My Korean Fiancée Tries To Cook Me Soul Food! | SLICE n RICE 🍕🍚

My Korean Fiancée Tries To Cook Me Soul Food! | SLICE n RICE 🍕🍚

(upbeat music) – What’s up Ninjas! – This is Slice. – And Rice. – The ninjas really want Glory to make it to the cookout. You did horrible last time when we did the trivia. So the next test is to see if you can at least make
a dish for the cookout. So we had Gloria make
some soul food aight. – So he had me make fried chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese and greens. And I think, if I have to rate it, I feel like I got a seven out of 10, at the least. – Let’s just go through the process of everything that you went through. (laughing) – Okay, so I don’t know what greens are. I think of it as like cabbage. – [Matt] I said “Make some greens”, this is what (laughs). – I feel like it’s this consistency. – [Matt] Baby Kale? – No, you know what? We’re gonna go to like fresh produce. I know what it is Collared Greens, oh my Gosh. Okay. – [Matt] You know what to do with that? (laughing) – You don’t think I know knew the trick to fried chicken. I personally think it’s
like breadcrumbs, so. (scoffs) – [Glory] What’s wrong with you? Why are you laughing? – That’s the secret? – [Glory] Yes – That’s the secret. – That’s the secret to mine.
– [Matt] That’s the secret. – You guys heard it here first, I’m not saying nothing. These are all the things that she thinks she needs and we’re gonna see how it tastes. – Aight, so I’m ready to see and you’re gonna have to explain to me what is what. – You have to eat everything. – No, I’m not eating all of it. I don’t trust you. (suspense music) (laughing) – In three, two, one (foil rustling) – Ew
(suspense music) (laughing) – What is that? That’s not chicken. – Actually this looks more, I’m so surprised ‘cos this looks more like fried chicken than that one. It really does. – It doesn’t even have a scent to it. (laughing) I’ll tell you what I think after I eat it. Which one do you want me to try first? – Let’s do mac ‘n’ cheese. Alright, so I feel like every time I go to your family functions you guys like the macaroni
being really fat and thick. – Oh Matty! – What? – Are you serious I forgot to add these really quick. Shoot. – Why are you yelling at me? (laughing) So you think when we make mac ‘n’ cheese we just put it on the stove
and quickly mix the ah. – I don’t know but I think
this is really gonna be good. The mac ‘n’ cheese is done. It actually looks pretty good. Like, ima eat that tonight. After the video. – Alright ninjas ima keep it real. – Yeah you have to keep
it like super real. – Alright. (suspense music) (laughing) – Matty you have to finish it. – No I don’t. – Just take one more bite ‘cos the first time you already had bias. Come on, second bite. That’s actually not that bad. – Baby I ain’t gonna front. Why you makin’ cheese taste like water? (laughing) (playful music) No seasoning there huh? None? – To be fair, it’s not bad. – If you brought that to the cookout you’d get roasted. They wouldn’t even feed that to the dog. – Matty! – The way I see my ma
and my sister make it, they do add hints of seasoning in it to give it extra taste and flavor. It wouldn’t taste like water. And then they add different layers of different cheeses and then they put it all inside the oven. So it gets baked into goodness. That’s what gives it that beautiful, that beautiful beautiful hard top. Oh, that you just, mm just the top layer is just so good. But this. This right here. And you talk about some mm after this video ima eat this yeah gonna have it all
(laughing) as a matter of fact, you’ve got plenty. – Alright on a scale of one to 10 what do you rate it? – One to 10? – To be fair, to be honest to be fair fair, I mean not honest, fair. – To be honest or fair what do you want? – Fair. Fair. Fair. To be fair. – To be fair? – To be nice. – To be nice, out of 10? I’d give it like a solid four. – What? – That’s nice! – No it’s not that’s mean! (sigh)
– Alright, next we gonna try the collard greens. – I don’t even know what
this is gonna taste like. I am not confident about this at all. I think you gotta boil
water for collard greens I’m not really sure. – [Matt] For what? – For the greens? I’ve never purchased
collard greens in my life. – [Matt] I gotta eat that. – ♪ Collard greens chumie chuma. ♪ – [Matt] That’s not how it goes. (laughing) – [Matt] What are ya? (laughing) – I’m fanning them off. – What? – The water. – [Matt] It’s gonna get wet anyway. (laughing) – Oh sh. – [Matt] This is probably
gonna be overcooked. (water boiling) – [Matt] Burn little greens. (laughing) This is what chaos looks like. (laughing) – I think the greens are almost done. A little bit more salt. Alright. – [Matt] Stop recording? – Yep. – Alright here we go. (suspense music) (laughing) – Oh God. – I didn’t know it could taste bad. – Oh – Dramatic, dramatic, it’s not that bad, it’s not that bad. – That was like a mouth
full of pepper you know. – It’s not that bad. It’s just not good. – Look at that baby bite you just took. – It just tastes like nothing. – No, it tasted like something. Your whole face sunk in
when you took the bite. (laughing) (dreary music) – You made the water though right? (playful music) That’s pretty good. (laughing) Alright man, so here’s the final test. All that stuff, we’re gonna leave that
to the professionals. But this right here, if this is fine right here, you get a golden ticket.
