoretically it should be ready to serve but we don’t know for sure until
we taste it and adjust the seasoning or it might need a little touch of salt or
if you prefer a little bit of soy sauce but I determined mine was just right so
I went ahead and serve mine up on some mashed potatoes next to some roasted
Romanesco and for the record this would be just as
magnificent over some rice or noodles but personally mashed potatoes are my
favor for this oh and if everything’s gone according to plan when we spoon
them up our mushrooms should look just like pieces of hotdog oh yeah so pretty
but anyway I went ahead and finished up with some sliced green onion and that’s
it our miso braised beef is ready to enjoy and that my friends was just like
a fall flavor festival in a bowl all right just very very savory and just
a little bit sweet and a little bit salty and a little bit tangy and a
little bit country and a little bit rock and roll and by the way the knife is not
for the beef is to cut through those glorious mushrooms which are just such
incredibly effective sponges soaking in all this flavor and yes it does help if
you cut all the way through there we go and please believe me when I say those
mushrooms were as good if not better than the actual beef I mean just
incredible in fact I think I just inadvertently showed how to make a
world-class vegetarian entree if you did it without the beef and just use all
king trumpet mushrooms or if you have connections porcini which if you don’t
are like $30 a pound and yes I was a little bit stingy with the sauce so I’m
gonna add a little more so to recap the sauce was tremendous the beef was
exquisite in the mushrooms sublime and really my only regret here was not
working in any miso puns so for that I will say me so sorry but anyway that’s
it where we’re calling miso braised beef what they do with the beef and the
mushrooms or just the mushrooms or just the beef I really do hope you give this
a try soon so head over to food wishes dot-com for
all the ingredient amount some more for as usual and as always enjoy you

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