97 thoughts on “MUNCHIES: Chef’s Night Out with Tory McPhail”

  1. Creole food is not a "more refined version of Cajun." Sorry. It's not. Creole food comes from West Africa (i.e. slaves), and Cajun is from French Acadian ethnic group that emigrated out of Canada.

  2. As a chef I appreciate that vice has taken the time to get into the "behind the scenes " of chefs and the kitchen crew of these amazing restaurants , I love this series. Keep it up!

  3. I've been watching the Munchies series for a while now, and being from Louisiana, I'm so happy that y'all finally made it down here!  😀

  4. This might be the most delicious episode ever. Balanced out by amazing cocktails and other libations. Working that hard is its own reward.Blessings ChefMike

  5. I was lucky enough to.get.a.kitchen tour of.commanders palace. Best meal of my life and I've been to Thomas kellers restaurants. Sous chef at 4 diamond 1895 grille at Pinehurst nc

  6. This dude couldn't provide work to local people he had to "bring a kid from idaho" but yet he's going to cook local food. What a pretentious ass.

  7. Lol… McPhail… Funniest Irish last name. Anyways, I sometimes find it hard to watch these videos because i get too jealous. Even though Milwaukee has a lot of amazing restaurants, its hard to afford sometimes. I wish they would do one of these in Milwaukee though.

  8. Not sure, but from what I saw, there's some ugly ass bitched in that area. Especially that linebacker women bartender, looks like a damn drag queen. Looks nasty.

  9. wow virtual decadence! all that booze and rich food smothered in rich food.This may taste good but it'll kill you too.

  10. I'm sitting here eating a shitty as fuckin, smells like ass tv dinner!.. Who the fuck are these people?? Eating all this amazing shit i've never heard of.. Why do I watch this fucking show when I eat… god damn it, I want what they're eating.

  11. I'm an aspiring cook trying to work my way up in the restaurant business. Watching these videos makes me really depressed.

  12. Hey this guy was on Jamie Olivers American Road Trip! He was putting that roof back on and re-opening with Jamie…

  13. 200 plastic spoons a day? All of my what….
    Your'e in a fucken kitchen brah, why not use a regular fucken spoon?
    Thumbs down.

  14. work for the best in the culinary world to be the best: totally agree. Then the chef says: 'You can go directly to New York or you can come down here to New Orleans."  wtf?  Paris? London? Hong Kong? Bangkok? /evaluation: completed. Idiot detected.  🙂

  15. Thumbs up if you think that weird chef looks like Vincent Corleone in the God father pat 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I've been a bartender for 15 years and I still get people telling me to be careful (I think it's the tits).

  17. all i felt with this episode was that they were just begging people to come to new orleans like fuck off and shut up, we get it you have good bars

  18. Never worked under chef Tory but I have met him and he told me the same thing I’m hearing in the video. If you wanna be the best, you have to work for the best.

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