Hi my name is ricegum im nineteen years old and I like to lick boys toes until they fall off like for instance sometimes, just randomly you know what i mean, im just minding my own business and i just see someone. He doesnt deserve it and i just roast him randomly 🙁 its…crazy rice gum has been addicted to roasting
for the last ten years his addiction started innocently as a
way to make friends (ricegum speaks) um I still remember it like it was yesterday it was like
kindergarten on the playground and overheard these kids talking right you
know this kid like boy you wear that shirt every day boy and them Skechers
super weak and you know I was like oh dude it’s my time to shine so I walk up
over there I just side note this guy is teeth is yellow like really like
spongebob yellow right so I come over there I’m like boy all right every time
you smile all the cars slow down right and then everyone was they just erupt
and they’re like roasted him and mine that feeling it’s the best feeling ever
but what started out innocently spiraled out of control and turned him into a
monster his parents signed them up for a
two-week plan to help him stop roasting so it is day one of the two-week
prevention plan or whatever uh the goal today is to go one day without roasting
anybody shouldn’t be too hard I mean I don’t have a problem or anything so I
just woke up you just go to my computer so yeah what is this I can’t do this I can’t do this
boy why- “I found out he had a problem when” he kept calling me four eyes for no
reason and just kept making fun of my hair and I was like why dude um my
friends would always tell me rice gum you have a problem you need to
see a doctor something and I would always like guys come on I can control
it leave me alone but recently what happened you know
recently just I think I do have a problem I was actually there and it was
really ugly I don’t even want to talk about it so I was at my teachers funeral
right and there were passing the microphone around everyone was like he
was such a great teacher you know I miss him everyone say these
tiny words right and it was my turn to speak on his behalf so they passed me
the microphone and really in my head I was like whatever you do do not roast
them do not roast do not roast I just kept telling myself that in my head and
when they pass me the microphone all I can think about is that one time he did
around by 72% up to an 80% and they pass me the mic I looked into the coffin
and I was like boy your hairline is stupid tarnished this is not okay like I feel like
there’s like a monster inside of me that just comes out as soon as I see
something and as soon as I’m done roasting it just goes away and I just
feel so guilty you yo what is up guys thank you for
watching my whole entire boot I just wanted to try something you know try a
little skate you know try to spice it up a little bit so let me know what you
think in the comments thumbs it up if you haven’t already and another special
thank you to TLC for coming to my house and filmed his documentary is just amazing
just kidding it was just I’m not addicted I don’t think I am guys am i
addicted oh and I swapped out TLC dinner to RGS if you don’t know what that means
it stands for a rice gum squad that’s what I call my viewers, SQUAD SQUAD SQUAD
but yeah guys thank you for watching just wanted to try something new
new video coming out soon it’s gonna be fire.
Be ready subscribe do that stuff I will see guys next time ricegum squad I love
you guys before we go any further tell me why she’s in a trash bag why she just
casually is sitting in a trash bag okay hold on hold on hold on uh let’s let’s
react to this in a trash-

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