100 thoughts on “MUNCHIES: Chef’s Night Out with Dominique Crenn”

  1. Pretty dishes. But the worst part of this was the woman's own restaurant. Man she's so boring, " ooo, I had a few glasses so I can't remember much" WEAK! Who gives a poop how many stars she's got…

  2. There so stingy they couldn't even serve some proper food to their chefs, grilled cheese sandwiches! How cheap and BORING! Her lame boring personality seeps out of every pour… Sorry

  3. I get that its beautiful n might taste good but theres no reason to make the dish so small its not logical or artsy its nonesense ,,, what story,,? wtf are u talking about ur in san fran u dumb bitch not everyone knows what spain is like ,, lady fuck ur life its not entertaining ur a well off dumb bitch that thinks overpriced small amounts of food is poetic ,,, god what isthi world coming to its like paying a fuck load of money for a bicycle thats tiny but beautiful n poetic give me a fuckin break i want my moneys worth from a poem lol i mean dish

  4. Brilliant and gifted chef. An episode of Munchies where they eat like fifty calories. Lest foodcentric video yet.

  5. ooh the pretention in her dishes adds a nice hint of earthiness. how rustic. "my menu is a poem and i've been impregnated with art from my rich family background of yokel farmers and bad painters" 

  6. nice woman, but this style of arty/deconstructed cuisine is tired….writing the menu like a poem is so fukcing gimmicky and lame, i would be so annoyed. 

  7. I actually enjoyed this episode of munchies unlike so many of the negative comments below. It wasn't overly drunk all male groups for once. Bit of a change. A grilled cheese to me is delicious, especially with such a gourmet range of cheeses and is totally something I would crave when drunk. A good french grilled cheese is beautiful! Cheese appreciation. 

  8. God I hate Dominique Crenn.  I've worked in the industry long enough to meet plenty of self-absorbed, narcissistic shit-heels, but she's taking it to a whole new level.  And she has the gall to call her doggerel menus poetry!  What an awful person.

  9. That is art and not food. Food is supposed to make me full and enjoy the taste. With these little servings nobody can enjoy the taste (maybe only once).

  10. The food she makes and the food they ate dont look very fulfilling and satisfying. One bite and its done. Plus this episode is not entertaining.

  11. It's interesting that a talented woman can get some many dislikes but a guy on here wont be put under such scrutiny. She earned her accolades, show some respect children. For everyone who is complaining about the portions, its a small part of a tasting menu; meaning they include multiple plates of food. From what I can gather she has two options, the regular tasting, a whooping 9 courses and a Grande Menu. Grande means large for you extra dumb fucks out there. The Grande menu has includes 17 fucking courses. Seventeen plates of food is quite substantial by anyone's standards. Try harder before you judge.

  12. BORING. The oldschool guys doing bbqs in NCarolina was waaay better, honest food and humble people. No snobiety or hipster bullsh*t. 😉

  13. I'm fine with who she is and I can dig her style but I would never want to eat her food. It just looks unsatisfying.

  14. How can you possibly become full off of this food? the serving is just wayyy too small on all of these videos.

  15. I think that women was hungrier for something other than food ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) LOL VAGINA LOL 

  16. I know many people are talking about the dislikes being related to the chef being a girl, but what about the fact that they didn't do much at all in this episode? Not to mention how annoying they got when they were drunk. 

  17. AKA I'm a pretentious twat that overcharges for overly complicated food in ridiculously small portions. So full of shit. 

  18. it pains me to read youtube comments from videos that are from restaurants with the most skill, talent and passion given in their dishes. people just comment on how small the dish is, where they think its one whole meal, where it is a course, set and accompanied by 20 or so others. People that cannot appreciate the art of cooking, should seriously just shut the fuck up and go fuck off. 

  19. longue vie vous mes dames ! vive les françaises épanouies dans ce métier .un p'tit mot du Québec . 

  20. I would go here, but I'm not spending $150 on dinner. I could go to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant and only spend 1/4th of that.

  21. This woman is a major talent and has a giant heart and all you fools can talk about is stupid stuff.  Most of you could not even make a grilled cheese sandwich or boil water … the sad side to internet is it opens the door to fools…and makes everyone a critic… you think bc you  eat that you know ANYTHING about food.  BTW she is walking arm and arm all the way to the bank and to many awards …while YOU sit in your small room on your laptop finding more ppl to judge while YOU are doing nothing with your life.  BRAVO Chef Crenn Bravo!

  22. I see all of the comments but this was pretty boring when com paired to cue co. Bourdains talde or the underground USC one. Regardless of gender.

  23. sorry guys, people shouldn't be passionate about their work. Anyone being too serious and artistic is gay. Not partying and drinking means you're boring, no exceptions. All food need to be big portions, who cares about experience, food is food, anyone trying to elevate it is stupid/pretentious/gay. Anyone wanting to experience anything beyond just filling their bellies are stupid and try-hards who are hipsters and gay.

    Did I nail it? Am I cool yet?

  24. Got a feeling none of these broads care about vitamin d at all. Also she prob smells her own farts.

  25. I love the cheese guy reaction; "funky?", is the same wtf feeling I have everytime I hear the term in foodie videos, and that happens a lot.

  26. I have eaten at her restaurant it it was nothing short of amazing. The quality of the food and the flavors just incredible!!

  27. what an incredibly attractive woman, both in manner and physique. to know that she's guided her restaurant to posses two michelin stars is adds the sweetness to the lemon and ginger.

  28. to get full here you would have to spend like 10k probably delicious but id be pissed that everything gone in one bite

  29. You know what’s worse than “pretentiousness”? Assholes who constantly feel the need to shame others who are different from them or have different opinions/ways of life. I should avoid the munchies YouTube comments they’re full of insecure people who love to hipster shame

  30. How to be a famous chef
    1. Find leaves and sticks
    2. Make up a dumb story
    3. Put it on a plate
    4. Price it at 1 billion dollars
    Mic dropped

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