MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer to GOP Rep w/ Econ Degree: “Do You Have Econ Degree?”

MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer to GOP Rep w/ Econ Degree: “Do You Have Econ Degree?”

but still plenty of other things to talk
about here including kind of an embarrassing moment with contessa brewer
on msnbc know i’ll i confess to brewer but i’ll be honest five female with a couple of times
trying to get myself on her shows and so far it hasn’t yet happened but
regardless i don’t think any pleasure and what
happened to her because it’s it’s pretty embarrassing she was speaking with uh… representative mo brooks is a
republican from alabama talking about the economy talking about the debt
ceiling she didn’t realize that he has an economics degree and she actually tried to do that make
them look stupid but try to confirm hey maybe he doesn’t know everything but it
turns out the guy does have an economics degree it’s a little bit cringe worthy here so
i’m just warning you and i do feel sorry for confessor hates the united states that it has a point
point trillion-dollar debt accepted for a truly while he’s
president headlines here simplifying the issues that were on the plate in the
nation at that point we were looking at going and what we’re running into a
depression that point everyone if there was an area where
we’re going to have a preference denied any great economics that yes it would be a higher standard
ok so may disagree with the fed chairman ben bernanke says she played it off
pretty well which is just to keep on keeping trucking and uh… not call anything else to it that that’s pretty bad for a position
she should have if you’re not sure if the person has a degree in economics
maybe she thought she was stay away from the topic of economics
degrees here safe to assume chances are the person does not have heard another
surgery but yeah that that’s no fun without this i mean it’s happened to me were people
say uh… there you know i’m anything any of the
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about david rancher david handed down

43 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer to GOP Rep w/ Econ Degree: “Do You Have Econ Degree?””

  1. @ProthoPectore
    It is true that some people who don't deserve a degree manage to obtain one through unscrupulous means; they are the minority, though. However, with things like being a doctor or lawyer, the criteria to pass is set up so that it is difficult enough to pass to the point where even if you just barely pass, you are still an expert in that field.

  2. There are plenty of people with PhD level economics degrees who have diametrically opposing viewpoints about the economy. So one PhD economics degree holder can disagree with another PhD economics degree holder. So telling me you have an economics degree doesn't tell me anything about the legitimacy of your views. You still have to justify them with facts, and historical precedence.

  3. Mrs. Brewer asked a literal, YES or NO question and the guy answered it accordingly. I do not recognize the problem.

  4. @HolyCity2012 MSNBC didn't agree. She just got bounced today from her daily show and is now relugated to their weekend Caught on Camera show where she will be seen by less than 75,000 viewers. Don't think this exchange — which has been replayed EVERYWHERE — didn't have something to do with it.

  5. Pakman, why do you take it easy on her? Because she is a woman? Because she is a democrat? "Kind of embarrassing"? Come on Pakman, you can say it. It was flat out embarrassing. Don't diminish your own credibility to shoot straight by attempting to go soft when it suits your political or personal interest. It happens to people all of the time in all different walks of life. This moment was not only embarrassing but it was downright hilarious. Don't be nasty but don't sugarcoat it either.

  6. Good job not slamming her for being a complete utter moron.

    Maybe she'll have sex with you because of this.

  7. He should have also responded with, "And you?" "Other than the notes you are reading from the DNC, what are your qualifications?"

  8. Now this dingbat is on CNBC as of 03/22/2018 and get this it's world stock markets! I hope they play this clip as the opening sequence.

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