My 105 years Grandma’s Fish Fry | World Best roasted fish recipe | Country Foods

My 105 years Grandma’s Fish Fry | World Best roasted fish recipe | Country Foods

Shall I put three cuts? Yeah. No Problem You caught just now. Right? Yesterday I cooked Egg Dosa, Is it shot in that way? Ask her to smile. Shall we bring rice here? Rice? Yeah. Shall I bring the pot here? No. Leave it there. Why? I have already cooked. I will cook it deliciously and eat. Then, are you cooking all these dishes badly? Laughing together. One man was saying yesterday night “Though she is in a poor state she never accepts one’s charity.” I lost Rs 1000(20$). what happened to the money? Our old lady fractured her leg, so I went and gave her the money. Salt and chilli powder are perfect. Don’t increase the fire. It will burn. Put off the fire. I think it’s not done yet. It’s delicious. In whatever way you shoot i will look good. It’s very hot. Come fast. Sit there and eat.

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  1. உங்கள பாக்கும் போது என் பாட்டி ஞாபகம் வருது ஐ லவ் யு பாட்டி

  2. Love u grandma. You are soo great. And people who are helping u .I hearty salute to them. I like u r smile soo much🙏🙏🙏🙏👌👌👌👌👌

  3. أمي الله يرحمها واحنا في فارسكور كانت تشوي السك بالردة على الصاجة بس ما كانتش بتشرطه علشان ما يتقلش بركته

  4. Hey i love the videos, but i think the music is distracting. There is such a culinary history in these videos, and hearing everything is part of the learning process.

  5. I was just getting very emotional 😭😭😭😟😟😞 i will never forget the woman love you grandma miss you alot

  6. India is my country, in my country there are lot of simplicity in living standards but even they are special in all over the world because there are lot of respect and love . my countries culture are very different and special ,my people are very simple and very careful about each other ….. my God Jesus always love simple people ,careful people

  7. Poderiam colocar o nome dos temperos, especiarias,para saber o que se usam na culinária tão diferente da nossa e aprender cada vez mais com essa cultura maravilhosa, abraços grandma.

  8. Love you grandma superb grandmaa so nice age dekh ke lgta nhi ki aapki Umar itni hogi 105 age ki super aapki haatho ki ab mujhe bhi khane ki iccha ho rhi

  9. As soon as the video started with her chukling laughter, tears rolled down my eyes.. I can't stop crying. She reminds me of my grandma.. ❤

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