(fanfare) They open the gate for you, when you walk in, “Oh, oh Glory here? Right this way madam”. I will say it looks pretty pretty crunchy. This one. – That, okay. – You put cereal on a chicken. – I went to a restaurant before, I got fried ice cream and normally they do it. – What kind of restaurant was it? – Ah Mexican. – Oh okay, Mexican! – But listen, they had cornflakes, I was like, that is really interesting I’ve never seen that and I just tried it. – So I asked you to
make me some soul food, and she got her ingredients from Mexican. (laughing) – So I’m only gonna cook two, okay. – [Matt] Okay. – I guess I wash them first right? (laughing) This is not a stereotype, but I know y’all love your seasoning. – [Matt] My God. – What? – [Matt] You’re tryin’ to
raise my blood pressure. What are you basing this off of right now? What are you basing this. – [Glory] By memory. – Your memory of what? – [Glory] What I cooked
when I was younger. – You made soul food when you were young? – [Glory] No but like, I just wanted semillon. – What’s semillon in soul food? – [Glory] Alright ready? – What is that? – Flour, (laughing) eggs, (bowl chiming) okay. This is what’s gonna make it fried. Oh yeah, oh yeah. – [Matt] You’re putting breadcrumbs in? – Yes.
– [Matt] Ye-ah – Now don’t judge me right. I’m serious do not be quick to judge but I wanted to try this
‘cos I actually saw this when I ate fried ice cream, they actually used like
cornflakes to make it crispy. – [Matt] You’re mixing cornflakes with? – Just don’t judge until you see it. That’s how you get the crispy. How else you gonna get the crispiness? – [Matt] You trolling me. – No I’m not I swear. – [Matt] You did dude. – That’s why I’m making two versions. ‘Cos I don’t want you to like, not like this one. – [Matt] Cornflakes? – To make it fried, it’s gonna be like really oily, it’s gonna be like deep fried. (plastic crackling) – [Matt] Using the whole thing for just two chicken wings? – So we’ll let those boil. This is the fun part. So I’m gonna take the chicken. – [Matt] You’re putting the chicken in the flour.
