Must do in Ubud –  Best cooking class in Ubud, Bali

Must do in Ubud – Best cooking class in Ubud, Bali

good morning everyone and welcome back
to tastes Seoul good. so it’s about 7:00 a.m. here in beautiful ubud bali
indonesia. so i’m getting ready to go to a Balinese cooking class. so in just a
few moments the driver will pick us up and take us to a local market where
we’ll pick up our fresh ingredients. then we will go to a cooking class and learn how
to make a few Balinese traditional dishes. I’m super excited as I do love
Balinese food. Oh let’s go check out a local Balinese
cooking class. so we’re in the market before our cooking
class and our guide is showing us all the ingredients and the history behind them.
so it’s really interesting. there’s a lot of fresh produce and meats. can you see the different? the color is different, right? this is the white, sticky rice. this is we use for the bread for the king. this one is regular white rice. this is the one we consume for daily product. for the fried rice, yes! for the yellow rice, yes! we consume this one. we use this one to steam the rice. So all the rice we put in and we steam from the bottom. now we’re going to the rice fields and
our guide is going to show us rice fields. that should be exciting. so just finished
the market. learned a little history. here this guy is making sate. so here is the
rice fields. the guide just told us that they can grow rice here in bali all year
round. it takes about 4 months from the time
they plant the seed until it is ready for harvest. so they can do that about 3
times a year. ok, before we start, i would like to explain a little about the rice field for you. so in bali, like i said, we have four kinds of the rice. white rice is for main course and for breakfast, lunch, dinner. hey guys so we’ve just arrived at the Periuk cooking class here in Bali. so the price is 35,000 indonesian rupiah. so we
got picked up and went to the rice fields and market some other things. and now we are
getting ready to go in and cook. so let’s go check it out. cooking the dishes was a lot of fun. now there’s a little buffet so we’re going to go see all the food and taste it and see how good it is. so here’s the food we just prepared.
we have some chicken satay, and some rice some chicken curry and some vegetables
and some steamed fish in this banana leaf of this pepper sauce. we just finished our cooking class. it was a lot of fun. the food was really good. it was a really good experience. would definitely recommend
you come here if you are visiting Bali. i’ll leave all the information down below. so if you
liked this video be sure to give it a big thumbs up.
have a great day. I’ll see you later.

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