Mutton Paya Recipe l Goat Trotters lIndian Food l  By Cooking with Benazir

Mutton Paya Recipe l Goat Trotters lIndian Food l By Cooking with Benazir

Peace be upon you Friends due to the demand from many subscribers I am going to make Paya or trotter as we call it in English. First of all let us see how to clean them I have taken four trotters Mix well and coat the trotters I have washed the trotters initially Let them lie for 10 to 15 minutes 15 minutes have passed let us clean the trotters Rub them nicely If there are any hair left you can clean them like this If you want you can scrape them with the help of a knife This way we will clean them all and wash them thoroughly with water Let us prepare the spices now We will first fry them in oil Heat half a cup oil. In a pressure cooker Add the spices Fry them for half a minute I have used two big onions and I have sliced them like this Fly them till golden brown Let me give you a tip of advice sometimes we feel that the onions remain RAW Please make sure that the onions are not dark brown We will cook them Till they are light golden brown Onions are golden brown We want the same colour as you can see Now we will add the trotters We have drained the trotters and there is no water left in them We have trained the trotters and there is no water left in them Fry them nicely on a high flame Fry them for 2 to 3 minutes The trotters have been fried well I can smell the nice Aroma Now lower the flame Fry them nicely on a low flame Do not increase the flame otherwise the spices will burn Add 3 tablespoons of water Cook them on high flame now Friends if you like my recipes please hit the like button and yes I like reading your comments We will add one more tablespoon of water this way we will fry them nicely We have cooked them for 7 to 8 minutes by adding little little water you can see that everything has been cooked very well Now we will add water I have added 600 ml water we will totally add 1 litre water The flame is on high We will make a thin gravy the gravy in this recipe has to be liquid not thick After closing the lid we will cook them on a high flame till 1 whistle After that we will cook them for 10 to 12 minutes on the low flame then we will check them The time taken to cook trotters varies according to the size of the trotter’s if the trotters are big it takes longer time to cook I have used small Trotter that is why after 10 to 12 minutes I will open the lid and check Around 15 minutes have passed let’s check the trotters as you can see the trotters have being cooked very nicely you can see they are very soft we have to be careful that the meat does not separate from the bone We need to keep a very liquid kind of gravy it should not be thick if you want more gravy you can add more water now we will garnish with some bits of green chillies and Ginger julienne and then they will serve

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  2. Oh very nice receipe nice paya soup kash Mai Bakra hota toh muje chalta Mera mutton ya paya soup banta bakri Eid

  3. Behad lazeez hai yeh paaye ki recipe. I tried at home everybody like it. Credit goes to u. Keep on share ur recipe with. Me. Luv ur channel.

  4. आज आप जैसा पाया रेसिपी बनायी बहोत यमी लगी हम आपको फाँलो करते है

  5. too gud paya recipe.
    vil try definitely. looking yummy. though don t eat mutton but like only paya. thanks for sharing.

  6. Asalamwalekum..Aaj ghar May dawat hai paya ki recipe chahiya tha suddenly aapka ya video mil gaya..aapne jo tarike se banaya aur samjhaya accha laga..thank u 👍🏻

  7. Hi i have tried couple of times and whenever i cook its awesome thanks to you, infact paya is one of my favorite but tasted only in restaurants in India and Dubai always wanted to make myself ….thanks to you once again

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    बडिया पाया बनाया है आपने .

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