Today we’re gonna be doing a beef and a
veggie stir-fry I’m so excited to show you guys this meal because I’ve been
making this for so long I have to first show you guys my wok I haven’t had a wok
in a long time and every time I go to Amy’s I use hers and I’m so jealous
so I got myself a wok got a tea foul wok so I’m so excited to use this one today
I’m just gonna turn this on we’re gonna put it on medium for right now so I’m
soaked they do use that okay so what I’ve done is I have some beef here what
I bought was I bought flank steak and you can also buy the fast fried beef
that they have at the grocery store I’ve just sort of cut up into thin slices and
I have it here in a bag that’s been marinating overnight and it has a garlic
in it and a little bit of soy sauce this is the soy sauce that I use now it’s
more of a healthier alternative to the other soy sauce that I used to use so
that’s one I use so I just put a few drops in there with some garlic and then
I have here some broccoli that was frozen and I’ve chopped up some fresh
carrots I have chopped up an onion into thin slices I have a little bit of
quinoa flour here that just gave me we’re gonna need enough for the sauce
and the even noodles that I got I’m gonna be using them I’ve had them for so
long but I haven’t used them yet and they’re so cool because look they come
in like these little nests try not to make a mess here they come in these
little nests so basically this is a serving for one person how cool is that
and it’s 180 calories for this serving so we’re going to make the noodles first
Amy’s made them for me and I absolutely love them so I can’t wait to use them in
my meal now so let’s get started okay so my wok is all warm I can feel it so the
first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add a little bit of water into the
bottom here this is gonna help cook my veggies first so I’m gonna put my
carrots in because they take a long time to cook and I’ll show you this what I’ve
been doing over here so over here I just have a pot I put a little bit of olive
oil inside of it this is the fog we’re going to be using to cook our noodles
and I just put a little bit of olive oil so that it kind of moisturizes the pasta
so it doesn’t stick to the pot still excited for you guys to see this
recipe because I’ve been using it for so long
I like the onions to still kind of have a little bit of quick to them so that’s
why I’m not adding them in quite yet we’re also gonna go ahead and add a
little bit more garlic i buy this Kirkland big muskie tub of garlic from
Costco so we’re just gonna add a little bit more we did put them inside of our
bag with our beef but I’m just going to go ahead and put about this much of
garlic into our pan here or our wok I’m really excited down this loggins okay
guys so you can see that our carrots are cooking away Norwalk and looks like this
wok is working really good if I’m gonna say walk like a thousand times I say yo
cuz I’m so excited buddy and our water is almost coming to a boil for our pasta
so now that it’s like this we’re gonna go ahead and add in our meat so in this
recipe literally did not take long at all I’m gonna go ahead and put it back
down on to medium heat now because I don’t like my beef too well done so
we’re gonna go ahead and dump in our mixture here Aziz just gonna go ahead and separate this
with my fork cuz it’s been in that bag all night and I literally just cut it up
if you buy the flank that’s not cut up already you just literally come up into
thin thin slices and we’re gonna let that cook broccoli is going to be the
absolute last thing that we’re going to add into this recipe because you want
the broccoli to still be very bright and green and sort of fresh and not too too
cooked so it looks like our water here is starting to boil up so what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna add in a little nest here I’m gonna do five of them so
again each nest is one portion per person – there’s six nest for package
already like getting really really soft so I can see that this is not gonna take
long to cook at all so I’m just gonna lower that now to medium heat so I’m
just move that soften a little bit for three minutes and it’ll be done so we
can see that our beef is seriously cooking now so I’m just going to get
that a stir so now we’re gonna add in our onions I’m doing this for the entire week it’s
gonna be one of my meal plans I’m just gonna stir the onions in oh good that
looks we’re just gonna add a little bit more soy sauce for some more flavor and
then what we’re going to do is I have a little bit of quinoa flour here that’s
this Guinea we’re literally going to sprinkle just a little bit over top this
is going to give us a thicker sauce you probably need a good tablespoon and now
make sure that’s on medium heat so it’s not cooking too fast and just going to
stir that up so what we’re gonna do is we are going to shut off the oven for
the noodles because they are pretty much cooked and we’re gonna be adding them
into our stir-fry this is smelling so good because getting a really cooked so
what we’re gonna go ahead and do is put her in a car abruptly add some green in
there so I’m going to go ahead and lower this down on low and I’m gonna taste the
salt in this so just grab a little bit of this sauce at the bottom mmm
so garlicky and oh my god it’s so flavorful we’re literally going to add
our noodles inside of our wok now these do not take long at all like it’s
amazing paste or noodles are added in and now
we’re just gonna mix everything up looks so good I’m gonna go ahead and add a
little bit more soy sauce because with the noodles you just want to give it a
little bit more color and I tasted it and it just needs a little bit more salt
I love how the source just gives it color and like let’s be real that’s
where all the flavor is without the soy sauce this meal would
definitely not be the same and can you guys believe it it literally is all done hey guys so I don’t think I’ve ever
showed you guys how I actually meal prep so I have here two containers I’m gonna
put two servings of this stir-fry into each container the two in here in two in
here so we’ll have four servings which has been enough for cordate and then
we’re gonna put a serving in here for me to have and now so basically we can
split what we did into five because that’s exactly how I measured it make
sure you get a good amount of veggies in every single serving okay guys so that
is what our stir-fry looks like look how it yummy that is and now we’re gonna go
ahead and pack our containers it tastes amazing the carrot still have
a crunch done which is just how I like it
so does the broccoli the onions as well the beef is perfectly cooked and the
noodles were so easy to cook and I need to show you guys that I already washed
my wok it was so easy to wash literally just crammed it with some soap and it
was so easy to wipe and clean so I really really loved using my brand new
wok I’m so happy I got that and I also have my meals packed here I have two
servings here and two servings on the bottom so four days worth of the
stir-fry I can’t wait to eat it so I hope you guys try this recipe at
home thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll be cooking together next time

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