Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Salmon

Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Salmon

When you take innocent ingredients and mess
around with them to make a meal, it can be easy to screw it up. And this is especially true for salmon. Here are a few common mistakes people make
when they cook this delicate, and delicious, fish. Any meal that features salmon has to start
with actually sourcing your salmon. “What are you doing?” “Only selling the finest farm-raised salmon
in the county, that’s all.” “Yeah, they’re all free range. No nets, no cages. They can go wherever they want.” “Plus we have smoked salmon.” But, fresh or frozen, checking out the appearance
is a good way to assess fish quality. Different varieties of salmon will have variations
in color and flavor, but in general, brighter colors are better than pale ones. As Epicurious notes: avoid any fish that looks
dried out, or has a brown color instead of uniform reds and pinks. “Craig. Can I use y’alls microwave right quick” When you’re in a rush to eat, it can be tempting
to lean on the microwave to unfreeze your food. But this doesn’t work at all for salmon. Since microwaves pretty much never thaw things
evenly, and, considering fish is more sensitive to heat than many other foods, this uneven
heating will result in rubbery, dry fillets that even your cat’s not gonna eat. “No thanks I’m full” As a general rule, avoid thawing fish using
any heat at all. Opt instead for thawing overnight in the fridge,
or in a sealed bag under cold running water. “Can I change my answer” Removing fish bones is a tedious task. But no matter how well you prepare that expensive
fillet, all will be forgotten when your guests are choking on bones. Even if you buy a piece of salmon from the
fishmonger, and the larger bones have already been removed, there still could be tiny pin
bones remaining. If you run a knife against the grain you’ll
feel the ends of the bones poking out of the flesh. With a clean pair of needle nose pliers and
a bit of patience, you can carefully pull out all the remaining bones one by one. Definitely season your salmon, but only just
before you start to cook it. Since salt can be used for preserving meat
and fish, sprinkling it on your fish too early might actually start to cure your meal before
you cook it. And seasoning the cooking water is especially
important if you’re poaching your fish. The seasoning should not only be rubbed on
the salmon, but added to the water as well, that way it doesn’t “wash off” during the
cooking process. Try poaching salmon with white wine, shallots,
and dill, then finish with freshly ground pepper and a squeeze of lemon. “You are beautiful, Susie Salmon” If salmon were an opera singer, it would be
the prima donna. Talented and deserving of praise, but also
super sensitive and egotistical. “Your public needs you.” “We need you too.” “Wouldn’t you rather have your precious little
ingenue” Treat a piece of salmon right, by giving it
its space and a little “me time,” and it will totally melt in your mouth. But smother it with way too much attention,
and it falls apart under the pressure. “I’m melting, melting” In the case of salmon, this means that once
you’ve put it on the heat, leave it alone! Salmon cooks best when it’s placed over a
fairly high heat for just long enough to turn the flesh opaque. If you cover the fish while it cooks, you
may not need to turn it at all, but if it’s cooking on the grill, turn it over just once,
about halfway through. Any dish that requires perfect timing can
tempt nervous cooks to check in a little too many times, but if you don’t leave it alone,
you’ll worry your salmon all the way into the trash. It turns out, overcooking your salmon may
be the biggest mistake of them all. No one likes tough, rubbery fish, but the
line between sushi and fish leather is not very wide. Some cooking methods, like poaching or wrapping
in foil, are safer than others, but no matter how you apply the heat, there’s only one result
if you do it for too long. “There’s just no way the salmon can, can survive
in those sorts of environments” The ideal time to remove salmon from the heat
is just before it’s done, so you can allow it to sit for a few minutes. The residual heat will finish the cooking
process, and if you’re still unsure you can use a meat thermometer, aiming for about 145
degrees. The more often you cook, and as you get to
know your own preferences, you might decide to lower that final temperature just a little
bit. But, be warned, if you typically make too
many of these mistakes, your family and friends might not let you make dinner, ever again.

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  1. Salmon is not the most delicate to cook fish… on the contrary it's one of the most robust ones because of its touch dense protein fibers and because it has a large amount of fat.
    Red Snapper is several powers more delicate and easier to destroy than Salmon using the same cooking method.
    Don't use lies to spice your videos please, everything you say can easily be fact checked using google before posting every video, or else chefs and connoisseurs will call you out

  2. Salmon has a fairly strong and pronounced flavor. Never understood why anybody would use teriyaki, another strong flavor, on it. Salmon should be the star and other seasonings should enhance, not cover up the taste.

