My £10 ebay rotisserie! – kitchen gadget testing

– Juices. Oop. Oh no. (noisy clattering) Oh my gosh it’s falling off. (grunting) Agh! No! (wheezing laugh) I really didn’t need this
to be happening right now. (laughing) (triumphant music) (popping) Howdy-doody-dandy folks,
so, hope you’re well! Uh, this today is a very exciting video. Uh it’s the follow-up to the
video I did the other day the yiros, okay? The chicken yiros. I can be your “yiro” ba-beh! Sorry. I meant to do that on that video, But! That video actually, as a moment
right now I’m filming, that has not gone up onto
the internet right now. And I already know some
of you are gonna go, “Where’s the french fries man?” I don’t wanna put them in there, it’s up to you. But if you do want to put them in there, I recommend the Thrice Cooked chip videos, check that out on the channel as well. Today, we are following
on from the chicken yiros because we made the uh
stand with the skewer thing where we could carve off
the chicken oh my gosh and I teased, uh… A gadget that I’ve got. It’s over there! Yeah! Now this thing, uh exists
you can get it on Amazon I think it’s about seventy
to eighty pounds right now. Uh, so do check out if you want. But I was looking for it and
I actually found one on eBay. Yep, and it arrived in this FedEx bag uh, it was no other packaging around it. But other than that, the
description said it was unused. I got it for a tenner, so ten pounds. And the only thing, I’ll
show you in a minute, it’s got a few dents and scratches in it. But I think we can have
some fun with this. It’s got like different
attachments and things and randomly about a
week after that arrived I think the person that
sold it to me was like, “Oh I found this other bit for it.” Because I had a box arrive
simply with this sort of big spear thing in it, so uh. We are gonna do, today, 3, in fact tomorrow as
well, 3 different things in this to see if it’s any
good and then if you want you could probably get one yourself. It’s not a sponsored video
but we’re gonna be doing some pork kebabs, we’re
then going to rotisserie an entire chicken on there! And then as a follow-up to the yiro, you know the theory of making
a chicken kebab tower thing, we’re actually gonna do a lamb kebab, like a proper one that
you get in the shop that they carve off. Wow! So let’s have a little look at it. (playful music) (noisy clattering) (laughing) Quite a noisy thing. Well, first up I can see
it has got a U.K plug on it which of course is peace of mind we don’t want any toaster situations. It’s got a removable dish like this, which just sits on there… And like, effectively, like,
rotisserie cooking is probably one of the most oldest school
formats of cooking isn’t it? Like the whole like, pig
with an apple in its mouth or whatever. Or you might wanna put a
big marrow on there instead, if you vegetarian, I’m sure they did that back in the day. Can you put an apple in a marrow? But I mean, other than that,
it’s in pretty good nick. This thing here is gonna get super hot, it’s got a timer on it of up to an hour. But I can’t adjust the
heat, it’s either on or off, so it’s basically a big food sunbed. So it did come with an
instruction booklet but I think, currently famous last words for me, I think we’re gonna be okay. Um, the main thing everything
happens on this pole, this stem. It goes in and then it sort
of lifts in to place there. But then you’ve got other attachments. So, these spiky things
(kung-fu shout) that arrived, you can see they’re square right? So they will fit down and
up on there so we can skewer a chicken into place. So I’m really glad that
person decided to send me the second one. And also we’ve got a
load of these skewers. They’re actually quite sharp. Uh, so we can make
kebabs straight on there, by threading these on, which
have also got square clamp pinch bits on them, and holes
where we can ram these down, thread the skewers on, and cook away! And in fact that’s the
first thing we’re gonna do because they should, in
theory, take the shortest amount of time. All I’m gonna do right now
is start to make some kebabs. I’ve got some pork and
peppers so, nice and basic. The kids are gonna eat well tonight. (music) All right, that’ll do! One nice kebab, uh I’ve got
seven sticks but I don’t know if I’ve got enough ingredients for seven. We’ll see how we get on. I’ll see you in a minute. There we go! Seven kebabs! And I only managed to pierce
my finger on it about a billion times as I was
