My spicy, frugal potato side dish (Maeun-gamjajorim: 매운감자조림)

My spicy, frugal potato side dish (Maeun-gamjajorim: 매운감자조림)

(knife chopping on wood and
happy instrumental music) – Hi everybody, how are
you doing these days? Do you love cooking these days? I heard that all the time
so many interesting messages from you guys. I’m so happy because my recipes are shared
by so many people like you! Today’s recipe is very special. Let’s make maeun-gamja-jorim,
spicy braised potato. One pound potato and I will use also
onion and garlic, garlic. (knife chopping on wood) Cut a little thick. I just cut it around 1/2 inch (about 1.3 cm) thick. And onion, we need the
onion around five ounce. Can you imagine, this
is exactly five ounce? (giggles) five ounce. When I measure,
sometimes less or more but sometimes like this exactly five ounce, then I feel really, really happy, do you? (laughs) Just slice this and add here. And let’s add garlic. Two garlic cloves, minced. Three tablespoons soy sauce. Gochugaru, hot pepper
flakes, two tablespoons. One teaspoon sugar. These are large dried anchovies. I always freeze these. Five, six, seven. Just heads are removed, inside removed. Gut, remove the guts and heads. Mix this together. Smells good already. Now we gotta add
water, 1-1/2 cup water. Garlicky, soy sauce, and onion. okay, and then turn on the heat. Medium-high heat for 10 minutes first. American potato especially Idaho potato is my favorite, really delicious! When I came to America
decades ago with my family first place I lived in
America was Missouri in a small city, Columbia. I went to a grocery store, and
I couldn’t believe! A huge bag of potatoes,
Idaho potatoes was so cheap! Just only a few dollars! At the time when I left Korea potato in Korea was
expensive at the time. Around that time I had
to live on the budget. This potato was perfect! Usually I make this dish with fish, you know like a mackerel. “Instead of fish let’s use dried anchovies.” Anchovies, dried anchovies are
also fish, aren’t they? (giggles) This is only small portion. I make this with only one pound of potato but at the time I made
all the potatoes, several potatoes, and I cut them into big
chunks and dried anchovies, like a handful of anchovies,
and I just boil it. Sooner or later very
delicious smells came out! I had a neighbor, she’s Korean, Korean family
living right next door. She just came to my house,
“Oh my, what’s this smell? “Wow, amazing smell, I’m so hungry.” So, we all shared it together. When I make this recipe all
good memories come alive! My children were so young at the time and I was younger than now, of course. First when I came to America,
everything was new to me, all the products were new to me and I used to go to Walmart and
just kept checking on each item. All were written in English! I needed to translate what it
is about, what it is used for. One of my Chinese friends,
she saw me a couple of times while I was reading something
in Walmart. She said, “Oh, you can buy the whole Walmart!” She just teased me. And around that time I was always busy comparing
price. “okay US dollar, $1 is in Korean money is 1000 won,” “okay how much is going to be, oh my so cheap!” “Oh my, expensive!” All the time, as a frugal housewife, ya know? Probably, you guys are the same. People like us, like home
cooks, we are always frugal. I always tell my friends, “no matter how much money
I have in my pocket,” “I can save money every month.” Because instead of buying expensive fish I just use dried anchovies, ya
know, several dried anchovies and then make delicious
side dish like that. If you know how to cook Korean food, you can adjust very nicely to your budget and you can save your money also without losing any nutrients. Anyway, today I talked too
much but this side dish, even though this is very
simple and easy recipe, it has a lot of, lot of
stories and make me think. 10 minutes passed! Oh my! Yummy, yummy, and I just stir it a few times and turn down the heat to medium. (happy instrumental music) 15 minutes passed, so let’s see. Now, potato is really
fully cooked, I can tell. I’m going to turn off the heat. These are my two other
vegetable side dishes. My favorite side dishes and I’m going to eat with rice. The last touch I need is just mixing this broccoli. I added my soup soy sauce,
homemade soup soy sauce and garlic and chopped green
onion and let’s add sesame oil. And my next one, eggplant, gaji-namul. All these recipes are
available on my website. I steamed my eggplant,
Korean gochugaru, garlic, green onion, sesame oil, and mix. My eggplant dish, gaji-namul is my favorite. I love this. I buy Korean eggplants all the time. When I find some fresh
one I buy, so delicious. Sesame seeds. So sesame oily, garlicky. My two delicious side dishes are made. And the main side dish for today is maeun-gamja-jorim, this potato. Also I bring my rice. Now, time for my potato. Dried anchovies, you can eat them, but usually children don’t want to eat. That’s why I always eat them. Rice, kimchi, I always cannot skip it, potato dish, and broccoli,
and eggplant. Let’s eat! First, rice. (makes yummy noise) So delicious. Only seven dried anchovies, their full mission was completed,
awesome, delicious. (happy upbeat music) I love this potato taste,
so, so fluffy and savory and really soy sauce and salty and all go well together,
melting in my mouth when I chew with my rice. This is a really good side dish. You guys should make this,
so cheap ingredients. Today we made maeun-gamja-jorim,
spicy braised potato. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time, bye. (happy upbeat music)

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  1. I am a Korean guy and I immigrated to the U.S. when I was 8 years old in 1977 with my family and my mother passed away in 2017, of cancer. Before she passed away, I tried to get her to show me how to make Korean eggrolls because it was one of my favorite Korean appetizers. I want to learn how to make delicious crispy Korean eggrolls. It would be so much fun if I could meet you to collaborate and produce a youtube video and make Korean Eggrolls with you! I live in Dallas, Texas and I use to live in Kansas City, Missouri where I attended college. Currently, I take care of my Dad who is 83 years old.

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    Sometimes some red chili, too. When I was in the US, my stepdaughter told me that she didn't like soy sauce. So I replaced all of that with just black bean sauce. A different taste, of course. But it worked out well for them. I can really recommend it.
    Btw: congrats to the fact, that your cooking book is now available even in german! Into how many languages has it been translated, so far?
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  23. Thanks for sharing your stories along with your recipes ! I love hearing about your life and memories. You’re the best

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