  3. I love the salmon skin i tend to cut the skin but with a bit of meat on the skin then deep fry it till crispy the taste is so good

  4. actually color can be misleading since especially in farmed salmon they are fed dyes to keeps the flesh more orange opposed to it turning more greyish cause of the feed not having the naturally occurring pigments their wild diet has. if its almost neon orange it might have been dyed.

  5. To avoid cancer do not eat Norwegian farmed salmon. It is the most toxic food in the world. It increases the risk for miscarriages, cancer and strokes. https://youtu.be/RYYf8cLUV5E

  6. I eat raw salmon dipped into vinegar, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, or rice wine.This preserves the ocean-taste which baking would kill off.

  7. Good salmon should not have any hint of a strong smell. Good salmon should almost smell like the ocean. And, better to undercook salmon than to overcook it. Medium salmon is delicious, IMO, and that is why I prefer salmon steaks (thicker than fillets) because it is easier to get a medium middle.

  8. I don't get why people have such a fucking problem with overcooking meat. It doesn't taste that fucking bad if u season it well. I've never gone wrong with a salmon. USE UR SEASONINGS U FUCKWADS!!!

  9. Mistake #1…eating Fukushima salmon!!!!
    Mistake #2…eating Fukushima salmon!!!!
    Mistake #3…eating Fukushima salmon!!!!

  10. Why show any of the movie clips, it takes away from the serious cook to a comedy. Very distracting, most of the message was lost.

  11. B.S.  Fresh wild caught salmon will be pale in color.  Bright pink is farm raised.  Dye is in the farm raised feed to make it look bright and pink.  Wild caught has much more nutrition than farm raised.

  12. Thanks for sharing this👍 I will cook it in aluminum foil next time for her with some wine… Go snow bunny👍2019.. Yeah…✌

  13. 145 is way overcooked. I like my salmon rare to medium rare. Take it off heat about 105-110. It will rise to about 120-125, which is perfect.

  14. How unnecessary were these short film clips throughout the video 😅 basically you tell people to pay attention to bones and to touch the fish gently, feeling educated now 🙂

  15. Giving us the links to all these video references and chefs would have been way helpful making us avoid those mistakes systematically.

  16. 3:44 “The ideal time to remove salmon from the heat is just before it’s done” Oh my god really I never could have figured that out

  17. You know nothing. The eye of the fish tells you how fresh it is. If it is sunken in, buy something else.

  18. I cook 2 single serving frozen salmon filets in the microwave in a vented covered dish. I first lay the filets in the dish and then cover with generous wash of Italian dressing and a bit of Italian seasoning. Set the power to 9 or 8 and cook about 6 minutes. Lay aside to steam while preparing other dishes. Puf all your various cooked portions on the plate and pop in the microwave for an additional minute to bring everything up to s nice hot temp. The salmon is buttery tender. Yummy.

  19. Strange I do have many Jew friends in fact Thery are pretty nice and funny people but they themselves admit generally others don’t like them them race!!

  20. Thank heavens this had EDM playing in the background, along with pirated movie clips. Sheesh, I would have totally screwed up my salmon tonight. smh

  21. 3:55 145F? on salmon? are you serious? this is FDA suggestion. nobody in any respectable restaurant would waste a good piece of fish by cooking it to 145. this video was doing so well up to this point lmao..

  22. Salmon is literally the easiest thing to cook. You don't even need to cook it all the way to even eat it… unless it's wild. The only thing you can mess up really is overcooking aside from the obvious over seasoning.

  23. bright orange is wild caught i should know i fish for salmon every year, any pale color fish is farm raised and is knot worth eating

  24. How about consider where you buy your salmon…that the quality of the fish will matter in the end…that price does matter…going to a fish market is worth the price. If you really have to, no other option, at least buy it from the butcher's case…but honestly, it's a luxury sadly. More expensive than steak or lamb even…lamb is expensive in the US. I know it's cheap in Australia. Well, yes, a few dollars more is worth it…mistake number one, buying frozen stuff. All this assuming you don't live near the sea. If you live in a major city, even if it's not somewhere like Chicago, but say Louisville, you can find a seafood market where they will ship in stuff fresh…where they will even ship in special requested species.

  25. Due your homework. Salmon is usually dyed so feeling color is harder than you make it seem. Second the pin bones are easy to remove but also become soft and hardly noticeable if cooked right

  26. What a waste 9f time watching this stupid ass video
    Nothing above basic knowledge
    To top it off there's a motherfucking short clips in between to make it even worse

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