spreading it on there. So pork and pepper, nice and simple, but I will brush it with
a marinade once it cooks but of course, we don’t really know uh… What this thing is gonna
do (wheezing laugh). How fast it’s gonna spin ’round, how- I think it’s gonna be hot. So what I’m gonna do is
just thread this on… and tighten it. I’m gonna align those brackets up. And I think I can adjust this
but I just want to get the kebabs on it first. (playful music) (wheezing laugh) Hang on I’m now trying to
put the kebab through that, and it’s obviously gonna… Oh! No I can do it this way I think. Yes. Let’s try that again, I should
be able to hang a kebab… Oh my gosh it’s falling off! It’s actually falling off, brilliant. Okay let’s get it nice and
close like that at first. Let’s try that again. Kebab’s gonna go in. Come on! (laughing) It’s like a game show! All right we’ll line that up in there… And then we’ll clamp that like that. Huh? Yes! Yeah this is totally
working except some of the (wheezing laugh) stuff wants to fall off. Wow! We’re gonna have a carousel. (playful music) Sorry AGH no! (machine clattering) I’m sure I could’ve just
hung it up and done this let’s have a try. Oh. Look it’s doing it for me! There we go look at it! It’s on there! I think! Let’s get that out of the way, I also need to wash my hands, um… I’m just gonna turn it on
there’s a timer down there, normally sometimes if you’re grilling it, ’bout twenty minutes or so, twenty-five. Um, but I’m gonna try and
brush it with the marinade but, let’s turn it on. Okay so I am running the power to an extension cable along up there. I do, somebody actually
randomly asked me this the other day. I do have a power source
under the cupboard there but I like to have a nice, easy
accessible switch-off point at the wall where if
anything crazy happens. I mean, that- not that that does happen. Okay so the power light
should come on the minute I do a timer. I have no idea how fast this is gonna go, uh, let’s say, I- go
about thirty minutes… (whispers) Oh my gosh. It’s got like a proper
old-school like bomb timer on it. Whoa. Why’re you smoking? No, no don’t do this please don’t do this. Is it? Because it’s the first
time it’s been used? I did wash it and everything. Oh no. I’m gonna power on, I’m
gonna open a window. But we’re gonna power on. I’ll give you updates. Live updates, as they happen. Particularly if the smoke stops. Oh it’s stopped! It has stopped. I probably inhaled it all. Great. I haven’t really got
much more updates to say other then the smell’s gone. Uh, the window was open and it’s now gone. Look at that. We are in like, light-saber territory now. From here literally I could
probably get a suntan, I need to put my lotion on. That is super hot. But no sign of it really cooking yet. I really think this is gonna- I think this is gonna be amazing. And there’s nothing there
right now but I think that this is gonna be like the fat tray. I’m not sure if you can see, but this one here, has popped out. There we go, get back in there. It’s like a magical,
cooking roundabout of food. I love it! Look at that. (laughing) Is that like the coolest
thing you’ve ever seen? Wow. I’m gonna now baste it. And in fact, let me keep the
sexy lens on while I do this. I got some barbecue
sauce and I’m gonna just brush the kebabs. Gives me something to do to be honest because I’m actually just
watching a meat version of the magic roundabout. I just don’t feel like I
need to talk right now. I feel like I need some sexy
Barry White music over it. (sexy not Barry White music plays) Okay, I’ve basted these
loads, I think they’re done. I’m gonna turn it off
because 1, this needs a rest. 2, it needs to cool down so I
can wash it and get ready… for the chicken. The timer’s still going… Nevermind. I’m not gonna take them
straight off because BOY they’re gonna be hot. That’s gonna be hotter than
the sting on your bottom on a radiator as a small
child which is a true story, I did that, it hurts. Don’t do that. I don’t know why I didn’t have pants on. But they’re gonna be phenomenal. Literally 5 minutes later, Sorry, I can’t resist, I’m gonna try! NYAH! Wssss, hooo… Good. I’m actually really
amazed how quickly these have cooled down. Maybe just an extra cheeky
brush of barbecue sauce just to liven it up again. What the heck was that noise? (laughing) It’s cooling down. Let it- Let it have a break. It’s got some work to do still. I’m so excited for this. Oh wow! Oh juicy, they’re tender, they’re tangy, and you can make them any way you want. Whatever you put on there, I
