My 6 Year Old Son and I Cook with TV Chef Jamie Oliver

My 6 Year Old Son and I Cook with TV Chef Jamie Oliver

– Hi everybody, it’s Vicki
from here. I’m on a train and I’ve
got to be quite quiet, but very excitingly, Oliver
and I are on our way to London. We’re gonna be meeting Jamie
Oliver later and cannot wait. I’ve always been a big fan of his, so I’m really looking forward to meeting him and chatting about his Big Feastival that’s coming up. Oliver’s on the train. Do you want to say hi, Oliver? Are you tired? Oliver’s just chilling out,
looking out of the window. He’s been allowed today off school and it’s not really off because it’s regarded as an educational
day and I can’t wait, so come with us. (upbeat music) So we’ve got your backpack, let’s go. (upbeat music) – We’re just upstairs on
the top floor of Fifteen, Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. And it’s absolutely beautiful here. Jamie doesn’t film in here, running with like his food chief and stuff and it’s stunning! Look at the tables, it’s like house goals. Absolute house goals. He’s coming, Oliver. I know you’re really keen to see him. We’re waiting, he’s in the building. Everybody is arriving. – Which building? – In this building! And look at the gorgeous
table, so pretty here. Camera crew that’s filming and
going to be filming us soon. And lots of people are arriving, so this is where all the magic happens. So, so fab, exciting. Crew is just checking out my kit. That’s not rude, we’re
talking about cameras. (laughing) – I’m here with Clemmy. – Hi! – Mother of daughters. – Hi. – Hello, we’re excited
to meet Jamie Oliver. – I know, can’t believe it. – Woo, where is he? He’s coming. – I don’t know. – He’s in the building. – So excited, thank you for coming. Thank you even more for
bringing your little ones. I started the Feastival
on my own six years ago at Clapham Common, and so I’m able to raise funds for this here, which is the foundation,
which is all about young kids. And generally I know
people come from slightly, not as conventional backgrounds. So what I’m going to
do with you lovely kids is that we’re going to try
and get you cooking, right? And like your mums are over
there to make sure you’re safe, so I can only but show you. We’re gonna kick off because
this year, we’re gonna make, the theory is that I’ll
make a lovely tomato salad. Now, who likes tomatoes? Put your hands up. And we don’t want things to be perfect because nothing’s perfect. And you don’t have to be a perfect slicer. And then we’re gonna put it in a bowl. You can lean over, I’ll put
my hand here, and you pour in. Now what’s quite cool comes out very slow. Silky’s going in. Go around in a circle – [Woman] Wow. – like that. – [Child] Oh. A little Parmesan, but
wait that’s nothing, but it will make all the difference. And then what we do is we
get a little spatula and use the height, and it doesn’t
matter if we get it right or wrong, but what we do is creating almost like a croissant. Mini layers, okay? And even if you go wrong,
you just make it good. And then you just pop it on here like a little gift from heaven. There’s no way to dress up the fact that I don’t know about you
guys, but about 7 out of 10 dinners in the Oliver
household are a carnage, right? – [Child] What? – And I think everyone is
under the preconception that they all work because I’m me. Silky Omelette. – [Vicki] Silky Omelette. – You don’t realise this is revolutionary. (woman laughing) This is an omelette like,
when you get in there, it is just, it unwinds in itself and it’s so scrumptious to eat. Mmm, sorry. (laughter) – [Vicki] Where’s ours? (laughs) – [Vicki] Okay (upbeat music) – [Vicki] Wow. Wow, the next line. (upbeat music) – Yeah! (upbeat music) – Waggle that hand,
waggle, waggle, waggle. There you go. Now what you do my friend,
that’s a brilliant job. (upbeat music) Boom! (claps) Woo! Look, you’re getting better. – [Vicki] You gotta say thank you. Wow. You’ve gotta eat that. (upbeat music) – So we just jumped into
the car and we’ve had the most amazing time with Jamie Oliver. I mean what a guy, so wonderful,
so humble, so genuine, cares about people, about
children, about creating change for the better. I mean really, it was amazing. We made, what did you make? Oliver, we made tomato and basil salad. We made basil oil, no, balsamic
and olive oil, we mixed it. We just, you know, it’s
great to chat to him. I absolutely love Julie
Oliver’s, Jools Oliver’s book. The very first book I ever
read on parenting was her book, The Diary of an Honest Mum,
and it was just incredible. And it really touched me,
it really resonated with me so much so I called it, my blog. I just think she’s amazing. So I was telling him about
that was a please, you know, let her know. And yeah, incredible. An absolute highlight, I
felt privileged, you know, that I was able to do this
today and Oliver was able to do it. And when we left, we were
like, Oliver you were taught to cook by Jamie Oliver. This is something you must never forget. So, what a time. We’re gonna go and catch a train now. We’re gonna head back to Leeds. – [Oliver] No. – Hey, all right we’ll. – [Oliver] We’re going to Hamleys. – Oliver wants to go to Hamleys. We’ve already been to a toy shop so we might just go and have
a quick look in the Hamleys and is it St Pancras Station? Anyway, station opposite King’s Cross. Just, he wants to get
these angry bird cards, so we’re gonna see if they’ve got them. I’m not sure if they do, but anyway. He’s saved up his pocket
money, so we said we’ll go and have a look. Anyway guys, come with us. We’re just gonna jump on the train and we’re gonna head back to Leeds, and if you’ve like my vlogs,
which I really hope you do, please subscribe and
I’ll see you next time. Take care, bye.

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  1. Great vlog darling! Also a huge fan of Jamie & Jools. Her honest mum book was incredible I read it when I was pregnant with Bert xxx

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