Motu Master Chef – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Motu Master Chef – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

I am robbed, I am ruined, I am destroyed, and I will die of hunger. Hey! What happen? Why are you crying? Look what’s written on the board. Hey! The tea vendor has just gone to his village and not to god so you don’t have to cry for that. But how could he leave without informing me? Now how will I survive without having samosas for a month? Oh God! What an issue! Motu, stop crying like a kid now. If you love samosas so much then, go home, cook them and eat. Long live! Now I will go home, prepare samosas by myself and eat them. Patlu, you just stand at a distance, I don’t want any kind of disturbance. It’s better to stand at a distance when you are in the kitchen, call me if you need any help. Firstly, boil fresh potatoes in the cooker. Fresh Potatoes? I will find them in the kitchen garden. Where are you walking away with our potatoes? What nonsense? These are my potatoes, my kitchen garden’s potatoes. You don’t even know how to write G of the garden and you call these potatoes yours? We will just show you. What happened Motu? The mice bit me and took away all the potatoes. How dare they? Our cat showing eyes to us. Not cats, the mice. Yes, the mice, they stay in our house and took away our potatoes only? I will go right now and tighten up their nuts. What happened Patlu? What could happen? All the mice surrounded me. Then I told them if you have guts, come one by one. What happened next? Then, one by one they all bit me. No worries Patlu, we will manage with these potatoes. Motu, now remove the potatoes. No, it’s written here that until the potatoes are fully cooked let them boil. Let the whistle blow 2 times, 10 times or even 12 times. Now stop it. No, little more. What are you doing? Just a little more, please. Oh my god! What happened? How did the climate change suddenly? This is all because of global warming. Hey! The sky is falling down! Help!! Dad! Hey! This is someone’s house roof, I will go right now and see who tried to hit me with the roof. Hey! This is Motu Patlu’s house’s roof. Is anyone there? Motu, come out. What happened? So you are caught, now have this. Motu, now it’s enough, the potatoes are boiled, start knitting the flour now. Alright. Patlu! Remove this flour. How did you knit the flour? Now even my hands are stuck in it, pull it harder. I am pulling it harder. What happened Motu Patlu? Hey John the Don, remove our hands, please. Yes I will remove them right now, Number 1, number 2. Pick up everything, don’t leave anything, don’t know when we will get such opportunity. Don’t leave even under garments. What are you doing? I am taking the advantage of this situation, I won’t get such chances again and again. Now you can neither hit me nor catch me so I am leaving, good bye, take care. As soon as we are fine we won’t leave you. But now how shall we get rid of this problem? Idea! Let’s call Dr. jhatka. Hey, I swear on my patients, you cannot do any work without me. Now, you all go out and I will cook some samosas and get it for you, you all taste and tell me how it is? Hey Motu, my friend, you have done a brilliant job, you made so many samosas in such a short time. Oh my lord! Such big samosa! My one big samosa is equivalent to the tea vendor’s 100 samosas. Now taste it and tell me how it is? Someone please tell me how is the samosa? No one has ever cooked such a tasty samosa. We have never tasted such a delicious samosa ever in our lives, It is too tasty. Why are you crying? You should be happy. With so much effort I cooked this samosa for myself and you guys ate it all. Now what should I eat?

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