think you’ll absolutely love. I was a bit worried
actually because obviously the front side is gonna
get proper charred, which is great for when we’re
doing the carving off later, uh but the back wasn’t really
getting much attention, but gradually it picked up and I’m… Pleased to report, relieved
to report that it is completely cooked through. (grunts) Wow! All right so I’ve just given
the base bit a bit of a wash and a clean and it’s completely clean and the uh, stem, that’s
what I’m gonna call it. The pole? The disc-y things I’m
gonna put them in soak into the wash they got a bit more charred but we don’t need them anyway! The next thing, (tapping chicken) Is a chicken. Now rotisserie chicken, you mean, you see them in the supermarkets a lot of them have them
now which is so good. I’m not gonna do any crazy
marinade or anything like that at the moment. I’ll probably baste it later
on but we need to get this on because really a chicken… I mean this is a small
one, probably takes about ninety minutes to two hours typically. So we’re gonna spike it. Using these. So one’s gonna be the bum,
one’s gonna be the top to hold it into place on our stem. So there’s me chicken I’m
gonna keep my string on it, it is a small chicken I’m
just kind of praying that when I stick it on there, it’s not gonna be too big because it’s not a massive area there. Could brush against the grill, it could stop it moving around, also will it catch really quickly? I don’t really wanna put foil on it. We’ll just see what happens. If you’re a vegetarian
or not a fan of things being pushed up bums, look away now. (wheezing laugh) Look, it’s caught. The spike’s holding it. (laughing) And then, I do the opposite with this one. I push it down and it’s skewer in place. Just hold it. And then we lift it up onto that. Ugh can I get it any higher
I wonder if it can get any higher. It doesn’t matter ’cause
the heating element goes all the way down to the bottom. And that’s no pun intended. (clattering) (grunting) Ah yeah that’s better. Look at that! And that should sit in there… And we have got a skewered chicken. That’s it! I’m gonna wash my hands. I’m gonna turn it on,
and it’s gonna tick away. See you in a long time. (timer ticking) (wheezing laugh) Behold the praying chicken. He is the knowledge and
fountain of everything. Can’t muck around, got
some other stuff to do. All right so this has
only been ten minutes and, down the bottom there’s juices coming out, it’s really starting to
smell great in here already, I love rotisserie chicken, but the last bit we’re
gonna do is a lamb doner, uh where we’re gonna
slice it off tomorrow. The lamb mince needs to be
bonded overnight to that post, so we can’t finish it just yet, but we’re gonna make the mix. Now! Okay we’re gonna do this
step away from the kitchen because I don’t want to
get anywhere near that inferno chicken. Wedding ring’s off. 2 kilos of lamb mince. I mean you can freestyle
this any way you want so I’m just gonna go for
some of my favourite things. This is some cumin, mustard powder, mixed herbs, onion granules, bear cayenne, garlic granules, which I’ve got a little bit on
the table down there, whoops. And last but not least, some smoked paprika. I love paprika! (slurping sounds) And now just basically make
sure you got nothing to do, like if the front door went right now, I’d probably kind of be stuck. But I’m gonna go for it, oh my gosh. (upbeat music) You can almost sort of
like kneading the meat here but what we’ve got here is
a nice consistent colour. All those spices and
herbs have blended in, and we can keep this cool in
the fridge for the time-being. Right, that has had half an hour. I’m not sure if you can see that but it’s getting some
really good colour on there. I’m trying to keep my
distance a little bit, because it is basically
spitting like a camel. The tray is catching
loads of the juices and if you want, you could basically lift it and brush and baste in that. I’m gonna use a butter-based baste. Wow that was hard to say. In this ramikin, there
is some melted butter, some paprika, ’cause I love paprika, and some pepper. I’m just finishing it off, in ’bout twenty seconds in the microwave, uh ’cause I have to keep
this butter fairly warm. (music) If I just mix this together… And get some on my countertop. Brilliant. I am actually fairly
confident of this now because- Whoa, was that some sort
