Morgan Freeman Roasts Denzel Washington | AFI 2019 | TNT

40 years ago, 1979, Denzel
and I were in a Joseph Papp production of “Coriolanus.” I was the lead. Denzel was a stage prop. [LAUGHTER] Now, he has publicly
said many times that during rehearsal he came to
me with questions, suggestions about how we should play
a sword fight scene that could be extended with
some extra stabbing and wounding and [MUTED]. He said that I looked at
him, after asking his name, and I told him this– kid, we click
swords three times, I stab you, you
fall down and die. [LAUGHTER] I’m going to tell you
the correct story. What I actually
said to Denzel was– you’re that
brilliant young actor just out of Fordham University. [LAUGHTER] That was a great suggestion. [LAUGHTER] Joe Papp never thought of it. Hell, Shakespeare didn’t
think of that one. Clearly, you know better
than the two of them how this thing should be staged. What a fine eye for action– I think you have a bright
career ahead of you. And I hope one day to perhaps
work with you in a film. But until then, you get
back where you belong. When you come out on stage,
we click swords three times. I stab you, and you
fall down and die. [APPLAUSE] Now, I’m much too
young to remember the very first AFI Life
Achievement Award back in 1973. But I’m pretty sure of this. When they created this award,
Denzel Hayes Washington Jr was waiting in the wings. Denzel, my dear friend,
congratulations. [APPLAUSE]

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