100 thoughts on “My NEW Room Tour! | Back to School Senior Year”

  1. Patita potata

    I honestly have nothing to say about the fact that I suggested patita potata for a giraffe name so,
    too bad I wasted your time making you read this.
    Anyway, have good day, keep smiling.

  2. there’s no words for how cute your room is. oh my word especially the ladder with the plants. kamri it’s adorable!💛🤩

  3. OMG how do u not like Riverdale!!!! It is my fav show ever and my fav character is Archie and he is my celebrity crush. Love love love love LOVE your room!

  4. DO NOT STACK YOUR RECORDS. It will harm the record and take away its quality. When you store them, store them in an upright position. Do not have them slanted for too long either, as it will cause the record to warp

  5. I understand that not all people are capable of taking care of plants and keeping them alive, but next time think about maybe putting something else there instead of purchasing fake plants that are harmful to the environment and are made out of plastics that are non-biodegradable.

  6. I am in Bail watching this video and we are going to the rice fields today💖 even though I know you won’t see this but I love you so much and I love all of your videos

  7. Kamri pls pls keep your hair straight and long instead of Leaving it wavy and short.
    This is just not u. It does not suit you 💁💁

  8. I LOVE THE ARCHIE STRIPS! I love Riverdale (too) though, but I agree with you about the strips being (way) better! (:

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