of crazy spark then? Maybe that’ll pick up in the video they were like lightning! (dramatic music) Now obviously this is electricity but it’s designed for this so… We’ll keep going but be careful. So I’m just getting some of those juices. Oop. Dropping my camera! And just uh, basting away, is actually really, really fun. All right, I could keep
doing this for absolute hours but we… Are… Done. That’s been 2 hours. (laughing) (timer dings) Ready! (laughing) Ohoho the trusty wooden spoon! Oh, my gosh. Look, a ninja turtle look at that. And I also need to clean me STEM! Still hot. (music) Oh beautiful. It’s all cooked through guys. That was my biggest worry. On the roast dinner chicken playlist you’ve seen me carve a chicken before but I’ve just chucked this
up near the legs, the wings, all that stuff. And of course the chicken breast which is actually the thigh is my favourite part. It’s on the yiro video but. Oh my gosh. (happy sigh) That is so tender. So moist. And I think, I think I’m
in love with this machine. If only I wasn’t married. Okay what an incredible
combination so far, that chicken is so good! And the kebabs are actually good. I’m back to a gadget I did a while ago. Do you remember the kebab
tower where you sliced it? You combine that, with this. That can work amazing and people have actually asked
me about doing videos where I actually cook an
entire meal of gadgets so maybe I will do that. If you wanna see that, let me know. Last up, we’ve washed up our spear,
our pole, our spike, whatever we wanna call it. It’s nice and clean because our meat, our lamb mince that we made earlier, is gonna cling to it. Okay. This might look a little bit weird but uh, I think this is gonna help me. So we’ve got the base bit
that had the chicken fat on it just a moment ago, we’ve given it a good ol’ clean out. Uh, we’ve got a bowl, simply because this has
a notch on the bottom that I can’t take off. So if you sit it on here, it’s actually a fairly sturdy base. Which means I can sit my pole in there… It’s quite wobbly actually. Eh. We get this out and that smells from here, is it from my fridge I was
like what the hell is that? I wanna be in there. So we getting our meat now. This is where it’s gonna get dirty. Then I grab, almost like
burger patty-shapes of it, and thread it down… Through… Into the pole. (upbeat music) There we go! It looks a bit weird, I know. And of course, with
the chicken yiro video, we could have just done the same. We could actually just drop chicken thighs through this and carve those, but we’re doing this. Got our trusty, old friend here. The WrapMaster 3000. And I’m gonna just… Rotate this on just to initially get… A little bit of coverage on it. Okay, that’ll do for now. Don’t need the mixing bowl anymore. (upbeat music) That is really nice and
wrapped on there now. Just trying to make sure the
ends are still protruding. Getting it compact on it so
that it clings to that pole. I mean, if it doesn’t, we can use this dish for it
to sit in and that should hold it up? I don’t know if it’s gonna work but we’re gonna chill this
overnight in the fridge so it really does firm. And then I could have
a kebab for breakfast? See you in the morning! – Morning. – Mornin’ (laughs) Are you all right? – I’m fine. – Yeah I’m fine too, thanks for asking. – Okay. – I’m a bit worried about the kebab Chloe. – Why? – Well basically, um… When we did the yiro the other day guys, then we threaded the chicken on there, that’s like a big ol’ piece, and we did it with other beefs and meats and stuff like that, okay? – Okay. – But when we did it with mince we had to pack that on there, and the pole… The stem, what I called it yesterday, I don’t know the technical term, it’s kinda slippery. This is the kebab, okay? The bird is the kebab. And this is what I fear
it’s gonna do, okay? When we put it on that thing over there. But one thing that is good, and that we discovered yesterday is it came with a few other apparatus- apparatus? Apparatus, whatever. We’ve got the disc-
– Apparatus. Is that a type of food? – No. We’ve got the disc, so we’re gonna put the
bottom of the kebab on that, and then we’re gonna
skewer, with the forks, on there just to hold it in tight. I personally really would
love to do it properly and just put it on there, ’cause I feel like once it cooks it’s going to swell and it’ll
cling to the pole, yeah? – (mimics explosion) – So Chlo, you see? This is what I’ve done, I’ve put the base bottom circle on it, and I’ve skewered it at the top there’s a fork plunged
right in there, okay? – Okay. – (wheezing laugh) Does that smell good Chloe? – Yeah.
