Mous — Meeting Tim Cook at iPhone 11 Launch in New York

Mous — Meeting Tim Cook at iPhone 11 Launch in New York

“You wanna do a drop?” “Seriously?!” “iPhone 11, here we go!” “Every year when Apple
launches a new phone, we also launch a whole
new range of phone cases. So, today is a really big day for us” “So, we’ve got products that we actually want to show to people and want to test out on the new iPhones” “Every year, it never fails”
“What? Someone nearly drops one?” “Always nearly, and there’s always
an Apple worker like Ahhhh” “Dive to the floor!” “Hello!” “Hiya!”
“What’s your name?” “We’re here!” “What time do you call this?” “Hey, hey, hey!” “Hey!” “Hello!” “What are you doing here?” “Erm.. I don’t know…” “Just being refreshed in the morning for
all the cameras, you know?” “See ya guys”
“See ya in the morning” “It’s two in the morning,
and we are laying on the pavement” “We’ve got about six hours till launch” “More people are arriving” “Wowhooo” “Oh, hey!” “iPhone 11, here we go!” “This is crazy!” “Tim’s here, so we’re gonna go and say hello!” “We’re just over from London
to say thank you so much” “We make iPhone cases and our
business wouldn’t exist without you” “Thank you so much”
“Thank you, thank you” “Y-YES!” “Ok, I’m gonna go and find
someone to give away an iPhone to” “Three, two, one…” “There we go!” “Yeah, I have two of the Limitless and a Clarity” “And do you use your Card Wallet?” “Yeah!” “It’s amazing!” “With a tight fit” “What do you think?” “I think it looks really cool, cause like this is green,
and this looks like space. I like it!” “Keep it, man!” “Thank you so much, man! Nice to meet you!” “Oh yeah, I have an iPhone 8 Plus but I cracked it” “The iPhone is yours!”
“Really?!” “Yeah!” “Seriously?!” “Yours!” “No way!” “Here we go, here we go!” “Oh my god!” “It’s all yours, my friend!”

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  1. Hey plaese make a market in my country because im from Bulgaria and i haven't Mous cases in my country,but i want this case come to Bulgaria and make a market here i will be so happy if you do it 😎

  2. honestly just called apple…and my deleted email account is locked to my phone…security reset features are a gimmick…i think it's honestly a money grab and invasive…its a way of owning the phone without owning the phone after they have sold it…basically apple thinks it always has some ownership over the phone…and apple does whatever it can to make you add an apple id…google does this to along with apple…holding onto and inventing invasive sometimes obligatory relationships that you are enticed to join. Or even cut out of certain aspects if you dont hand over apple some form of ownership hidden behind the "security" blanket…

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