99 thoughts on “MUNCHIES Chef’s Night Out: Montreal (Tripes and Caviar)”

  1. i watched this whole video and i swear i have no clue what i just watched. like idk i was entertained thats why i watched it but if i had to write a 5 sentence paper on this video..i dont know what the heck id say.

  2. one thing i noticed from watching videos on Munchies, is Canadian chefs on here tend to be very lively compared to some of the others from say the states.. interesting.. must be the weed.. LOL

  3. Headed here a month or so ago with a bunch of buddies for a bachelor party dinner. Awesome place, John Mike and his staff were a great bunch. One of the best culinary experiences to date. 

  4. I live here, but it still amazes me every time how some of the population is so perfectly bilingual. Young people of Montreal are probably the only group of people (besides Europeans or immigrants) that can speak two languages with such insane fluency

  5. This is probably the worst chef's night out. Everything was awesome and dangerous. Felt like they cooked offals for the sake if doing something different. If I were to characterize the chef it would be fake hipster.

  6. "Not this big butter stuff, you know" – Is eating chunks of salmon in mayonaise, potato salade, friend chicken –
    Same tbh.

  7. I just realized that chef's night out show- The chefs went out eating at 3 different restaurants with their couple of friends.. ate different foods from 3 diff restaurant?!damn..thats tummy REALLY FULL AHAHA..

  8. awesome I wish they would show these on viceland the channel I have direct TV and have viceland and wish they would show them on there I think people would enjoy them

  9. My god.. the French arrogance is so strong that even the only half-French have it! The chef is such a vain douchebag that within 3mins he's told us that 5 things about him are cool/awesome. No class.

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  11. Where all people come from? Is it expensive? No one cook at hone anymore? Oh okay…its a one off night out? Lol lol

  12. Who the fuck do you think you are? In Canada and showing around what offal is? you haven't lived you tosserwanker

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