– You smell that huh? – It smells like pepperoni. (gasps) It looks like a ginormous sausage. Get me down, get me down, get me down! I don’t like it. – Oh. There it is! (laughing) (gasps) Right I’m gonna cook it straight away. All right! – [Chloe] I’m scared! – I’m gonna go for this. Go! It’s warming up but it’s
not moving what’s going on? I really didn’t need this
to be happening right now. (timer dings) (upbeat music) Come on you got spin. (gasps) Yes! Come on! Cook my pretty. Now, that is doing some crazy things, but I genuinely think
it’s going to swell up and it’ll work. I’m so excited! Check this out, be careful. – Ah. What that was like black. I thought you meant the- What? – (laughing) What?
– [Phoebe] How’s it-? – Is that cool? – Yeah I can feel the heat from here. – Yeah it’s really hot be careful. – Oh my goodness what is that? – It’s a kebab! Come on you’ve probably
eaten a few at 2am. – [Chloe] It looks like a sausage! – [Rebecca] It looks
like a bit of your leg. – [Barry] That’s awesome. Kinda looks like a little alien. It’s quite therapeutic
to look at isn’t it? (classical music) I mean it looks great but I just really don’t want it to fall off
(laughs) it’s gonna collapse. – But what if it does? – What if it does? – Yeah. – We’ll eat kebab off the floor mate. – Yay. – I don’t know if they do
this in the kebab shops, but I’ve just been basting
it every now and then. That colour is phenomenal. Right, we are getting some
insane colour on there, and the really cool thing
with the kebab shop, ’cause you’re just like: “Is that cooked through?” Yeah? – Yeah. – Well, I was thinking that too, and it’s been there for
like, ninety minutes now, but what you tend to do
in a kebab shop isn’t it, you’re not gonna eat the whole thing. So you slicin’ that off, and then it’s gonna keep spinning around, and getting that nice
sort of charred edge. – Okay. – Okay?
– Hoping it for you. – So there’s a slightly fatter side. I’m gonna wait for it to
come around to that bit, so I can carve some of that off. (timer dings) Dinner’s ready. Or dinner’s on, like my cookbook. Available worldwide on Amazon. Now here goes, I’m gonna… Ah. Come on. Oh. There we go, look, look, look, taking slithers, off of it! (laughing) Look it is cooked through, you just keep cutting like that. Ah. Okay I’ve just kinda hacking this up. I need to get better at that, but you’re getting the idea there. That smells… How good does that smell? – [Rebecca] Smells very good. – I’ve also noticed, if
you turn it back on again it rotates the other way. So now we’re taking those slices off, we can basically start a c-c-car? Cooking again. But as it goes ’round, if you’re feeling confident
you could go like that. Oh. Yeah? (wheezing laugh) – One-handed as well. – Well yeah one hand! I’m like are you gonna help me?
– Impressed. No that’s fine, you’re
just gonna watch me? – I’m just gonna watch you struggle. – Thanks. – Okay, so whilst that carries
on cooking in the background, I warmed up a flatbread, just like the yiro video. We’ll on some cucumber, some tomato, a load of our freshly-charred doner meat. (laughing) Tzatziki. Kept this from before, actually. Boom-chicka-wow-wow. (laughing) All right, there you go. – Yummy. – Yeah, (wheezing laugh), yummy? You sure? – It’s spicy. – (mumbles) Oh that’s good. Is that good? (wheezing laugh) – Mm. – That nice? – Very nice. – Oh wait so I’m basically
just holding this for you while you just (wheezing
laugh) peck at it? There you go.
– Thank you. – Well, my family like it. This machine over there, that is absolutely amazing. I think that’s probably
one of my favourite gadgets of all time! Just like-
– You mean me? – We rotisserie chicken,
shishkebabs, doner kebabs, there’s so much more you can do on it. And for me for getting
it for a bargain on eBay, I mean, I think at
retail a little bit more? But for a parties as a centrepiece, that’d be amazing! – I got tomato up my nose. – Tomato up your nose? – Yeah. – Brilliant. Cheers guys! – Bye!
– Bye! – Bye! – Check your level player No matter what your style The kitchen’s for me Happens moustache, goatee Maybe all three. I’m just continuing to carve this off, it’s very fun indeed. So there we go. An absolute bargain for
me for ten pounds on eBay. But, if you wanna get one anyway, loads and loads of uses, Have a look on the internet, Amazon’ll definitely have ’em. Hey Chloe. – Mm? – What do you call a kebab
that’s having a bad day? A “sheesh” kebab. – I don’t really get it.

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