59 thoughts on “MUNCHIES: Chef’s Night Out with Joey Campanaro”

  1. The blogger/comedian girl seemed a generation too young for the group. Can see why she got so drink she almost puked haha

  2. So did Joey Campanero bring two random people he barely knew along with him in his Munchies? Because it seems that way.

  3. I don't know who the girl was, but she was charming, and made the best out what seemed to be a somewhat awkwardly artificial situation. All of the food looked tasty, and the royalty-free approximation of the theme from Rocky was kind of adorable.

  4. Funny how you guys had to cut out of the Rocky theme at the end. Good save with the generic version.

  5. Fuck me, leave the girl alone. If you had a camera in you face all night while eating and drinking I'm sure you would say some random shit. Too many lame ass kook trolls online.

  6. That blogger chick was so fucking cute. Damn, I can appreciate a betty with a nice grill.got me sprung, girl.

  7. I love munchies so much…Have been watching it for ages.  Was so happy to sub to its own channel.  This episode is full of fools and people in need of braces.  Worst episode of the year…next. p.s. oh except for the Rocky thing. Rocky II is the best movie ever.

  8. People from philly, Rocky is a fictional character, you had a real heavyweight great in Joe Frazier, yet he gets no love, fuck they even have a statue of rocky.

  9. In my opinion the Rocky series is kind of cheesy but I don't have an infantile need to slam it. To each their own.

    I really liked this episode, this dude is courteous and didn't get loud or obnoxious even when he was blitzed. Classy little toast at the end as well. I'd like to drink with him, which is a lot more than can be said of many of the other chefs who've been on Munchies.

  10. Don't talk about being from philly and rocky if you open a place up in NYC. He probably is a giants, rangers, Yankees fan too

  11. + GBDazzler
    We've got Bernard Hopkins arguably one of the best boxers off all time and he gets no shine either. Joe Frazier happened to be on the wrong end of the Ali promotional whirlwind. But he still gets love in the city. Rocky just happens to appeal to the underdog spirit of the city.

  12. lol ive been to the chinese restaurant too but it seems like its more meant to be a gimmick/funsight instead of a real restaurant with a lot of tourist

  13. Holy shit.  These guys don't use gloves nor hair nets in the kitchen?  Fucking call the Department of Health on their arses.

  14. @ Kevin Lynch 

    IKR? After owning a couple of restaurants, you would think that they would be able to afford to play the real Rocky song and not some fugazi version lol

  15. Joey seems like the nicest dude. I really like his 'no pretension' approach to food, makes me happy to see people like him doing so well

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