Moqueca! Brazilian Soup – Hilah Cooking

Moqueca! Brazilian Soup – Hilah Cooking

Hey dudes! I’m Hilah and today on
Hilah Cooking I’m back with my friend Tuany and we are making
mocqueca and caipirinha. – Ooh, we are? – Did I pronounce it good?
– Caipirinhas, yes. – Okay, so mocqueca is like a coconut
seafood stew from Brazil. It’s super simple. It’s like literally a few
ingredients and like 15 minutes. We’ll barely have time to drink
like three caipirinhas before it’s ready.
– Well, good. (upbeat music) – So this recipe kind
of came from your mom. – Mhmmm. – And then I read a bunch of
recipes online and stuff too and kind of combined into one that
I like but probably the most important and
controversial ingredient, ooh, dendê, right? – Dendê, yes, dendê oil. – [Hilah] It’s an oil. It’s red palm oil
is another name for it. If you are up on saturated fats
or rain forest destruction then you’ve probably heard this
because it’s like this is what’s in Nutella that everybody is
concerned about because there’s a lot of rain forests
destruction that happens in farming this. You can find ones
that are like fair trade. I don’t know. I don’t know how I feel about
this but it is important for the flavor so–
– It does make it delicious. – Yeah. – Some people
would use olive oil. Like in my city they use olive
oil in Sabado and people say it’s more traditional to use
dendê oil but if you really don’t want to do you can use
olive oil and still be good but with dendê it
would just be perfect. – Yeah. So, we’re gonna use this to make
it the right way but you can use olive oil and then some
cod which they probably, that’s probably not what you’d
use in Brazil ’cause I’m pretty sure that’s like Iceland and
Alaska but any kind of white fish and some coconut
milk and some vegetables. We’ll start over on the
stove we’re just going sauté the onions in some of the dendê. – [Tuany] Mhmmm. It’s flavor.
– [Hilah] Yeah. So get it kind of softened
up a little bit at first. Then we’ll add a
whole bunch of garlic. Like so much garlic and some
bell pepper and some tomatoes. – [Tuany] It’s a
great dish for first dates. – [Hilah] Yeah.
(laughs) It’s like (exhaling). And then we’ll
add the coconut milk. A little bit of tomato sauce. Add the fish. Smells so good already.
– [Tuany] Yeah. – [Hilah] And then just let
it simmer for about 10 minutes until the fish is cooked. Alright, while that’s simmering, we’re going to make caipirinhas. And so we’ve got two glasses
here and I’ve got half full of lime in each one that we cut
into quarters and then like trimmed off the white part ’cause they say
that makes it too bitter. That’s what they say.
– Yeah. – Alright, I’m gonna
add some sugar to each one. I don’t know, this is
like personal taste, I think. – Okay. – But I think, I’m gonna start
with like 2 teaspoons ’cause that’s what it says on
the bottle of the cachaça. – Yeah, I think the sugar will
make it go down a little easier. – Man, Chris and I, there was
this restaurant in Austin called Rio’s, it’s closed now but it
was Brazilian but you could bring your own bottle of cachaça
and they would just bring you the limes and the sugar and
the set up and everything and I can’t believe how
much we would drink of this. Like we would almost
drink a whole bottle, I think. – Oh my gosh. – [Hilah] It was, yeah,
a little out of control. (Tuany laughs) So then we’re muddling
and you get all the juice out and you’re also
getting a lot of the fragrant lime oils out of the rind. So Rio’s they would bring you
like a little Mason jar with limes and sugar in it. – Oh, that’s a nice idea. – They would sit there at the
