MUST DO in Shinjuku,Tokyo!🎌- Cooking With A Local !

What is going on Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, Japan And when I travel I always find that the best experiences I’ve had Involve meeting local people Well today we’re going to meet a local guy who is going to take us to his apartment We’re going to have a cooking class together And then we’re going to eat some delicious authentic cuisine And this is all through We’ve worked with them in the past And they pair you up with a local person To have this kind of a culinary experience And I’ve never had a bad time with them So let’s go check this out Guys it’s food.. It’s Japan It’s a local guy I’m really excited about this So let’s check it out And let’s eat as much as we can Sorry for you that you can’t But I’ll eat for you Hello, I’m Sato Welcome to my little class I love my job so much I basically grew up in a very nature.. With the visible fields and my grandpa used to own a big miso factory And I had to cook since I was 4 years old My skill in this relationship is not cooking It’s Adriana’s skill We both like to eat She likes to cook I don’t But I will try my best today I promise Miso soup is’re going to taste something pure This is made by my mom This is two years old Two years old We just smashed the soy beans We put some salt, dumped some fermented rice Fermented rice in it Miso that was underground for two years fermenting.. Very rich flavor Very, really rich And strong Super.. Cracking my first egg ! I’ve never cracked an egg on camera before That was the only time That was the first attempt That was not a cut Cooking is more fun in a social setting in my opinion When i’m by myself I don’t have the motivation to do it If you’re with a few friends it’s a lot more fun The reason we don’t want it to boil Is because we don’t want to lose the taste We’re looking for one bubble One bubble, we’re done Yeah I saw it, I saw it Yeah it was right there I saw it Mmm It’s delicious guys.. I love it It’s really good Sake.. We have to.. Is this normally how they do it with sake? This is cooking sake Cooking sake, not drinking.. Not for drinking.. You can drink this’s not tasty Right now Adriana and I are following the recipe here For making the Teriyaki sauce And what were some of the key ingredients Honey Salt Sake Garlic Water Soy Sauce And Mirin You want to taste the salad? You want to taste the salad? Of course I want to.. I want to taste everything What i’m really liking about this class so far.. Is that we’re trying everything just a little bit Before it’s ready Which is getting me excited..I like the anticipation Oh yes.. everything seems to be.. Smells excellent And what’s this thing called again? It’s called Gobo Gobo Gobo Gobo I want you to.. mix the starch Ok And put it inside like that I put salad oil, salad oil Cooking the Chicken Teriyaki Thigh And skin down Notice that the.. sake on top of the chicken Gives it a really sweet smell It smells delicious guys… I wish you could smell it Because your mouth will be mine We wish there was a way that YouTube could allow you to smell what we’re smelling right now Perfect rice man..
You can see the grain Teriyaki means.. Teri means.. shining Yaki means a grill Teri-yaki This is a real teriyaki chicken Just like that Swiping the chicken on the side of the pan to make it shinier And now we’re putting the chicken teriyaki onto the Donburi bowl We’re almost done We just sliced these up into about 5 different pieces I can’t wait to eat it This is the end result here.. After about an hour and a half of cooking Really really excited to try the chicken teriyaki Gobo right here, looks delicious as well Quite the feast we have here And we don’t even know where to begin What should we try first Adriana? What about the miso soup? So good It’s not salty at all It’s much better than any other I’ve tried in a restaurant Seriously guys Not just because you’re here in front of me Just because you’re here, she’s saying that stuff Sorry You know i’m very honest And i’m always making faces It’s so good, can’t hide a reaction That’s true Guys we have the Donburi Bowl here Which is the Teriyaki chicken.. Teriyaki chicken rice Vegetables We were involved in the whole process of cooking this I feel a lot more of a connection to the bite that I’m about to take Here we go First bite of this home cooked Chicken Teriyaki This is very good And what I like about it.. A few things One is that I don’t like feel like the Teriyaki sauce is overwhelming the chicken And you can actually taste how good the chicken is here A lot of times in the U.S I’ve had chicken before Chicken Teriyaki the sauce is to strong I also like that the skin.. Just falls right off of the thigh And the way it was prepared The juiciness of this chicken It’s incredible Definitley the best Chicken Teriyaki I’ve ever had And I’ve had a lot of this in the U.S I’m trying Gobo I think for the first time In Japan With Ponzu sauce In sesame and mayo It was quite a bit of work to actually make this Interesting Very crunchy Very crunchy.. it’s got this like.. How do I say.. vegetable taste Like a green vegetable maybe, I would say And I like the .. ponzu sauce A little tangy It’s very crunchy Very tasty But I can’t compare it with something else I had the same reaction yeah I like it.. I really do It’s like eating chips Yeah, that’s a decent comparison We’re eating , delicious healthy chips I want to break the stereotypes of the Japanese food Japanese food is not only sushi, tempura, and ramen We eat vegetables.. very often We appreciate the seasons.. we just like to.. Respect everything That’s why I want to.. show my culture My guests tell me something We are just exchanging culture.. that’s what I like about it About my class That’s what I like If you don’t do the cooking class, maybe the food doesn’t have that meaning.. and history That you get when you’re actually cooking.. and talking with him So I think you have to.. experience the whole thing Not just eating, everything is worth it That was an incredible experience here with Sato Definitley one of the most memorable things.. that we have done in 9 nights In Tokyo As I said when I started this video Meeting a local, having this authentic experience And learning how to cook Japanese Food We’re taking the recipe home And I think we’re going to try to at least make the chicken teriyaki At some point I doubt it will even be half as good.. But if you want to have this same experience I’m going to put a link down below In the description Through Traveling Spoon and Sato You can come to his apartment And cook a lot of different stuff Trust me.. well worth it If you’re new to this channel Make sure that you’re subscribed.. We’ve still got a couple of videos left from Japan Thank you so much for watching Until next time

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