100 thoughts on “MUNCHIES: Chef’s Night Out with State Bird Provisions”

  1. Seems like a lot of their recipes just rely on the ingredients to work. Of course a pancake would taste nice if you put umi over it. They just combine a lot of different foods from different backgrounds and cook it that way.

  2. "….is it gluten free?"…. 
    What a bitch!  he's drinking liquor from Japan that's been aged for at least a decade.

  3. Gluten free. Really gluten is not bad for you it is basically a protein and is only for people who are allergic to it other than that who gives a fuck

  4. What a great series! Have a few drinks while watching these pros and I get some great ideas to use in my own kitchen. I love that smoked trout quinoa, but I'll use salmon 'cause that's what I have. Thanks for the entertainment and the good ideas!

  5. it cant fly> its the bible do you the debus!? ok! see you on ameircans dumbetst criemneials…..56 rip yer mucles off when peopole forgto yer fameous.

  6. Of course, he's friends with another guy who runs a couple of hipster eateries in Portland.  NONE of that fancy shit looked appetizing. 

    Less of this, more of places like Skylight Inn. More Action Bronson.

    The piece on Boudin was much more interesting & that shit is delicious!

  7. Love the style and concept. It's so obvious how amazing the flavors are, to see Americans using kimchee and fermented elements as flavoring agents shows incredible evolution in the American style and pallet.

  8. Love this video, but why does it has have too be so gay. Stop showing diversity, and predujice, cant spell it but l know gay people can.

  9. Now, these are the people who have white privilege. And you can see it in their character and how they act.

  10. seem like genuine people and at 13:06 there seemed to be a fellow Bad Brains fan. Much added bonus I say

  11. State Bird Provisions is the best. We went there twice in a week; we loved their food so much and Stuart is just the nicest person ever and we loved his staff. Everyone is super dedicated and passionate about food.

  12. So many comments about people complaining about this person being boring or that person being hipstery or this other person being annoying in some small, silly way. Am I the only one who watches these things for the food?

  13. "oh its san fran, its definatly gonna be old ass hipsters trying to act cool and with the time" and 15 sec in I knew I was right.

  14. That chef is definitely an alcoholic. This is also the only chef's night out I've seen where they were worried about open containers. Cheers

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