table and mash it for you and then you could add however much
cachaça you wanted and put the lid on it and shake it so yeah it was, seemed like
a good way to do it. So do that if you
have Mason jars at home. I don’t have any so… – Do it already in your cup
so it stays everything there. – Yeah.
– That’s nice. – You just dirty one cup.
– Yeah. – [Hilah] Okay. So then, once the sugar’s pretty
much dissolved in the juice, okay we’re gonna
add 2 ounces each,– – Just like us.
– this is a stiff drink. And this is one
of the best brands if you’re looking to buy it. What is this made out of? Is it sugar cane?
– It’s sugar cane. – It smells a
little like tequila. – And you can
find that at Ralph’s. – Oh really?
– Really. – [Hilah] Awesome.
That’s good to know. – Yeah. – It’s not that
special specialty I guess. – Yeah.
– Okay. Then we’re gonna
add a lot of ice. – Smell it.
– Smells right. – Oh my gosh. – Maybe some more ice. – This has all
the recipes for the… – Except caipirinha.
– Except caipirinha. – The one that we need.
– [Tuany] Damn. Smells like Carnival. (Tuany and Hilah laugh) – I bet with Carnival there’s
also a lot of smells of urine. – Oh yeah, yeah. That’s one little thing missing. That was it, I think.
(both laugh) – Alright, let’s
try these I guess. – Okay. Cheers. – They don’t look very proper.
– Did you just say, “Good luck”? – I think, I don’t know.
(laughs) – Okay. Okay. – It’s pretty good.
– Yeah. It’s not
absolutely crazy alcohol. Really good. – It is, you
just can’t taste it. – You can still still taste it. It’s good, really good. – It’s like limeade.
– Yeah. With a little… – Alcohol in it.
(laughs) – Mmmm. Mhmmm. That’s really good. – Alright, let’s
check on our mocqueca. Okay, everything
timed out perfectly. So this is usually
served served with rice. I didn’t make any but–
– And pirão. – Yeah. – With the same sauce, you just
get a little bit on the side, and put in cassava
flour and mix it up and you get pirão which is– – Porridge?
– Porridge. It’s the same, yeah. – Yeah.
– It’s real good. – And you would serve
this with this over it? Like, on top of it? – On the side, you can
put a little bit of mocqueca, rice and pirão. – [Hilah] And then also your mom
serves this with boiled eggs. – Yes. But then, I guess, everybody does it
different a little bit. – Yeah. And we can also, you
could also use shrimp. – Not for me. – But Tuany is allergic.
– Yeah. – Okay, so,
let’s give this a try. Oh my gosh, it smells so good. – [Tuany] I want
to get some of the, little bit of
every of the vegetables. – [Hilah] Oh, we’ve also did,
we’ve done a few Brazilian recipes together. We did pão de queijo,
the cheese bread, we did coxinha, which
is like chicken fritters. – And brigadeiro! – And brigadeiro which she
actually cooked on that one. – Cooked? (laughs) Yes, I did.
– You did. – Okay, ready? – Mmmm.
– Mmmm. – Mhmmm. Just right. Really good.
– Yay! Well, thank you.
– This is my favorite dish. I was a very picky child, picky eater but four years ago, it was a late discovery
for me, four or five– – Oh really? – yeah, four or five years ago I
went to Savado and we had this and I ate
everything and it’s just– – You’re favorite
thing since then now. It’s one of my favorites
’cause it’s so simple. It’s literally
dinners in like 15 minutes. – You can just have this. Looks like a soup if you
want to have it like that. – Yeah, yeah. But yeah if you want to add some
rice to make it more filling then by all means. Well thank you so much. I’ll put links to all the other Brazilian recipes
you can watch there. Cheers, Tuany! – Cheers.
– Cheers, bye! – Wow, so good. Everything.
– Yay!

