75 thoughts on “MUNCHIES: Chef’s Night Out with Erik Anderson”

  1. LOL! "He came from a place called Noma in Copenhagen". You know. No big deal. Only the best restaurant in the world.

  2. I tried to find Cock D. on google and couldn't. Sadness abounds. Please help. It looks like all his reviews were taken down 🙁

  3. "A place called Noma, out of Copenhagen."

    Yeah, It's only the world's best restaurant….so no big deal.

  4. Thats like no food at all…..how much? 15 dollars for a 50g piece of duck breast whats that like 150 calories??

  5. I love all these videos but it's now hitting me how weird it must feel being filmed while eating lol.

  6. I see you all drink good beer in Nashville St Pauli girl the only beer to drink . 5 Star beer they're trying to keep my beer out of here in Florida St Pauli girls having beer wars with Budweiser

  7. food network was the beginning of the glorification of chef personalities, tattoos (used to) represent rebellion within the societal norm and/or gang affiliation, now however they are basically everywhere.  Does anyone ask themselves how these young people own there own places, investors? hand me down money? good credit? regardless of all, the dress code of the young and probably born wealthy chefs in these series are looking and living the part of most hipsters, i.e. a beard, tats, piercings and living in a once but now quickly changing ghetto. Not to knock hard work which a restaurant's like these take but the facade of the hipster is transparent, the old idea of looking tough isn't as simple as getting a blue collar job and tats now…..so all in all i think they are just playing a role they once saw in a movie

  8. Haha 3:15
    A "place called Noma out of Copenhagen". Noma not just "some" restaurant, it's been labelled among the best in the world for several years.

  9. They are all eating animals, think about it, they would probably freak out if they saw a human eat a human outside the resturant, why would they? Because they are hipocrites.

  10. people drink fernet in places other than nor cal/nor nev? I love the stuff…just most people don't even know what it is. also…i kinda want to give that bologne sandwich a shot.

  11. another american chef joint wanking each other off!!! sick of looking at the the same thing and spending bigger peoples money…. are you actually doing this or is this just how american restaurants think now… FO!

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