– Chicken in the flour. And then you put it in the eggs. And then you put it in the crumbs. This is what’s gonna get it really fried. Alright, so what do you think right now? – I can’t give you any hints. But I am scared. – You hear that? – You’re putting two wings. Oh man! Babe, we want you in the cook out man, you got all month to try to get, sorry I’m talking too fast. – Okay, so I’m doing the second chicken. – [Matt] So, tell me
again what cereal’s gonna do with the chicken? – It’s gonna make it extra crispy. – [Matt] So these are your chicken wings. – These are my A and B testings. I’m not tryin’ to get oil on my arm so I’m just gonna wear these for now. – [Matt] Do you use that
when you wash the dishes? – Now I’m going to put the chicken in. So exciting, okay. Alright ready? – [Matt] Which one is that? – The breadcrumbs one. – [Matt] Alright I would. – Oh sh. – Why are you freaking out? – Oh my God oil is so good! I’m really nervous. Oh my God, God please don’t
let this blow up in my face. (boiling oil) Look at that, it looks like chicken
you’d buy from Popeyes. – [Matt] That looks like Popeye in there. (laughing) (boiling oil) – Oh my gosh, I’m so impressed. Even the cornflake one looks good. – Alright which one you
want me to try first? – That one. (laughing) – Oh my God. How oily this is! I barely touched it and
my hand is drenched. – It actually looks really delicious. – My gosh. (suspense music) – What is it? Is it good? (clearing throat) – It’s not bad. (excited scream) – Are you serious? Matty! – But it’s not like. – Wait, is not that all I need to know. Are you serious? – It’s not bad, but that
ain’t fried chicken. Like it has potential. – Matty! – You didn’t really add
any seasoning to it. – I did, I added the salt and pepper. – When we say seasoning, we don’t just mean salt
and pepper you know. There’s a wide variety list of things that you can add to spice it up to give it that extra
flavor that it needs. That little kick. Salt and pepper? No wonder stuff don’t have flavor. When we say we want seasoning you think we just add salt and pepper. – Yeah – That is not in our cabinets. You open up my mom’s cabinet, you know what’s in there? All different types of stuff. (suspense music) – Mm (laughing) – You just saying that. (laughing) I don’t believe that. You see what I’m saying. It’s not bad. But it ain’t fried chicken. You did a pretty decent job. I’m being too hard on
her ninjas I’m sorry. I’m pretty impressed
for her to try to guess. ‘Cos I feel like if my mom teaches you the right way I feel like you will do it. I mean it won’t taste like hers, but I think the more practice
you get over the years. It will be your own. So now we’re gonna try
this last one with cereal. – This is the one I’m most excited about. Take a big bite. – I’m not taking a big bite. (crunching bite) – What – That is nasty.
– That is not nasty. – You put a cereal on it. – What does it taste like? – Tastes like the oil isn’t cooked and seeped inside the cornflakes. So a bite of oil just went in my mouth. (laughing) – Let me try it. You being dramatic y’all. (suspense music) (laughing) – Mm – Oh no – Mm – You buggered, you are buggered. – That is good. – You are buggered. You don’t know what good. – I like the cornflakes. I think it tastes real good. – I like the first one you
did way better than that. But this one here.
– I mean it’s not that bad. – It tastes like vegetable oil. – No it. – It ain’t taste like
vegetable oil to you? Alright I mean my baby’s
tryin’ to be creative, so. And I took a bite. What I’ll rate the chicken wings. The shrimp breadcrumb one out of a 10. I give it like a give it like a six. (excited scream) – Really? – Yeah – Wow that’s pretty good. – It gets over five just because I feel like it would be pretty good if you were to add some
sort of extra season to it. I’m just saying. – My hands are really oily. I need to wash them. – These literally chicken fingers. (laughing) If we fry these bad boys they would literally be chicken fingers. – Overall, am I advised to
cookout based on this food? (laughing) – Like we’re not gonna slam the door in your face. We’ll probably have you bring like some egg rolls or something. (laughing) – This we gotta work on. And I ain’t gonna sit here
and act like I can cook. I can’t. But you know, overall on a real, I am proud of you babe. – Oh thank you. – I will be honest that this means a lot. – Oh I had no recipes, no ingredients, it was all straight from my mind. I think Gordon Ramsay would be proud. – Why are we asking Gordon Ramsay about soul food man see? You messed up again. So this is two weeks of
Glory tryin’ to do something. What should she do next ninjas – I feel like I’m gonna be sick. – But overall ninjas,
I know you’ll probably y’all ninjas are gonna be like “why are you so hard on Glory” Stop being so soft. How’s she supposed to get better if I’m sitting here patting her with compliments all the time man? I ain’t gonna fry, I don’t even know how
to cook greens y’all. I was just as confused. Shout out to my mom, man. – She does cook real good. Like she should have her own restaurant. And bakery. – Anyways ninjas we’re
gonna end this here. I got the slice. – I got the rice. Ha ha ha ha ha. (upbeat music)

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