MysticGotJokes and his Girlfriend ROAST ME!!!

MysticGotJokes and his Girlfriend ROAST ME!!!

Hey guys! It’s me again So the other day I was like, “Hey man I’ve been working pretty hard lately I think I deserve a little mini vacation.” Right, so I decided to go to VidCon. And on the day I fly out to VidCon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I get freaking roasted man! Somebody dissed me. And you know, instead of having a very relaxing three days, instead, I’m just thinking about “How can I fire back? And not take a L. So, you guys are probably wondering “RiceGum, who roasted you this time? “Is it another little kid?” But no! The tables have turned! Now I’m the little kid This guy is 27, pickin’ on me; his name is MysticGotJokes. And he makes a video called “RICEGUM DM’d MY GIRL!” Right, and at the time I was like “Oh shit…” you know? I DM quite a bit of girls, what if I DM quite a bit of girls, what if I DM’d his girl like, a Dicpic or somethin’ I COULD COULD GET EXPOSED! But NO man, watch the video! “Babe…” “Guess who just DM’d me…” “Did Rihanna message you back?” “What?” “No, RiceGum.” Alright, look man, all I said was “Hey!” As you guys can see… nothing more, nothing less. Just. A simple. Hey. “RiceGum?” “Oh, the little Asian dude that look like Quicksilver from X-Men?” “Tsk! The dude that got famous for roasting people that are famous?” This dude is really roasting me for just saying “Heeeey!”™ And on top of that, the acting is SO bad OH MY GOD, MYSTICK DM’d ME! MYSTICK? OOOH, that one dude that has fucked up teeth and got caught for faking his prank videos? On top of that, only gets views because he puts boobies in his thumbnail and clickbait titles and when he doesn’t have any of those he gets hardly any views at all? *tch* I know mystic! “So what? Are you gonna’ message him back?” “Why would I message back a 19 year old asian boi” “What does him being Asian have to do with anything?” “Because he probably wants to sleep with me and he’s probably… tiny…” Nice I DM’d HER HER SAYING HEY 3 FUCK IN LETTERS! HEY! Acording to her “LOGIC, I wanna’ sleep with her. HEY! OH! he wants to sleep with me. Who does she think she is, man? I didn’t even say “Hey beautiful”, I said “Hey.” Not even “Hey sexy,” bro! Even if she is the last person on Earth, I wouldn’t even sleep with her. “Nah fam I’m good……” (lmao wut) Here we go again. She’s acting as if I asked her “Hey, you want some chips or something.” All I said was “Hey,” man. I didn’t even ask a question. What do you mean “Nah fam I’m good……” man. All I said was, “Hey!” All I said was, “Hey”. *the sound of tears from a broken man* So yeah man, it was pretty pathetic that he made a full on video just clowning me, for saying “Hey,” but you know, whatever man; shit happens. Let’s just move on. But wait. You know, I mean, two days later this dude decides to drop a diss track on me, takin’ personal shots at me, and I’m just like, “Dude I just said ‘Hey.'” So yeah, it’s pretty clear that he’s like doing this so I can respond to him, or he’s using my name for views. But yeah, you know, he’s a lot older, he has a music background, so the diss track turned out pretty good, right? But you know how diss tracks are, where the last line is the finisher, you know, to seal the deal. People usually, you know, save the best roast ’till the end. Like, you know how people say, “end it with a bang,” right? So here was his last line. ♪ “And you said that I’m just using your name for views?” ♪ ♪ “But how is that true when I’m more famous than you?” ♪ ♪ “Hold it.” ♪ *giggles a bit like Barney* I just think it’s kinda funny that his last finisher line like the thing to seal the deal and end me was just completely false and not true at all, right. Now I don’t wanna sit here and sound cocky or brag about “pop-alarity,” but he kinda brought it up. But what he said was completely false. So, we were both at VidCon this weekend and if you don’t know, VidCon is like an event where a ton of people go to meet their favorite Youtubers and where Youtubers go to meet their supporters, right. So, me and “Mr. Famous” a.k.a. “Mystic” were both at VidCon. And these were clips from his vlog channel. Over there, boom, were supposed to meet up at one o’clock. *crickets chirping to indicate patheticness* *whoops, cheering, and screaming* *speed up whoops, cheering, and screaming* *fangirl squeals of delight* *more crickets for poignancy* (yep, you guessed it) *more convival hollering* (he’s really popular here, get it?) *sounds of less convincing happiness* Ayy, haha. It’s craziness! *earpiercing shrieks of people experiencing holiness* “Better than last year, honestly.” “Oh, hey! What up?” “How are you?” *indistinguishable mumbles* “EEY” *unintelligible words* (rise better my deer) *tsunami warning: class fangirl* *sharply inhales* So, I think this is the part where I drop my diss track on him? But I’m not sure if you guys know this, but diss tracks take forever to write, and then I have to go to the studio and record it and that takes hours, and then wait ’til the producer sends the audio clip… …back over here so I can film my music video part where I dance around and sing it or whatever. And then I have to bring it to my computer and then edit it all together and put in subtitles which takes forever. (agreed) So, I was like, “Is Mystic really worth my time?” NO! This dude is irrelevant! This dude does not deserve a diss track. But! He can get a slideshow, though. *mocking laughter* Oh my gosh! *more laughter* *guy is literally dying of laughter call for help* *squeaking out of breath* oh my god… *5th amendment* So yeah, moral of the story: Do not DM anyone ‘Hey,’ do not DM anyone anything! Just don’t DM anyone period or they will literally roast you and blow it out of proportion. But yeah guys, if you guys made it to the end, thank you so much for watching another video. If you guys can, slap the like button, do not forget! Also, I just wanna say thank you so much for all the support I’ve been getting. Uh, I don’t think I’ve sat down and just said thank you in a while. So, uh, just for the next minute or two, *stumbles on words* I know I joke around a lot and make skits and just all… just constantly cracking jokes, right, but for the next minute, can we just be serious, right? Alright, so. When I’m makin’ a video I think of an idea and I record it, I edit, and then I upload, right. And as soon as I upload, I’m thinking of another idea and then I do the same thing, I record, edit… you know, whatever So it’s like a cycle, and that cycle has going on for the past, like six, seven months. And you just really don’t realize how big you’re getting, cause you’re constantly working, right. Well this weekend I literally stepped fo… like, VidCon is indoors, like everything is inside, right. I stepped foot in the area and I just get swarmed with supporters that just want pictures with me and that’s literally so awesome. It’s just crazy that we started out doing this for fun I still do it for fun and… Yeah, man, I just haven’t said thank you in a while I want you guys to know that I will not take this for granted. and I will continue, and hopefully you continue to watch, and I will continue to make you guys laugh. Uh, and not disappoint you guys. But yeah, man! I just wanted to get that off my chest ’cause I felt like I haven’t said thank you in a while. But yeah guys, that’s gonna wrap it up comment your opinions on the video, subscribe if you’re new. And Mystic: here’s an ‘L.’ And I will see you guys next time.

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  1. Rice hey
    Her nah fam am good
    Guy am going to drop a diss track for him saying hey
    Rice all I fucking said was hey

  2. 3 years later, rice has 10 Million. He only has 4.3, so I wonder if his last line of Mystic's diss still stands.

  3. I’m just setting here watching old rice videos.

    And rice gum be shutting y’all mf up😂😂 and this girl in this vid just sounds fuckin slow.

  4. him: *hey*
    EDIT: umm what?? this is confusing he just said hey i-

  5. Ricegum really out here bragging about little girl fans! 🤣 Nah dude! Ricegum dissing Mystic is like Justin Bieber trying to diss The Weeknd!


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