[Mukbang ASMR] 초복맞이★ 닭 한마리🐔 찜닭(Braised Chicken)에 중국당면 추가요! | Eatingshow 먹방 [Ssoyoung 쏘영]

A braised chicken should be cooked this way. Hi everyone, it’s Ssoyoung. It’s the first day of three dog days(to welcome summer), so I prepared a braised chicken. It’s huge, right? This one is the left over chicken meat when I tried chicken skin. Yea right. Please click Subscribe and Like. Let me tear it apart first. People usually buy this food. And people usually sell it after cutting into pieces. But it should be sold like this whole chicken. Let me try some chicken wing. It well cooked right? It is still tasty even though it doesn not have any skins. How is it possible? This one is just huge. You know the flavor of braised chicken right? A bit salty but very sweet. It is just perfectly cooked. The meat part. It’s so yummy. I will also try some glass noodle. I put it in on purpose. I’ve eating this one when I was eating steamed assorted seafood. Let me see if it’s also good with braised chicken. They just match perferctly. Vegetables. Potatoes. Also some rice cake here. My favorite one is chicken out of all the slices. It still has some skin on it with a fatty meat inside. I love it but I don’t know which part it is. I always have this big bones left after eating. Please tell me if you guys know which part it is. I’m so curious. I thought that it would be good if I eat this with some rice balls. So I prepared. Let me make some rice balls. Rice balls should be in circle shape. Chicken legs and rice balls. Kimchi. Putting it on. It’s so yummy. Just too delicious. Putting some vegetables on a rice ball. Also put some meats on it. What a combination. Here is a chicken wing. The sauce is just a beauty. I cooked very well today. Today I had a really good meal. I wanted to get rid of tiredness comes from summer weather. So I had this good braised chicken today. Please be careful with the weather and have a good day.

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