[MV] Zion.T _ Eat(꺼내 먹어요)

[MV] Zion.T _ Eat(꺼내 먹어요)

Hey It’s not easy, huh?
I know you’re busy You wonder why you have to come this far They want so much (I know) You must want a break
It’s all so loud All so annoying, right? I bet you want to go home
(Even when you’re home) I bet you do At such times, take out this song
Enjoy it like a piece of chocolate Make sure you eat your meals even if you’re tired Then I’ll compliment you later I miss you I like you a lot I want to hug you more often I feel something like love for you Maybe I really do love you When you feel hungry, take out this song
Eat it like a morning apple Make sure you eat your meals even if you’re tired Then you’ll be able to sleep better at night I’m worn out By your beauty Please notice me Please don’t let me pass by Please love me Don’t let go

82 thoughts on “[MV] Zion.T _ Eat(꺼내 먹어요)”

  1. annyeong
    swibji anhjyo bappeujyo
    wae ireohke kkaji
    haeya hana sipjyo
    baraneun ge
    deoreobke manhjyo
    swigo sipjyo
    da seonggasijyo?
    jibe gago sipjyo?
    (jibe itneundedo)
    jibe gago sipeul keoya

    keureol ttaeni noraereul
    chokollit cheoreom kkeonae meogeoyo
    pigonhaedo achim jeomsim bab jom chaenggyeo meogeoyo
    keureomyeon itta naega chingchanhaejulkeyo

    manhi johahaeyo
    deo manhi anajugo sipeoyo
    sarang sarang biseuthan geol haeyo
    eojjeomyeon jeongmal saranghaeyo

    baegopeul ttaen i noraereul
    achim sagwacheoreom kkeonae meogeoyo
    pigonhaedo achim jeomsim bab jom chaenggyeo meogeoyo
    keureomyeon itta bame jamdo jal ol geo.eyo
    arabwajwoyo nareul
    heullyeo bonaeji mayo nareul
    saranghaejwoyo nal, nal

  2. I live in America and nobody cares like this. I've had a eating disorder since 5th grade I'm 24 and learning Korean and the culture made me realize how little Americans truly love.

  3. I know this song 2017 but now i can comment and all i want to say is.
    Zion t's voice is so cool and the melody of his song is so sweet!!

  4. 아 요즘 자이언티 안본지 오래됬는데 왜 음악을 안내는거야.. 오랜만에 자이언티 노래 듣고 싶은데ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  5. I saw ppl commenting abt how this is abt the food but its not abt the food. Sometimes we overwork, to the point we want to go home but we are already home. In korean, parents say are you eating well as an indirect way of saying are you okay, are you taking care of yourself. Zion t is expressing that with Eat and im just predicting now but as he acts as the phone, hes like a reminder on a calendar or when ppl call you to ask if you're ok 🙂

  6. I kind of understand this song as Zion being the "thing" that won't let her eat and then there's the parts where he is not there anymore and she starts eating. So yeah i guess it's symbolism that she has an eating disorder but the song is nice. 💓

    Ah and zion has some really nice outfits.

  7. 2:33 mistranslating- it should say ‘please love you’ not me because it sounds like he says saranghaejuoyo, neol(you)

  8. I always have this song on my playlist but I just figured out this mv and the meaning behind this song. Surprisingly, matched to my situation right now. I was kind of bursted down a bit and also consoled by this song. Love this song ever than before

  9. 매번 노래 한두번 듣고 질리는 나지만 이건 몇십번을 들어도 질리지가 않네
    정말 매번 들을때마다 위로받는 느낌이어서 너무 좋다
    고마워요 자이언티

  10. This so beautifully encapsulates what it is to love someone. Quiet support and just wanting them to let you "be" with them and be sure that they take care themselves — asking nothing more.

  11. 한국사람으로 태어나서 진짜 행복하다 이 노래가사 내용을 알수있다는거에 너무 감사하네요.

  12. 오랜만에 문득 생각이 나서 듣는데 왜인지 눈물이 나서, 귀가길 내내 고개를 떨구어 끅끅거렸다

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