My Culinary Voice: Chef Ignacio Mattos

My Culinary Voice: Chef Ignacio Mattos

I always try to strive for very bold and
direct, “simple” flavors with a certain level of complexity — but not necessarily
visually. For me the most important thing is to try to convey, I don’t know, whatever I am,
whatever the story that…my story. Like, where I’ve been, where I am right now, the
place that I am. I always go to comfort. For me, comfort, it comes before anything.
And then, that there has to be some element of surprise on the palate. But
above all is that it just feels right.

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  2. Por que solo en ingles…no se el idioma Me encantaria saber de ti .para conocerte.Disculpa no es por ingnorancia ,no se dio que estudiara algun idioma Tuve la suerte de vivir en Suiza y te juro me costo muchisimo el aprenderlo .Pero ese es otro tema .Soy de Montevideo Uruguay y mi nombre Es Estela que causalidad .. 😊😊😊😄Que tengas muchisimo exito Dios te bendiga chauuu 👍👏👏👏👏👏

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