72 thoughts on “Moqueca! Brazilian Soup – Hilah Cooking”

  1. Hi, Hilah. That Brazilian soup looks pretty like you. What do you love about Brazil? Have a good day, Hilah. I am looking forward to more Brazilian recipes soon.

  2. It's not even just rainforest destruction (although that's critical enough), it's also about species extinction. We're in the 6th mass extinction, for the first time primarily human caused, and palm oil production is having horrible impacts. Extinction is forever, substituting a different oil seems like a more than reasonable thing to do…

  3. looks so good!!! we have a Brazilian store here in NJ they will definitely have that oil im making this and the drink 😊

  4. hello hilah delicious icredible soup thanks you so much wootsy 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 hilah 👍👌👏😘

  5. i am so making this soup! hey i looked up that brand of cachaca, & holy smokes at "total wine and more" they charge $37.00 for that puppy. ill probably get it anyways (lol) but is there another brand you'd recommend thats a little cheaper but still decent? Washington taxes an outrageous amount on alcohol as well 🙁

  6. Do not be fooled. That stuff is basically paint thinner. When your fathers talked about things that put hair on your chest, Leblon is what they were referring to.

  7. I'm a culinary arts student at the Culinary institute of Canada and today in class (90 ish people) we watched a bunch of your videos on the big screen and we all love you <3

  8. made it! so good, thanks for showing. fish was a actually more expensive than shrimp so subbed it. my daughter "says" she dont like shrimp but ate 2 bowls lol

  9. Wonderful recipe! Even my 3 year old grandson ate it! Keep up the Brasilian recipes please. I have a request for Bacalhau please . . .

  10. All I have to say is mmmmm. I found fair trade, habitat friendly red palm (nutiva) oil at Whole Foods. If you're not a green pepper fan, use all yellow, orange and red. I did and it was gorgeous. Make this now, people.

  11. omg I haven't seen one of your videos since 2010! I watched your corn dog and hush puppy video and some others and then never remembered about this channel. and now 7 years later…. your channel has developed so much definitely subbing this time! guess I can say I've been here since 2010!

  12. ima try this with shrimp im not a fan of fish and can you tell me what is the liquor again please y saludos desde Houston

  13. About moqueca: dende oil is essential. You can try to look for organic/environment friendly brands, but a real moqueca bahiana (from the state of Bahia) requires dende oil, or it won't taste as good. The same goes for the cilantro. It's also supposed to be a really spicy dish, so don't be afraid of using pepper. Besides fish you can also use shrimp (it's better when you use both).

  14. Sorry to tell you, but everything you did is completely wrong and as a brazilian chef it is my duty to offer a better recipe if you want/need.

  15. I'm so happy 'cause you did one of the food more popular of my culture… I'm brazilian and i loved so much this video!!

  16. Nobody ever mentions the impacts of consuming beef and its relation to devastation of rainforests. But palm oil should be the culprit. Oh please. Besides, moqueca is not a soup, pirao is not porridge and you don't use tomato sauce on the moqueca.

  17. As a brazilian I did not like this recipe. I appreciate your effort, but this is not a good looking moqueca. I do not even know if I can call this "moqueca". First, you forgot an essential ingredients, the anatto (urucum or colorau in Portuguese). The cilantro and the palm oil must go in the end (because they lose the taste). Boiled eggs should be added also, and red pepper (although not essential). This dish should not have black pepper or cumin. If you want to stir-fry some onions and garlic you should do it with olive oil (and by the way that was way too much garlic). Furthermore, in the moqueca it is essential that the vegetables, specially the tomato, start cooking along with the fish. Fish cooks very fast and so the tomato. Therefore, you dont want to over cook the tomato or the onions, as they are part of the dish. This reminds me that you should not use a hard fish such as cod. And talking about tomato, it was sad to see tomato sauce being added to the broth that should be light and bring up all the flavors of the dish. Another reason you do not want to use tomato sauce is because you are gonna use the broth to prepare the pirão (which is the broth thickened with yuka or cassava flour) as a side for the dish.

  18. Two Beautiful women cooking, what a treat for the viewers and international food lovers! Good job 😊

  19. caçaca has the taste and smell of tequila but goes down like a top shelf vodka! it kinda of reminds you of a mojito without bacardi and mint leaf! Now that I think a mint leaf would be perfect with this drink

  20. And like your white ass couldn't cook it if you tried 😂😂😂 but it's so simple like making a sandwich

  21. Cod is actually very very in Brazil because of Portuguese influence, is a tradition on the easter week, specially on friday because fish is the only meat admited on thay day. But it's true, cod is not used on moqueca, it just doesn't work.

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